Have alien diplo-chats in Endless Space 2’s free weekend


Endless Space 2, the 4X game about achieving galactic supremacy with unique and interesting factions, is having a free weekend. Just to confirm: your space will end on Sunday at 9pm GMT unless you buy the game. There’s a new update too, which expands the diplomatic options and adds a bunch of other new stuff.

If you only accept your space in truly infinite form, it’s half-price now too.

The devs have also launched the ‘Galactic Statecraft’ update, which adds more options to the diplomatic side of the game. In theory, you’ll be able to solve your conflicts via chatting rather than combating. It also pirate lairs to worry about, plot-related end-game bonuses, orbital stations, constellation control bonuses, weapon balancing and new events. It’s all detailed in the patch notes, as well as this here video.

Oh, and Amplitude are also running a “play-to-win community challenge”, where the more players that launch the game during the free weekend, the more bonus stuff they’ll add to the game. It seems a bit odd to me – you can see the bonuses at the bottom of this page, and I get the impression that they’re already done. Hopefully they’ll find their way into the game at some point, regardless of how successful the weekend is.

I haven’t tried Endless Space 2, though I had a lot of fun with its predecessor. Our man Fraser will tell you things have only improved:

“Amplitude have crafted a game that oozes character and charm out of every pore. With its faction-specific soundtrack, lavish art and light RPG-like quests, it’s hard not to fall for it. Character doesn’t just mean flavour, either. Sure, Endless Space 2 is full of that, but what’s most compelling is the way in which it intersects with the mechanics, elevating them both.”

My favourite thing about the games Amplitude make is that they’re all set in the same universe – from fantasy 4Xing in Endless Legend to roguelike tower defence in Dungeon of the Endless. They’re all part of an interconnected story, and the same resource types get harnessed in different ways in each game.

The free weekend on Steam for Endless space 2 ends at 9pm GMT on Sunday, and you can pick the game up for 50%-off until November 22nd.


  1. Tiax says:

    This might actually make me buy the game.

    For those who are playing it, how does it compare to Stellaris (which I like but can be quite boring)?

    • modzero says:

      It’s very different. Fewer empires, planets, spaceships and even tech. More extreme differences between species. No “planetary grid” (my favorite difference – planetary grids were a mistake). Far more story driven. Space travel is tiered, initially hyperlane, later free movement (but hyperlanes are always faster).

    • SaintAn says:

      Not as good as Stellaris. I really can’t stand playing it anymore after playing Stellaris. Just feels outdated, shallow, and generic in comparison.

      • Rindan says:

        Yeah. I feel the same way. I might give Endless Space 2 another shot, but when I first tried it I was completely high on Stellaris. It felt like jumping into a time warp to be stuck in this tiny grid of stars and a game that was so… gamey… When Stellaris is at it’s best you are almost roleplaying your empire. You are not really playing to win. Endless Space 2 on the other hand feels like it could be a board game. You play your turn, collect your resources, do your stuff, and hit the next turn button.

        I’ll give Endless Space 2 another shot. I like board games, and I’m a bit burned out on Stellaris right now. I liked the Endless Legends with its story and crazy mechanics, I think I might be able to like Endless Space 2.

        • mouton says:

          Well, if turn sequence is what makes it a “board gamey”, then most 4Xs are guilty of the, including Master of Orion, etc.

          It is also quite subjective – different mechanics will be more transparent for different people. Stellaris has tons of abstract, “board gamey” solutions just as well, you probably just internalized them, because you have tons of fun with the game. And that’s cool.

          • modzero says:

            Uh, I don’t see the posts above you (haha, blocked), but boardgamey? Stellaris, with it’s Europa Universalis pedigree, is literally descendant from a board game. There’s like 20 years separating those two, but it’s there.

      • Ny24 says:

        In general I agree that Stellaris is a bit better, but it’s also very different. Endless Space is much more “high-level” management and the diplomacy, economy and politics is better than in stellaris. It just feels great every time your political party is winning and you can make new laws :)

      • mouton says:

        Eh, I disagree, these are really quite different games. Endless Space 2 has a much, much bigger focus on race asymmetry and race character, with each faction playing quite differently, while Stellaris is more of a sandbox. A bit of a “open world vs crafted experience” – naturally, some like one option more and others, like me, greatly enjoy both.