Witchy healer Moira now spooking Overwatch

“Do no harm”, video game healers swear, “unless you want to.” The latest healer arriving in Overwatch exists in this same split state. On one hand, she can blast liferays and loose bouncing healballs. On the other, she can zap deathrays and blorp killballs. Each of her hands has different zapbeams, see. After a stretch on the test server, Moira has now arrived in the main version of Overwatch (though she won’t hit Competitive Play until Thursday).

Overwatch is running a free trial weekend from tonight, if you’re curious.

Is Moira a witch? Is she a dracula? A pixie? We can argue forever over her precise classification but she’s some sort of ghost for sure. Most of her powers come in healing or harming variants, from regular zap beams, through bouncing regen/decay balls, up to her Ultimate megabeam which does both at the same time. She also has a blink ability teleporting her a short distance. Here, meet her in this video:

Moira arrived in Overwatch proper yesterday. As with all new heroes, she has to wait a week before hitting the Competitive mode.

Yesterday’s patch also boosted Ana’s rifle damage, added a health bar to Winston’s barrier so friends and foes can see its strength, and made Mercy a little less powerful. Mercy’s remade Resurrect now has a 1.75 casting time, up from 0, and she also moves 75% slower while casting and can be interrupted – though it’s still instant-cast while Vaklyrie is active.

“We feel that Mercy’s recent rework has been successful, but her Resurrect ability still feels too strong and frustrating to play against,” Blizzard said. “Now that it has a cast time, enemies are more able to counter the ability.”

Read the patch note for full details on all that plus some fixes.

As for the free weekend, yup, everyone is invited to play Overwatch through the Battle.net client. It’ll start at 7pm tonight (UK time) and end at 7:59am on Tuesday. See Blizzard’s announcement for more details and international times.


Top comments

  1. Mejwell says:

    After contentious debate between Moira being

    A) a witch
    B) a dracula
    C) an anime
    D) a Bowie
    E) a pixie

    the greater consensus seems to be F) all of the above.
  1. JKnaperek says:

    Blizzard has been doing a wonderful job incorporating characters of all types. Moira to me, is a step towards introducing a trans character, and I’m totally supportive if that is the case.

    • Banks says:


    • Seafoam says:

      Androgyny isn’t trans.
      Trans character would be cool but it has nothing to do with her.

      • SaintAn says:

        It’s believed she is trans by a lot of people in the Overwatch community. Probably because of the genetic manipulation theme and her looks. And there’s a spray where she’s mutating her arm that looks like pre-transition because it looks like she doesn’t have boobs.

        Though I’m not sure why people think she’s trans based on her looks. I’ve watched a lot of trans porn and they look like girls. The Queen Bailey Jay for example.

  2. Zorgulon says:

    I really like Moira, both in terms of visual and mechanical design. She’ll take a bit of practice to unleash her potential – the Fade step (or whatever that ghostly manoeuvre is called) in particular.

    Also excellent voice acting/direction – she sounds like a real person rather than a cartoon.

    I saw a lot of complaints last night along the lines of “RIP Mercy”, but I think she’s fine. Players will have to adapt their playstyles, and stop expecting to always be able to swoop in to insta-rez their allies, which was happening way too much in the last patch. She’s still extremely viable, just not a must-pick.

    • Excors says:

      Months ago, before all the Mercy changes, she was already the most-picked hero. Compared to that version her new non-ultimate form is strictly better (she can fly much faster and can sometimes res), and her ultimate is probably more powerful and definitely more versatile (she can’t reverse a Zarya-ultimate team wipe any more, but in pretty much every other case she can contribute more to the fight). So I suspect she’ll still be popular and successful.

      With the changes in this new patch, perhaps the biggest difference is that inexperienced Mercies will be much less effective because they’ll make poor decisions about res and get killed while casting it. Previously a player who was a good Ana/Lucio/etc but a bad Mercy would feel obliged to play Mercy anyway to have a better chance of winning, and that annoyed a lot of people who just don’t enjoy playing her. Now they know they’ll be useless as Mercy, so they can happily pick other healers without feeling like they’re throwing the match. Meanwhile people who do enjoy playing Mercy can still be effective with her.

