Nioh hacks and slashes onto PC

Team Ninja’s action-RPG Nioh arrived on PC this morning, letting us join in the fun seven months after its PlayStation 4 debut. It’s a fantasy bloodbath set around Sengoku-period Japan, cutting through monsters and demons from your classic big ol’ ogreish oni through to stranger ones like the wanyūdō, a burning cart wheel with a man’s head on the axle. Many often compare Nioh to Dark Souls, because it’s a whole chuffing lot like Souls – though our Adam will argue it’s going in a different direction. We have a review coming soon but, for now, here’s a little teaser from Adam:

“It’s unfair to compare Nioh to other RPGs though because it leans so heavily into that combat system that it really has more in common with Devil May Cry and the like than with even the action-heavy design of a Souls game. While it’s not as kinetic as a pure character action game and not quite as stylish, Nioh is more in line with what I’d want from a modern Streets of Rage than anything else. It’s a series of superb fights, book-ended by bosses of varying quality.”

Do be aware that some initial player reviews are unhappy with the game’s performance. We’re currently giving its tyres a kick for our review.

Nioh: Complete Edition is out for £40 on Steam. It’s called the Complete Edition because it’s packing all the PS4 DLC as standard.


  1. UncleLou says:

    Played (and finished) it on the PS4 – brilliant game, it plays a bit like a “best of Souls/Bloodborne/Diablo”, and the combat feels so responsive that it’s hard to go back to … anything else really that has 3rd person combat.

    You can tell that they might not have had the biggest budget since there’s quite a bit of repetition and enemy variety could be greater, but it barely matters when the core mechanics are so stellar. I don’t know if the DLC did anything about this, I’ve only played the vanilla game.

    Mind, I had at least 2 or 3 situations where I thought I need to abandon it because it is too difficult, and only sheer stubborness and some grinding helped in the end, but then I am not very talented when it comes to these games.

  2. fish99 says:

    Tiny correction, Nioh was released Feb 2017.

  3. Ansob says:

    So, how atrocious is the port? Considering there were some rumours that Koei were half-assing it (like all their other ports) when they first announced the PC release.

    • digital_sneeze says:

      Not great if current Steams reviews are anything to go by. 99 Negative to 125 Positive. Stuttering and framerate complaints and general lack of optimisation, weird full screen issues, inability to change resolution in-game, no KB + M support etc.

    • Sian says:

      Oh, Koei’s behind the port? In that case I’ll wait until some more people have run tests before I decide whether I want this game.

    • Warlokk says:

      I took a chance and picked it up this morning, I’ve only got about an hour in but so far it works fine and looks great. Apparently most of the issues stem from not being able to adjust graphical settings within the game, but only from the launcher. Once I did that, everything worked fine. Looking forward to digging into it a lot more tonight.

      For reference, I’m running an FX8350 4GHz, GTX960 4GB, and 16GB RAM, so nothing too fancy. Set it to High settings except Shadows on Medium at 1080p.

  4. DeadCanDance says:

    A shame about the quality of the port. This game is the number one on my wish list but I guess I’ll have to wait a bit.

  5. Kingseeker Camargo says:

    Speaking of WiTs, what’s the criteria to have them? I’ve been waiting for Echo to have one and I guess it’s not gonna happen at this point; and it’s not the first notably missing one.

  6. Behrditz says:

    I have also heard of Nioh explained as “more like Ninja Gaiden than Dark Souls” when it comes to how combat is handled.