Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy season finale out today

The fifth and final part of Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy episodic adventure blasts off today, wrapping up the first season. It’s got everything: friendship; loss; action; supervillains; banter; big guns; and the sense that everyone and everything you have known and loved may soon be destroyed. Now I’m no Albert Shakespeare but that sounds like the sum total of human existence to me.

What’s up in episode five? Telltale explain the setup for Don’t Stop Believin’:

“In the aftermath of an unbearable sacrifice, the Guardians finally fracture. With her opposition in shambles, Hala renews her campaign of death and devastation, carving a path of indiscriminate destruction en route to Knowhere. If he hopes to avoid catastrophe (and save his own skin), Star-Lord must search his feelings, reunite his team, and mount one final mission to save the galaxy…again.”

Only the power of friendship can save us now. It looks a little something like this:

Guardians of the Galaxy’s full season costs £19/€23/$25 from Steam and GOG for Windows and Mac. Hopefully Telltale will turn the first episode free at some point as a demo. You can read Alec’s episode 1 review to see how it started out. Much as one would expect a Telltale Guardians game to, really – not amazing but kinda fun and funny?


  1. jusplathemus says:

    I’m only considering getting this because I really love Nolan North. I reckon it’s not TWAU or TFTB quality, but is it at least better than the painfully mediocre Batman S1?

    • N'Al says:

      Why do you believe Batman was mediocre? I recently played it, and it was… fine, I thought.

      • jusplathemus says:

        Well, maybe I expected something more. Despite of me being quite fond of the DC Universe and Batman being my favourite character on top of that, the game simply failed to grab me. I felt that Telltale just followed some routine to make sure it didn’t suck, but didn’t bother to incorporate anything to make it memorable. Everything was fine (maybe except the dated graphics, which I can look past), but nothing stood out.

      • Premium User Badge

        Drib says:

        Isn’t that what mediocre means?

        • N'Al says:

          Mediocre, yes. Painfully mediocre, no.

          • jusplathemus says:

            You’re right, saying ‘painfully’ may have been a bit harsh. I may have just had unfair expectations.

  2. Eightball says:

    Guardians of the Galaxy? I love that band!

  3. Red_Fox says:

    I really liked tell tale games until I realized how the choices don’t amount to much most of the time.

    I only played walking dead season 1 in that series, do the choices from that carry over and impact the following seasons at all? At least season 2?

    • jusplathemus says:

      Hmm. I played season 2, but in all honestly, I can’t remember any of my decisions in season 1 having any major consequences.

  4. empty_other says:

    So i can finally play it? Yay!

    My experience playing Telltale games one episode at a time is corrupted saves. Also, having to wait a few months between episodes and I’ve forgotten the entire plot every time. There is a reason TV shows usually air one episode per week…