    • mitrovarr says:

      I gotta say, the whole issue with Mercy getting hugely overbuffed and then not fixed for months (if she is fixed even now, which I doubt) has completely ruined Overwatch for me. Their balance team is absolutely worthless, and they’d rather ruin the game for tons of their players for months than ever just admit they were wrong and reverse a change, even temporarily while they work out the details on the PTR.

      I honestly don’t understand how the balance team could be this bad at their jobs. That, or it’s all deliberate and they’re intentionally ruining heroes and making others overpowered. Maybe whales like Mercy or they want to force character rotation or something.

      • Zorgulon says:

        That’s really not my experience. Sure she was very powerful but “ruined” the game? This is obviously subjective, but I haven’t found that at all.

        I broadly agree with each balance change that’s been made over the last 15 months or whatever. I like Blizzard’s transparency and willingness to iterate. Perfect balance is entirely subjective, and ultimately impossible, but they clearly are making an effort. Take Roadhog – he’s in a pretty good place now despite Reddit having held his funeral even after the most recent change.

        As for never reversing their changes – that’s precisely what they’ve just done with the Ana damage change in this patch.

        • mitrovarr says:

          Well, I played all three of the other healers, but not Mercy (I personally loathe her design, considering her an unfun chore healer on one hand and a skill-less wonder on the other). So, to have my most hated character suddenly become massively overpowered and completely displace all of the ones I actually played… yeah, it was ruined. It might be ruined for good. My confidence in the dev team is completely gone and I don’t trust them not to ruin the game again. To be honest, I think it’s completely turned me against Blizzard as a company.

          • Excors says:

            It feels like you might be overreacting a little bit. Given that almost any decent team composition has two healers, any of the others could still be played alongside Mercy, so they weren’t completely displaced. (Obviously not in quickplay where nobody cares about winning and you’re lucky to get one healer, but nearly all the competitive games I’ve played at middling ranks have been 2-2-2.)

            I don’t see how Mercy can reasonably be called skill-less anyway – some Mercy mains are in GM while others are stuck in gold for multiple seasons, so there’s obviously potential for some to be much better (i.e. more skilful) than others. In the Overwatch World Cup some teams clearly had better Mercies than others, so even pro support players can’t always get the best out of her. And the Mercy rework raised the skill ceiling: the jump-during-Guardian-Angel technique gives a lot of mobility if you know how to use it properly, the res ability needs careful risk-reward decision-making, Valkyrie lets you chase and kill people if you’ve got decent projectile aim, etc.

            It’s fine if you simply don’t enjoy playing as her (just like if you don’t enjoy playing Reinhardt or Junkrat or whatever), but I don’t really understand the animosity. It was bad that everyone felt it was obligatory to pick her even when they didn’t want to, and bad that it took Blizzard so long to come out with nerfs/buffs/Moiras to change that feeling, but not like catastrophically bad. It doesn’t seem radically different to how it feels obligatory to have two tanks even when everybody wants to be DPS instead; it’s just a fundamental part of competitive team-based games that players need to be happy filling a necessary role in their team to help win rather than getting their enjoyment exclusively from their individual performance.

          • immaletufinishbut says:

            It may sound like an overreaction, but I’m kinda feeling the same way currently. Support player mainly (mostly because of circumstance) and usually enjoy it. The Mercy meta has basically ruined the game for me though.

            I could always NOT pick Mercy, but ya know, when nobody else on our team is healing (90% of games lol) that is the most probable path to victory.
            And besides, Resurrect is not only OP AF, its also the best way to fix the many many stupid mistakes your teammates will be making.
            All of the above goes for competitve solo que BTW (obviously, fuck solo que though)…

            So when I even ponder about playing OW now i have three choices:
            1. Play fun hero
            2. Play Mercy, feel nothing regardless of win/loss.
            3. Do somehing else, lulz

            Usually go with 3. :(

            TLDR: Rez is OP, Mercy is boring, remove pls.

    • Rindan says:

      There isn’t an Overwatch player alive who is sad to see Mercy nerfed a little. She still brings people back from the fucking dead as a cool down ability, she just might not have a 100% pick rate for a few days.

  3. Ghostwise says:

    With those hands, I’d err toward a cyberdracula classification.

  4. Mejwell says:

    After contentious debate between Moira being

    A) a witch
    B) a dracula
    C) an anime
    D) a Bowie
    E) a pixie

    the greater consensus seems to be F) all of the above.