What are we all playing this weekend?

Of all the header illustrations I’ve used for WPAPWPAPWTW over the years, Death stepping up to bowl a few overs ↑ is definitely one of my favourites. No one looks happy to be on the business end of Death’s off spin.

What are you playing this weekend? Here’s what we’re clicking on.

Adam: Hand of Fate 2 for me. I liked the first and Alec’s review convinced me to give this one a spin, despite the hordes of games demanding my attention.

So far, so good. I just escorted the world’s most useless potato farmer through undead-infested countryside and then solved an assassination plot by getting everyone drunk.

Alec: Forgive me, babby jeebus, for I intend to sin. I… I quite want to play some of the new COD. I’ve spent most of the past week in an existential odyssey through American Truck Simulator: New Mexico, but now I find myself craving the polar opposite. Trouble is, I spent twenty minutes with CODWW2 the other night and came away genuinely frightened by how realistic the faces are, and how distressing it would be to watch e-humans of that quality die horribly.

(I’ll get over it).

Alice: I’m still clicking through StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm, enjoying mashing spaceman and some of the more unique missions but laughing every time anyone hisses “THE QUEEN OF BLADES.” Also this weekend: Superflight and of course Plunkbat and Isaac. I’ve placed relatively highly (by my standards, at least) in some recent Isaac daily runs and been quite pleased.
Brendan: I am nearing the end of Opus Magnum‘s story, and all of my machines are wonderful. Even if they all look like a mangled, upside-down centipede trying to right itself. I’m really craving a big, dumb blockbuster that I’ll like. But I’ve given up on Call of Duty WWII, Wolfenstein 2 and Shadow of War, all for different reasons. I just want something big and dumb and good :(
Graham: I grabbed myself a copy of Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy earlier this week, and I’m hooked. As hooked as my pickaxe, which I have to use against the game’s scenery to hoist my man-in-a-cauldron character over ledges and up a mountain. I have a soft spot for hard games, particularly those with a simple objective and controls. Foddy’s work – he’s best known for QWOP and GIRP – is normally a little too deliberately physics-wonky for me to sink into, but Getting Over It is cleaner and presents a challenge which appears wholly achievable. It’s bastard hard, but funny with it, mainly thanks to Foddy’s own narration and explication of the game, its history, and the genre it sits within.
John: I’ve no idea. Why are you asking me? How is it any of your business what I do during my weekends anyway? Don’t you already get enough of me five days a week? HOW IS THIS NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU?

Probably some more Mario Odyssey with the boy.

Katharine: With Skyrim coming to Switch and PSVR this week, I booted up my old PC save file a few days ago just for the hell of it. Turns out I’d left my poor Dragonborn in the longest cave in all of Tamriel with about six different objective markers active, and I’ve since forgotten what on earth I’m meant to be doing. I might try and wheedle my way out of there this weekend and get back to the main story if I can be bothered to unpick all the active sidequests I’ve got going, or I might just boot up LA Noire and finally start my first playthrough of that instead.
Matt: I’m still dipping into Battlerite, which remains a great way of getting my MOBA-ish fix in bite sized pieces. Some friends have also successfully tempted me into picking up Northgard, which will be the first RTS I’ve played in a very long time. Hopefully I can still remember how to click the men, rather than shooting them.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?


  1. Grizzly says:

    I’ll mainly be watching the Desert Bus for Hope stream, which is a 24/7 improv comedy stream where the comedy group LoadingReadyRun (which you may remember from Unskippable or Friday Nights) keeps playing Desert Bus until people stop giving them money for Child’s Play. It’s great for a lazy weekend.

  2. Kitsunin says:

    I’m playing Rabi-Ribi. It’s a real hidden gem, and if bullet hell Metroid sounds fun, you owe it to yourself to try it.

    I just finished the post-post-game (including DLC) after 17 hours and I don’t quite feel ready to stop playing. Not sure if I’ll start again at a higher difficulty, New Game+, attempt to clear the boss rushes, or try speedrunning.

