Hitman’s Elusive Targets start repeating today

The ‘Elusive Target’ missions of Hitman, those one-off murders only available for a brief period of actual real time before they vanish forever, return today. That makes them two-off murders, I suppose. The original run of Elusive Targets will start a second run today, offering people who missed them another opportunity. People who tried and failed to kill a target the first time don’t get another go and must live with that shame forever, mind.

As before, the first Elusive Target is Sergei Larin, The Forger. As of 1pm today, he is now somewhere in Paris waiting for you to murder him. Elusive Targets are light on information so you’ll need to find him first. You can restart attempts in progress but if the target escapes or Ian Hitman dies, the opportunity is lost forever. I suppose you could look up a solution from the first time but tch! where’s the fun in that?

Alex Spencer wrote about how much he enjoyed the fleeting opportunity to murder The Forger the first time. Completing Elusive Targets unlocks fancy outfits too.

While The Forger’s first deathchance was only 48 hours long, this time he’s around for ten days. Developers IO Interactive loosened the restrictions on later targets and it seems they’re carrying that over for the repeat run.

As before, Elusive Targets will be released every now and then. If you fancy receiving reminders as each one returns, the official Hitman Companion app will oblige you. It’s available for iOS and Android.

Do remember that IO are also absolutely definitely making a new Hitman game too.


  1. Vesuvius says:

    It is so frustrating that they didn’t make the addition of unlocks for completing elusives in specific areas retroactive. I did maybe the first 4-5 months of elusive targets dutifully and yet I a) don’t get those region-specific unlocks and b) per this article I can’t replay them to get those unlocks now that they are implemented.

  2. Grizzly says:

    Although you’re not allowed to save, you do have a decent amount of lenience to have another go at the mission if you, for example, think poison might be a better tool then the garroting wire. As long as you don’t die or you don’t complete any of the mission objectives.

    I missed most of the elusive targets as I only bought the game when season 1 was fully out, but the two I played were a lot of fun. In a way they’re “Hitman Boss Levels”, with all guidance disabled, including the red outlines and markers you normally get. And sometimes, you don’t even get a picture, and have to find clues in-mission!

    Also, I just got a silent assassin run with this particular target so I wanted to share my happiness and sense of accomplishment :-D

    • demicanadian says:

      Lack of “suit only silent assassin” achievement for these didn’t stop me from doing just that in the only elusive target I got to play (the last one, in marrakech).

  3. Saarlaender39 says:

    I was not fond of the episodical release, I was not fond of the elusive targets, so I bought it for 75% off in a sale, which seemed only fair, since I wouldn’t get the “whole” game.

    Now, I don’t need the elusive targets anymore (even, if it’s nice of IO Interactive, to bring ’em back).

    Besides – for me, nothing has really changed, because I won’t (and can’t) allow a game to dictate me, when to play it.

    My everyday’s schedule (family/job/etc.) dictates, how much time (if any) I can spend on a game on any day, and my personal interest, mood and desire on that day dictate which game I will play then (hint: that game mustn’t necessarily be Hitman).

    Never the other way round.

    • Unclepauly says:

      Because they said you have to do them.

      • ShadyGuy says:

        Not explicitely, but there’s no denying that completionist gamers feel obligated to take the time to hunt an elusive target. I’d also prefer if you could just pick when to do an elusive target mission and then just restrict it to one attempt per target.

  4. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    Can I suggest that the alt-text is modified to “Murder? I barely even knew ‘er!”

  5. wackazoa says:

    I wonder why they didn’t just let them be around forever. Once you attempt it you lose your chance to try it again. Now for someone who, like me, will end up purchasing this game at a later date they wont have the chance to try. Bummer. Oh well, I hear the rest of the game is pretty good.

  6. Imaginary Llamas says:

    I don’t remember where I read it, but a possible reason for not keeping them around afterwards is that the quality of some of the missions isn’t really up to par with the main game. I haven’t played many myself, but one I did play had an infuriating oversight.

    It was the food critic one, and after observing his routine I poisoned a cake in the kitchen he would taste. The first time he didn’t repeat the routine, so I thought maybe he only did it once. I restarted and poisoned the cake first thing – once again, he didn’t do the cake routine. I then realised that he only wouldn’t do the routine if I tampered with the cake! There was literally no good reason I could think of for this to happen, as he was just sat at his table most of the time. It was very frustrating to be cheated out of poisoning a food critic of all targets…