Rainbow Six Siege’s next level looks too pretty to smash

As much as I enjoy destructible environments in video games, I cannot condone smashing anything in the next level coming to Rainbow Six Siege. It is simply too pretty to ruin. Mok Myeok Tower, which will arrive in the next update, is a gorgeous futuristic skyscraper over Seoul with an indoor garden, giant kinetic sculpture, lovely wood paneling, and a real good Deus Ex: Mankind Divided-ish vibe. Watch this trailer and tell me it’s right to let anyone destroy this place:

Ooh it’d be downright criminal to break anything there! I can only assume the plot behind this level is that one of the terrorists accidentally broke a window and outraged architecture fans demanded a response with the terrifying full force of the law.

“Unfortunately, Mok Myeok is under attack, the sins of its corrupt CEO being laid bare,” Ubisoft said in a blog post about the level today. “You must fight your way through the restaurant, nightclub, art gallery, and offices of the tower’s floors.”

God, don’t destroy an art gallery! This is too much.

Ubisoft explain the map presents fine opportunities to rappel down so maybe every player could simply agree to rappel around sightseeing.

Mok Myeok Tower will arrive in Siege as part of Operation White Noise. That’s the final big free update of the tactical FPS’s second season, which will also add three new characters. No firm word yet on when White Noise will launch but Ubisoft are planning to blab all about the update during the game’s Pro League finals on November 18th and 19th, so we should hear soon-ish.


  1. Banks says:

    Gorgeous stuff.

  2. Maxheadroom says:

    I know im in the minority but I do wish they’d add to / build upon mode Terrorist Hunt mode once in a while

  3. Gomer_Pyle says:

    I get the same feeling when playing War Thunder. I can never, in good conscience, shoot at ruins or other interesting parts of the map.