    • Kitsunin says:

      I decided to restart the game on Hell difficulty. Every single boss is a huge challenge now, which is pretty awesome. Also, I’m super impressed by just how non-linear the game is. If you know the secret item-less wall-jump you can get almost anywhere as soon as you’re through the prologue.

  3. TehK says:

    Rim World just got a big update with Alpha 18… so there goes my free time.

  4. wombat191 says:

    Fallout 4..It’s always going to be fallout 4

  5. dangermouse76 says:

    I’m collecting all the Dragon priest masks in skyrim. And imagining an 80’s inspired cartoon called ” Dragon Priest Warriors. ”

    In it Every time the Dragon Priest bursts forth from their crypt to save the world from Skyrim based shenanigans they are instantly killed by a range of ” heroes ” immediately.

    The Dragon Priest is the good guy in this tale of woe.

  6. Imbecile says:

    I dunno. Bought the new mass effect in a sale, and so far its leaving me cold. It looks very flat, the characters are forgettable so far, the dialogue is terrible and the quests linear. Do I stick with it?

    Also undertale, which is decent. Great writing, but the gameplay is a little inconsequential.

    • Premium User Badge

      Ninja Dodo says:

      I would stick with it. In my opinion a lot of the least polished and least interesting stuff is front-loaded in the first few hours. It has problems, but there are things to like in the game.

    • wombat191 says:

      Honestly’ I detested Andromeda in the start and it took around 20 hours before I started to grudgingly like it and eventually love the game and the crew

    • Zenicetus says:

      I found the team members forgettable, the plot was like something out of a YA novel, with juvenile dialog writing. There is also a cringe-worthy colonial theme involving the interaction with the “native” Angarans.

      Despite all that, I finished the game. The combat helped, which isn’t great, but it’s not a bad way to pass the time in a game. I felt I had to see the whole thing to form an opinion about it. Which is, that it’s only for the most die-hard ME fans who can forgive a multitude of sins in the game design. Everyone else should stay far away.

  7. Ghostwise says:

    Some Diablo III as mostly brainless, short spurts of fun.

  8. Zorgulon says:

    I think I’ll mostly be playing Overwatch and getting a handle on Moira’s abilities. Might also start a game of Civ VI (it’s getting there). If I’m feeling particularly adventurous I might even delve into my Steam Pile of Shame and start Wolfenstein (the previous one, not the latest one). It’s been a very long time since I’ve played a traditional single player campaign, and I have an odd hankering for one.

    • jman420 says:

      agree civ 6 is getting there. Glad I got it half off lol, its so frustrating the way these games are released…well some. I too had the same hankering for a single player shooter game and got the older wolfenstein as well.. having a blast with it!

  9. FelipeCC says:

    I got involved in WAY TOO MANY games with daily quest features. I have to drop at least 2 of them. Overwatch weekly crates, Killing Floor 2 daily/weekly challanges, OffWorld Trading Company daily quests, Heroes of the Storm daily matches – oh god what have I done.
    Alongside all of that, I’ve been in a hard games streak, with my Cuphead 200% plat and Furi’s fast paced boss duels.
    Where to go now? Fall deeply into my strategy games collection? Stick to the hard stuff and play some precision platformer or Dark Souls? Allow myself to be consumed by those dailies?

    • Lars Westergren says:

      > Allow myself to be consumed by those dailies?

      I would avoid that. Whether it’s deliberate by their makers or not, it is designed to exploit cognitive weaknesses of the human brain to “increase consumer retention rates”. Specifically overriding our caution with our fear of missing out on an important opportunity.

      Save that mental energy and the money for actual important choices in your life.

      • Crimsoneer says:

        I mean…we’re all still playing video games. The whole thing is just…tricking our brain into making us happy.

        • Kitsunin says:

          True, but dailies usually trick you into compulsion, rather than happiness. I can’t count the number of times I had to stop playing a game because I realized I was playing just to earn digicreds, not because I actually felt better while or after playing.

