Wild West Online roams out to early access

Horsin around

I already told you this. Honest to God, I’m sick of repeating myself. Some days I wake up and think: “I hope I don’t have to tell the readers of popular website Rock Paper Shotgun that Wild West Online, a videogame which is definitely not Red Dead Redemption 2, is out on early access for anyone who wants to spend money and be a cowboy in what seems like an otherwise quite standard MMO.” I honestly look in the mirror some mornings and think that. But life never works out the way you want it. Yee-haw.

“The Western game features world exploration, resource gathering, PvP combat, PvE missions and NPC quests,” say the developers at 612 Games. You’ll be able to upgrade your character, guns and horse, and there are currently two public events: an “Artifact Hunt” and something called the “Golden Road”. They’ve also been teasing that there are weirder elements to this west. Hopefully, that isn’t just a pre-emptive excuse for bugs. Imagine if all the cows started standing on their hind legs because of an animation cock-up, and the devs just said: “Oooo, soo straaange!”

You can buy the early access from the official site but judging by some of the YouTube videos I’ve peeped at (of an alpha from September) it still looks a little rough. Future plans include letting players buy plots of land to start a home, a train that passes through the map and can be robbed by everyone, and a new biome set in Mexico, which they say will increase the map size by 50%.

It’s hard to get excited when the developers don’t seem to be deviating from MMO norms very much. Even so, Western multiplayer sounds fine. I enjoyed wandering around Red Dead Redemption’s online mode back in my PlayStation-ing days. It had the same kind of approach to player conflict as GTA Online. You can kill anyone you see, but you don’t need to. A western theme worked better for this than the cities of San Andreas, I feel. “Is that stranger coming down the road on horseback going to kill me,” I would think, “or will they pass by without harm?” They were much tenser moments than those on the city streets, where I’d often be thinking: “That man in a sports car is driving toward me very fast. Let me get out my assault rifle.”


  1. silvershine says:

    Isn’t this the game that’s definitely not made by and has nothing to do with Sergey Titov (The WarZ, Romero’s aftermath, Infestation: Surivor Stories) but that the founders pack art is identical and the website is registered to one of his companies? Plus you know…the engine and animations are the same.

    • Sir_Eric says:

      I’m a bit annoyed by now by RPS not mentioning this connection.

      • silvershine says:

        To be fair to RPS all of the statements from 612 Games do entirely deny his involvement, best case it’s just using his studio’s shitty engine, animations and every possible asset right down to plants. Also sharing some of their website and forum architecture and potentially development staff. Who work for a developer who’s official website was registered two months before WWO was revealed with those clearly misleading screenshots that weren’t from RD2.

        The worst case is…well I mean, couldn’t be much worse could it really.

        • silvershine says:

          For anyone interested, here is the developer’s official website link to 612games.com


        • snv says:

          And all of that matters how?

          • silvershine says:

            It’s the same tactics as the WarZ used, take (at the time) a very popular genre (zombies), slap together a bare bones and downright broken game but with amazing screen shots and trailers, charge for access to play the alpha then abandon the game and leg it with the cash. In this previous case they renamed the game several times to hide the bad press from whatever its previous name was, they then made Shattered Skies, same thing but with Sci-Fi (check the steam page to draw your conclusions there) and now it’s cowboys.

            If it’s great and get continued development and support then I’ll happily eat a Stetson but looks like just another cash grab, on the plus side the articles examining the links between Titov and 612 games are interesting.

  2. Jokerme says:

    This game is going to bomb so hard.

    • Someoldguy says:

      War Z was universally panned but still allegedly managed to sell 2.8m copies. Some will have been refunded and many of those were when they were flogging it super cheap, but even so, it’s likely the developers got more money than they deserved for that garbage. Enough to contemplate doing it all over again.

  3. crazyd says:

    Why do you keep giving press to this game made by a team of known scammers? And, without ever even mentioning their history? Yet another halfbaked scam game by the makers of The WarZ doesn’t deserve this kind of visibility. If you do for some reason consider it news, it should be more of the consumer watchdog-ish “Watch out, don’t buy this scam” kinda story.

  4. davebo says:

    I want so badly to just buy and play this game so I can ride around a big game world on a horse like RDR. But I was one of the suckers that played War Z and I’m just too weary of this being the same garbage. Gotta just hold out for RDR2.

  5. racccoon says:

    Its a cash grab. its so obvious its crazy, & the devs who made this game know why they made it, because of rockstars announcement to make red dead 2.


    Built from their WarZ engine it was easy to make this game with a few instant tweaks. Seeing the videos it so match’s warZ its not funny, its sad.
    I understand everyone who wants to get a bandwagon, but this group are cake cutters who never leave a slice for you to enjoy. Its all about money & leaving you in lurch.
    The internet isn’t as stupid as they thought it was.
    So good luck with this game.
    It may have some things that work in the new revamped game to this western style game, or it may not all & if it does work, then maybe they might get a redemption from their past selves.

  6. Captain Narol says:

    I’m really surprised to see no official reaction from the RPS team about those comments and the worrying supposed links between WWO and War Z..

    Investigation time or embarassment ?

  7. Captain Narol says:

    Kotaku made an interesting article on the subject :

    link to kotaku.co.uk