Hitman’s Game of the Year Edition sneaks out

Wonderful murder simulator Hitman today launched its ‘Game of the Year’ edition, bundling the game’s original episodes together with new outfits, weapons, and contracts plus a new bonus campaign. These new bits will be sold separately for people who already own the original game. For all hitmen, whether they get this new package or not, developers IO Interactive have updated the base game with fancy newness including a redesigned UI and improvements to the lighting in levels. Oh and, for hitmen who missed them the first time, the one-off Elusive Contracts will return.

Hitman GotY packs the game’s six main episodes and the old bonus episode then chucks the new ‘Patient Zero’ bonus campaign plus the new cowboy, ‘Raven’, and clown outfits with new weapons and escalation contracts for each.

Patient Zero is the highlight here. “After the routine elimination of a target,” IO explain, “a contingency plan to unleash a global pandemic is triggered and Agent 47 must race against the clock to prevent a virus from spreading.” Oh dear. That’ll play out across four missions, revisiting the Bangkok, Sapienza, Colorado, and Hokkaido levels. Those are reworked for this, set at different times of day and offering different sneak-o-murder opportunities.

As for today’s update, that’s free for everyone. The bit I’m most interested in is the reworked lighting, as Hitman could look pretty at times and spreading that sounds grand. “New colour grading, readjusted HDR adaptation rules and re-designed skyboxes mean that our locations look more vivid, vibrant and lifelike,” IO say. I’m in.

Also new: a reorganised and redesigned user interface, support for the Tobii eye-tracking peripheral, and new options to create challenges in Contracts Mode. See the patch notes for more information.

Elusive Targets aren’t here just yet but should be soon. These, to remind you, are the one-off assassinations which appear for set — and short — stretches of real-world time and if you muck it up, you’ve failed forever. Some players have felt miffed that they missed these murders back in the day, so new opportunities will be rolling around again. They’ll still be fleeting events, not permanent fixtures, and hitmen who muffed up a kill the first time around won’t get a second go.

Hitmen who own the ‘Complete First Season’ edition can upgrade to the GotY for $20. For those going in fresh, it’s the curious price of £43.83/€58.31/$61.51. And if you were buying episodes individually but didn’t get the lot, Steam has an auto-discounted bundle to complete the package. Either way, head to Steam.


  1. unitled says:

    My game of the year from 2016. An awful lot of #content in there, and (I’m going to say it) the best Hitman game yet. Yes, better than Blood Money. Sapienza will go down as one of the finest levels not only in the Hitman series but in any game.

    I enjoyed it in episodic format, though I appreciate some didn’t, and I think the team managed to justify the online nature of the game with some really cool features. I’m very interested to see what IO pursue next without the meddling of Squeenix!

    • Cral says:

      How did you handle the Opportunities system? I tried turning it off as they seemed very un-Hitman, but turning them off doesn’t remove them from the world it just hides the UI. I felt this muddied the levels a little as it was difficult to distinguish whether an item/interaction was part of a scripted opportunity or not.

      If opportunities didn’t exist this could easily have been my favourite Hitman, but as it is the levels feel like they take too much time to investigate.

      • unitled says:

        I turned them totally off for the most part, turning them onto full to scoop up the ‘follow all opportunities’ achievements. The first level they felt a bit restrictive, but later on IO seemed to get their eye in and the system became more freeform.

        The levels being these big intricate clockwork machines was absolutely my favourite part, they really stood up to replays. Often I’d see something in one playthrough and note it down to come back to in a future run.

        • Cral says:

          The problem I found was Opportunities require very specific steps and if you don’t have them turned on the correct steps can be very obtuse, with experimentation leading to doing them in the wrong order or missing your chance without even realising it. Part of the fun of Hitman for me is that while I do often revisit levels over and over, there was always the potential to complete them perfectly in one attempt if approached correctly. The opportunities feel like you have to either have your hand held or go through tons of trial and error.

          If turning them off meant they disappeared from the level altogether and you were just left with the classic ways to kill (drowning, poisoning, accidents, etc) I think I would’ve loved the new Hitman, but as it stands playing it just feels a bit all over the place.

  2. nottorp says:

    It still requires you to be online to play?

  3. Raoul Duke says:

    I’m just never going to pay money for a game that requires me to play at specific times or else lose content forever.

  4. TheSplund says:

    Owning the previously full game, Patient Zero can only be bought on Steam with the GOTY outfits – even discounted it’s not VFM in my book

  5. Dead In Hell says:

    So our reward for suffering through the terrible always online DRM and piecemeal development of the game is that we now get to pay even more money just to buy it again? I’m surprised we don’t have to pay just for the new patch.

    I know they have their reasons, I just wish that was enough to justify their terrible business practices. Because this just makes me never want to support Io with my money again. Don’t sell me on a “FULL” edition of the game, only to charge me again when you update said game.

    At this point, the only developer left that I actually trust with my money is CD Projekt.