  10. Crimsoneer says:

    I really wanted to just…enjoy Battlefront 2. Get through the campaign, which I was sure would be an acceptable CoD like romp, and do a few enjoyable multipler matches. I don’t particularly care about the loot box malarky, so I was kind of sure I wouldn’t understand what the rage was about.

    God, it is so, unashamedly mediocre. The campaign is entirely “go from point A to point B, push button”, with some nice CGI but totally forgettable characters. In a year where we got Wolfenstein, Dishonored, and Titanfall 2, it’s just…poor. There aren’t even any epic setpieces.

    • malkav11 says:

      DICE have not demonstrated any real skill with singleplayer campaigns so far. People rail about COD campaigns being bad but they’re usually pretty good at spectacle and set pieces, at the very least. Battlefield campaigns, not so much. You’d think it’d be easier to go crazy with Star Wars, which has scope for incredibly dramatic sci-fi backdrops and toys, but maybe not?

      • jman420 says:

        dice’s specialty was always multiplayer, it was ea that forced them into singe player development as well. I was so disappointed in the “first” battlefront I didn’t even give a thought to buying the second one.

  11. Lars Westergren says:

    I finally finished Divinity Original Sin 2 last evening, after 100 hours + change. Really good, unlike DOS1 I liked it. Impressive how fights remained balanced and challenging until the end. It relied perhaps a little bit too much on having good physical/magical armor ratings, where necessary items are withheld from you until you level up. Still, I won the final battles thanks to just using my team skills better, and through some clever item/consumables crafting, which was very satisfying.

    Now I might play some Cuphead, or Invisible Inc. I want to play through Dishonored: Death of the Outsider but with 256kb/sec 4G connection it will take a week to download, so maybe next weekend.

    Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire backer beta has arrived, I’m going to try to play through that a couple of times and provide useful feedback. Sensuki did heroic work for Pillars of Eternity 1 which I’m still grateful for, even if he later disavowed anything Obsidian and Pillars when they didn’t accept all his change suggestions.

  12. Emperor Norton I says:

    I have been playing Rise of the Tomb Raider lately, which is surprisingly amusing. I have never played a Tomb Raider game before. It is so mind-boggling stupid, at absolutely every step — this would have been so much better with a fantasy or SF setting, just to deal with the immense incomprehension of basic geology, architecture, and archaeology — but it is nonetheless a lot of fun.

    Also, I get to play a round of Warmachine tomorrow, so that is good. I will get crushed horribly, of course, because I play with fanatics who only allow games at 75 points, on death clock, with tournament lists, but whatever.

    • Thulsa Hex says:

      I’m curious how it compares to the original games, when you’ve started with the rebooted series. The tone of the original TR is far less of the contemporary (imo, sub-par), “gritty” Hollywood action movie bent, and a lot more about jumping and climbing around old temples on your lonesome. They’re much more solitary and contemplative, but still way more ridiculous at times in a very ’90s video game-y way (e.g. dinosaurs and bullet-sponge tigers). I’ve not played “Rise”–just the first reboot–but definitely found it a lot less charming.

      • floogles says:

        You’re totally right about the original tomb raider games, but I’ve played those and the new ones. They’re both good but in a different way, and the new are definitely “I must accept I’m going to play a gritty reboot that misunderstands / rejects much of the source materials atmosphere”.

        Going in like that they are pretty damn fun.

  13. LennyLeonardUK says:

    The offer of having Endless Space 2 freely available to me on Steam this weekend prompted me to download it, only to realise afterwards that I had already bought the game when it was in early access. Oops.

    So I have decided to finally give it a go. I am only a couple of hours into my first play through and so far I like what I see. The UI is surprisingly easy to manoeuvre around, and for anyone who has any sort of experience in the 4X genre it seems fairly straight forward to understand but also brings a few new ideas of it’s own to the table.

    Other than that I am still knee deep into the campaigns of both the recent South Park game and Assassins Creed Origins. Both of which I am enjoying to some degree. Although not without reservations on both.

