Cats & Dogs rain down on The Sims 4


Pet lovers rejoice, because your cherished canine and feline friends can now scamper around in The Sims 4. The Cats & Dogs expansion launched on Friday, and allows you to create your own animal pals with an appearance and personality of your choice. I’m treating it as an exciting opportunity to bring my cat’s bullying of me into the virtual realm.

The inevitably adorable launch trailer is just below the jump.

I can’t help but spot a few inaccuracies. For one thing, that cat is sitting patiently to one side of that person’s keyboard rather than rolling around on top of it. Also, when the ghost man scoops up his dog, it doesn’t fall through his arms and trigger an existential crisis where the ghost man struggles to come to terms with his incorporeal existence and question whether his un-life is truly worth living when faced with such an insurmountable barrier to meaningful companionship.

In addition to housing your own pets, the expansion also lets you open up a veterinary clinic. One shot of that trailer features a machine that I’d stake my real life pet’s life on that they’ve only semi-accurately called a CAT scanner. The expansion also brings “new activities to enjoy in the charming coastal shores of Brindleton Bay”, which (judging by the trailer) include fishing and hanging out in a Cruft’s style obstacle play area.

As per usual with Sims expansions, Cats & Dogs will set you back a rather cheeky £34.99 on the Origin store.

My cat is actually perfectly well behaved, by the way. She’s even friends with my dog.


  1. Mungrul says:

    I balked at the £34.99 price, but there are ways of getting it cheaper.

    I feel even worse for the poor Brazilian Simmers, who had the price doubled on them in the week before release. It’s a rather eye-watering $149.90 now compared to $79.90 on November the 8th. Someone on the forums worked out that the European price is ~1/56 of the average wage, while the Brazilian price is ~1/14. That’s a bit sickening.

    The pack itself is pretty good. Not worth the full asking price, but fun enough. It’s nice having some household members you have no direct control over (although this is also a big complaint for some players). And the Create-A-Sim mode for pets is just awesome. I want to keep every mongerel I make with it!

    • MattM says:

      I feel like this is what a lot of people have asked for. 149.9 Brazilian Real is 34.85 British Pounds at current exchange rates and I see a lot of complaints whenever game prices aren’t the same world wide.
      I do think local pricing can make sense but it requires some sort of region locking and people don’t like this. RPS had its whole no oceans campaign and GoG prides its self on charging the same amount in all currencies.

      • fish99 says:

        Wasn’t the ‘no-oceans’ thing just about release dates? Honestly it’s pretty selfish for people in a country with high incomes to demand to pay the same as people in a country with lower incomes, which then just results in the price rising hugely in the country with lower incomes, to the point where lots of people can’t afford games.

        I’m fine with regional pricing.

  2. fish99 says:

    £35 for an expansion. Just letting that sink in. There’s also three other £35 expansions, five £18 game packs, and twelve £8 stuff packs. Then £17.50 for the game, which is normally £35 when not on sale.

    Doesn’t quite rival DOA5:Last Round and its £973.30 of DLC in terms of shafting its playerbase, but it’s getting there.

    (I realize you can get some of this stuff cheaper btw)

  3. Someoldguy says:

    More than three years after its release, I still agree with the Gamespot review that the biggest problem The Sims 4 has is that The Sims 3 exists. Even setting aside the loss of the open world (which for me is a huge loss) the comparable feature set from 3 vs 4 is still no contest. If I could press a button and ‘upgrade’ from 3 to 4 for zero cost rather than spend hundreds of pounds, I’d soon want to swap back to do the things I no longer could.

    • wackazoa says:

      I’d pay the full price of The Sims 4 base, to get Sims 3 with Sims 4 visuals. I think that 4’s visuals are the best thing going for it. But I have 3, so 4 is pretty much a no buy for me.

      • Caelinus says:

        For me the best part of the Sims 4 is not it’s visuals, but that it is technically vastly superior to the Sims 3.

        I can not get the Sims 3 to run well at all. And as far as I can tell, unless you build a system specific to it with old hardware, it is impossible. Further, while the Sims 4 is buggy, 3 is an absolute mess. The number of scripting and pathing errors even a non-modded game gets is ridiculous.

        So I love the content of 3, but 4 is just so much nicer to actually play.

        • felis says:

          Sims 3 never ran well for me, not at the time, nor now. Its a horrible mess of terrible performance.

    • johnny5 says:

      “More than three years after its release, I still agree with the Gamespot review that the biggest problem The Sims 4 has is that The Sims 3 exists.”

      This exactly. The only real performance problems I get with S3 are the well known stuttering issues with the Island Paradise expansion. I went down the DLC path once with S3 and decided I wouldn’t do it for S4, especially with a game that was so basic at launch and obviously designed specifically to sell you DLC.

      I also believe the theory that S4 is so limited because it was designed as an online game and they only changed when SimCity (2013) failed massively. That’s why many S4 issues won’t ever be fixed even with more expansions. I’m waiting for the Sims equivalent of Cities Skyline to come along and kill this series once and for all. Or maybe in Sims 5 you will only be able to make money in game or advance your career by opening lootcrates. You age super fast and if you don’t progress the way you want you either have to die and start over or buy more lootcrates. Wait I think I’m giving EA ideas…

  4. wackazoa says:

    No offense Matt, but this article needs more Pip! Also cute dog and cat.

  5. WladTapas says:

    ‘Tis true that The Sims 3 lets you do more things. But it also had 11 expansions (which were and still are every bit as expensive as those of 4) and who knows how many stuff packs and smaller pieces of DLC released for it, so it’s no wonder. I like them both and I miss the open world. But the fact that Sims 3 started to slow down badly when lots of expansions were in use (even with an overpowered PC) while Sims 4 runs like lightning in comparison tips the scales in favor of 4 for me. And I really like the expressive and somewhat multitasking sims of 4.

    The new neighborhood in Cats and Dogs reminds me of 3, anyway. A large area to walk around without loading screens.

    • Someoldguy says:

      Keys for Sims 3 and all its expansions can be obtained really cheaply if you shop anywhere but Steam.

      It’s true that S3 bogs down considerably after running a few generations with all the xpacks but there are mods that help clean up saves and improve story progression to avoid that. If EA had taken note of the mod makers fixes they could have been patched in. Who knows how well S4 will perform if it gets this much content. Presumably better because of all the NPC story progression they cut out. Not having to sim that lot in the background and generate new siblings is going to make things smoother, but the vibrant, changing world is one of the attractions of 3.

      S3 may have had 11 expansions, but by the equivalent stage of its life cycle they’d released 7 of those, with the remaining 4 appearing in the following year. Them being woefully slow in producing new content and pricing it high is part of the problem.

      • Mungrul says:

        I’d love to know exactly how to fix my Sims 3 save, as mine struggles to even load, and when it gets in, it’s worse than a slideshow. I’ve tried various bits and bobs as suggested by the community, but none of it has worked.
        Hell, I even tried backing up my save and starting a brand new one with a fresh install, but that had exactly the same issues.

        And this is why I prefer Sims 4. I can actually play it.

        • Someoldguy says:

          That you played 3 enough to have lots of expansion installed does suggest you got a lot of time out of it before it gave you significant trouble. It’s always possible that something in that save is so badly screwed up that nothing can fix it, but occasional corrupted saves can happen in a lot of games.

          If Sims 4 ever reaches double digit expansions (in about 2022 at current rate of progress) we’ll see if it still performs well.

  6. poliovaccine says:

    Wow, I would have assumed this existed already. Goddamn.