Clickuorice Allsorts: the strange instruments of Wolfenstein II’s score

What created some of the stranger sounds in the Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus soundtrack? Big sonic sculptures of glass and sheet metal, composer Martin Stig Andersen explains over on Gamasutra. He got to play with the creations of French brothers François and Bernard Baschet, delightfully odd beasts largely played by rubbing crystal rods with wetted hands and amplified through big metal horns, and explains the process as well as how he combined those sounds with other musical elements. The post has many good pictures and things to listen to. Oh, and you might remember Anderson for recording Inside’s music through an actual human skull.


  1. Herring says:

    Hi, might be a small mis-type?

    “rubbing crystal robs with wetted hands”

    Crystal and robs should be capitalised, Rob’s should be possessive (I think),
    and you don’t need the ‘with’.


    “rubbing Crystal Rob’s wetted hands”

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    john_silence says:


    I had totally missed the post on Inside’s skull-processed music. Reminds me of a horribly beautiful song by Code called The Rattle of Black Teeth.

  3. ishumar says:

    T H A N K S

    this is top quality content