    Oh and I also picked up the New Mexico DLC for ATS so maybe some of that too.

    Have a good weekend everybody!!!.

    • Vacuity729 says:

      I understand that some people don’t like some aspects of Amplitude’s game design, or find the innovations they’ve made to the 4X genre to be distractions that prevent them from becoming immersed in the game, but I honestly believe that Amplitude’s UI design is some of the best in the entire industry, and is still getting better over time.
      Personally, I love their games top to bottom, but it sometimes really hurts when you go to other games by other studios afterwards, and you *know* the game is going to be enjoyable, but in comparison the UIs are just so clunky and unintuitive that it really spoils your enjoyment.

      • Pintaius says:

        I am having a bit of an existential crisis with Endless Space 2. I really liked the previous Amplitude games and I have spent my good hours on games with (arguably) imperfect UIs, like a lot of the Paradox catalogue, Dominions… But despite really wanting to get into ES2 and considering the free weekend a Godsent, I’m really struggling with it. The UI seems weird to me though I can see where the praise comes from, and I can’t shake off the feeling of not knowing what’s going on and, by turn 50+ (though I’ve restarted a few times) not really caring much. Anyone had the same impression or I am just getting old and grumpy?

        • richlamp says:

          Nope. I was exactly the same. I bought it when it first came out and after an hour and a half of mostly just clicking ‘end turn’ I decided it wasn’t for me and got a refund.

          I ended up getting Stellaris instead and absolutely loved it.

          • LennyLeonardUK says:

            Well I have been on the game most of the weekend and I am loving it. I think it is a problem with most space based 4X games that it can be a bit of a struggle to understand what is going on (well, at least it is for me anyway), but this one has actually clicked fairly easily into place. I am taking the time to read everything and learning what benefits I can acquire by doing any task.

            I also love Stellaris so maybe the hours I have put into that game have made this easier for me to understand??. But regardless I have had a great weekend with Endless Space 2 and would definitely recommend it to anyone to at least give it a try.

  14. gabrielonuris says:

    Pathologic Classic HD. I will probably play through a couple more days on that disgraceful game, ditch it again, and get back to it on the next weekend, until I finally get through the 12 days.

  15. Morcane says:

    Avorion, a really fun space sandboxy affair. If you’re in doubt, look up some Youtube vids and watch for yourself.

    I might pick up that expansion for Titan Quest too – amazing that this great game gets another expansion after 10 years.

    • floogles says:

      Avorion looks amazing, I’ve wishlisted. It’s the kind of game I can see rps doing a feature on too.

  16. Vandelay says:

    Believe I’m coming up to the last or near last mission of Legacy of the Void. Have been quite enjoying it, excluding the usual inability of Blizzard to write dialogue that isn’t just a list of badly given exposition. It is just more StarCraft 2, but they still manage to have some fresh ideas for each level and you never go into a mission knowing what you are going to be doing.

    Besides that, I will probably be continuing with The Witcher 3. Most of the way through the Bloody Baron story and probably about halfway through the crones. Already played quite a lot of the game on PS4, but I’m enjoying it all over again. It does help that I don’t have to put up with the ridiculously long load times and it really looks gorgeous. I also made the error on my first play of rushing through the opening area and coming into the main game heavily under leveled and lacking important things like a swallow potion. Made the first dozen hours quite frustrating. No such issues this time around. If anything, it is a bit easy.

  17. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    I’ll be re-downloading Overwatch to play in the free weekend with a friend on Sunday, but I expect to primarily be playing Lawbreakers. The population’s still low, but the core community is really holding it together and sustaining the fun, mostly via Discord, and last night also via one community member co-hosting the game’s official Twitch stream. Everyone piled into ranked mode after the stream so folks could claim their shiny beta test weapon skins and novelty rankings rank thing, and it was just generally a good time since everyone was playing decently well without taking it too seriously. Looks like more of these pile-ons will be organized, too, judging by Discord chat and how this one went.

    I’ll also be working on and playing some vaguely gamey prototype thinger I started fiddling with last week after two years of doing essentially nothing of the sort. Since I’m most enthusiastic about games with good and/or interesting movement these days, that’s what I’m focusing on this time, and it’s making me realize how intricate such systems can be and how much work it can take to make them feel good at all times – especially when one’s coding skills are rusty… Still, it’s been fun and really satisfying creating something interactive again.

  18. mashkeyboardgetusername says:

    Given it’s free to try this weekend, it’ll be Endless Space 2 for me.

  19. Glacious says:

    I suddenly decided to play INSIDE, because it’s been sitting there looking intriguing. Also it was raining most of today (Saturday) which seemed to suit the game and indeed turned out to be the case. One game done and dusted in a weekend is unheard of for me and it’s only half way throug! (I probably won’t play anything tomorrow though.)

  20. Lorka says:

    Downloading Shadow of War.. The first game was such a pleasure but I don’t know about this one, sounds like there’s a lot to downvote. Might be a steam refund after an hour scenario.

    Try as I might I can’t get on with The New Colossus. Do I walk over stuff to pick it up or do I have to press ‘use’? Do I charge through like Doom or COD it? Why is it not clear whether I’m taking damage? Of all things, playing this reminds me of HL2, and how AAA FPS pacing and ‘game feel’ has only regressed since 2004.

    What I should be playing is War of The Chosen, but it’s a bit stressful for a Saturday afternoon.

    Not sure, basically.

  21. Gothnak says:

    I bought Fifa 17 on Xbox 1 Yesterday for £8, so i’m playing SP FUT without spending any money or using the auction house. Its a very good mode of the game without any of the horrid microtransactions… Wish i had some players to team up with Falcao though, he’s a bit isolated!

  22. Amazon_warrior says:

    After a conversation with a friend yesterday, I am toying with playing a bit of Magicka or Trine for brightly coloured, jolly fun. Or I might finally give Crusader Kings II a go. Or start a new Invisible, Inc. game. Or try Pillars of Eternity at last. Oooo, the possibilities!

    (DX:MD and Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice will have to wait until I finally gird my loins and get a new GPU, my valiant HD 5850 just won’t stretch that far any more, bless it.)

    • Premium User Badge

      particlese says:

      I retired my own wonderful 5850 for a 390 a smidgeon over a year ago, and it’s certainly been nice (not to mention warm), but the high frame rates felt pretty weird for a while – like I had forgotten to turn on something shiny in the settings of games. At any rate, whenever you get around to the upgrade: Enjoy!

      In the meantime: Hooray for Trine!

      • Amazon_warrior says:

        Hooray indeed! :D *starts Trine installation*

        I’ve been really happy with my 5850 (came to me pre-loved from the aforementioned friend after I inadvertently bricked a 4870×2), but I am finally ready for something with more teeth to play newer games. Given the age of my card, I’m hoping it’ll be quite a noticeable jump! Hoping that I might snag a lush Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal, but not holding my breath…

        • Premium User Badge

          particlese says:

          It’ll depend on the game, of course, but I reckon you’ll notice the difference. Devil Daggers only went from the high 200s to 300 fps for me, but the other game I was playing at the time (Elder Scrolls Online) jumped from 20 to 45 or so in one area, if I recall correctly.

          And it’s funny you mention the 4870: I got a 5850 because I built a computer for my sister and decided to pass down my still decently new 4870 (x1) to save her money and have an excuse to upgrade. :) The 4870’s still kicking, but she’s now upgraded to an RX 460 and other bits, which made a world of difference for playing Skyrim.

          Good luck to you! You should be in better shape for a good deal on a good card than I was with the 390, at the very least.

  23. Flarn says:

    Probably play some coop For The King on the couch with my gf and we might segue into something else along those lines like Forced. Beyond that, I’ve got some new VR games to try like Alien Isolation’s VR mod and Payday 2 VR beta which are calling my name. American Truck Simulator in VR will probably happen as well since I recently discovered that and I’m enjoying it quite a bit more than I thought I would. I haven’t been brave enough to go off-roading like Alec. My driving instincts are too disturbed if I even swerve towards the edge of the road let alone actually driving off of it since VR is tricking my brain to think that I am actually driving. But I will try to work through this and explore the glories of the World Behind The World.

  24. fish99 says:

    Booted up my PS3 the other day with a view to continuing an old 2nd playthrough of Demon’s Souls, only to find that the hard-drive was dead (after <100 hours of use too). Luckily I had plenty of spare 2.5" drives, so it's fixed, but the save is lost so I've started a new playthrough with a view to beating the game without cheese or magic.

    Also had the opportunity to upgrade from a 3570K to a 3770K for free, which means AC:Origins is running a good bit better now, so I might play some of that, or finish the main story in Destiny 2.

    Seasonal lurgees are kinda getting in the way of gaming right now though.

  25. quat says:

    Modded Minecraft, still! I’ll be hanging out at BTM, which is this crazy “online convention” built in the game itself. There’s booths and panels, refreshments, everything.

    And after like 4 years I’m still a sucker for the Portal 2 workshop. Absolutely never ever gets old.

  26. Darth Gangrel says:

    Just installed The Book of Unwritten Tales, because I wanted something funny and without combat.

    I’ve recently completed Deus Ex: Invisible War, which was both fun and occasionally funny, but not quite as good as Deus Ex 1 or Human Revolution. My combat-less desire is not because the combat in IW or other games is bad, but I guess it’s not great either (although the gunplay in DX: HR was so fun that I played it a second time directly afterwards, after my pacifistic first playthrough).

    My favorite thing in immersive sims and most games is to go about exploring, like jumping up on stuff and talking to people/reading stuff. TBoUT is aBoUT talking to people and reading stuff at the very least. I’ve got Dishonored’s Daud DLC for when I want to explore areas.

  27. MajorLag says:

    Toki Tori 2+. It’s really good and I have no idea why it took me so long to get to it.

    • Thulsa Hex says:

      So it’s good? I bought this on Wii U waaay back near when it released, but never got very far. I liked that I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing, but that’s what also inevitably made me put it down, since I wasn’t in the right headspace (I think I was playing Wind Waker HD at the time). I don’t know why but I’ve not picked it back up since.

      • Kitsunin says:

        It’s fantastic. Non-linear Metroidvania by way of puzzle game, where areas are gated by knowledge rather than power-ups. Love it.

  28. Caladell says:

    I recently started listening to the Metro audiobooks, so that inspired me to go back to Last Light. Finished it last night, so not sure what I’ll play the rest of the weekend. Really good game, although I ended up getting the ‘bad’ ending. Ah well. Ended up watching the good ending on youtube. Really looking forward to Exodus.

  29. Thulsa Hex says:

    I would like to play some more Breath of the Wild this weekend. I had an amazing time hanging around the Dueling Peaks earlier in the week, just exploring and getting to know the mechanics a little better. Zelda’s core gameplay adapts very well to this more emergent, open structure. As much as I enjoyed Twilight Princess, I’ve been wishing since then that Nintendo would do something fresh with the series, and they really delivered with this one.

    It can be so beautiful and peaceful. Nintendo has done an fantastic job of encouraging the player to explore on their own terms. Hardly anything is marked on the map for you, but you can place your own icons and markers as you see fit. I could talk all day about the amazing use of line-of-sight, too. THIS IS HOW EXPLORATION SHOULD BE DONE! Turn off the mini-map and it’s just… *chefs’ kiss*

    On PC, I’ve finally gotten around to Pillars of Eternity. Part of me feels like an awful eejit for doing this when I’m waist-deep in Zelda, but it’s been on my mind lately and the Definitive Edition coincidentally came out (and with a fair discount), tipping me over the edge. I’ve only reached the first town, but so far it’s been exactly what I’ve wanted. They’ve gone to great pains to evoke the Infinity Engine feel and I appreciate this very much.

  30. Zenicetus says:

    AC Origins when I can get time during the day, Divinity OS 2 in co-op mode in the evenings. I should check out the new update for Endless Space 2 at some point.

    I think Origins is the best AC by far, due to a much better combat system and more varied weapons, and also the great setting. What’s not to like about Ancient Egypt?

    Yeah, it’s a bit grindy and repetitive because you can’t ignore the side quests for leveling and gear. And Bayek is a weird character who acts like a do-good town sheriff, while also looting everything in sight. But it’s still fun. I’ve heard it described as “relaxing,” which is a good description. It’s an alternate world to dive into, when I just want to mess around.

    • Biggus_Dikkus says:

      imo Bayek is a thug, yes someone kill his son, but he killed 1000 people just for few pieces of wood and iron.Protector of Egypt my ass, no wonder Ptolomy kill all the Medjays

  31. Carra says:

    I’ve finished Wolfenstein 2 this week. Glad to see they’re still making games with a single player focus. I don’t play shooters that often but I had a good time with this game!

    And now I’m continuing my Divinity 2 playthrough. 64 hours in and I’ve just started act 3, still some way to go.

  32. FeloniousMonk says:

    I had really been enjoying Resident Evil 7 but kept getting persistent hardcrash GPU errors. Not finding a solid fix on the interwebs, I eventually gave up and moved on to the nearest comparable, The Evil Within 2. As it turns out, TEW2 is a far closer match to RE4 than RE7 in pacing and general tone. Like our old friend Leon, the protagonist in TEW2 is slow as molasses, not very good at multitasking, totally lacks any sense of humor and is perpetually running out of bullets. Unlike Leon, Beavis Castellanos (I forget his first name, so I’ll assume it’s Beavis) is capable of using cover and engaging in some really basic sneakery, but both of those systems are more trouble than they’re worth. This is one of those quasi-RPGs where your character has to navigate skilltrees, so in order to give you something to aspire to, he’s basically a helpless kitten at the start of the game – wobbly targeting, suicidal reload times, and such terrible cardio that you actually can’t run longer than three seconds. The worst is the stealth system, which is semi-mandatory because, particularly at the start of the game, you’re perpetually low on ammo and the melee option is essentially a slightly slower suicide button. The badguys in TEW2 don’t move in predictable patterns and are prone to turning around randomly. That would be fine and spicy, except for the fact that when you’re in stealth, you move at gramma-in-a-walker speed so unless you’ve got the approach juuuuust right, they’re going to see you and you’re going to end up either burning through half your ammo or dying.

    I suspect that this is one of those games that involves evolving from a fragile little ceramic man to an overpowered godzilla, but we’ll see. So far, the difficulty is definitely trending downward.

    Here’s what I like: This game is not afraid to throw curveballs completely out of nowhere. The art direction is generally really strong, gory and creepy, and there are at least a smattering of authentic jumpscares (though not on the scale of RE7), and while the game does telegraph a lot of its big showdowns, it also litters the open world structure with random moments of surprising intensity. Go in that house and you might find some ammo, or you might find nothing, or you might find a terrible hellscape hallucination that can only be visited once and does not seem to connect obviously back to the main plot.

    Making a quasi-open world horror game was a daring choice, and clearly the most interesting thing about TEW2. That they were able to pull it off while maintaining pacing AND keeping you from completely screwing yourself ammunition and resources wise is definitely what makes this game worth getting.

    The auto-orgasming camera monster is in second place.

  33. Seyda Neen says:

    I just saw that a sequel to the awesome 2014 platformer LOVE has been released, called Kuso. Bought it, gonna give it a whirl sometime this weekend.

    • Seyda Neen says:

      Also just remembered I have In The Shadows, a puzzle platformer involving light and shadow creatures, to play. RPS posted about the Kickstarter but not the release. Hopefully it gets a bit more traction.

  34. malkav11 says:

    Apparently I will be playing “try to get Windows 10 to have a user setting app again”. Currently two hours in and counting.

    • malkav11 says:

      Turns out I finally got it going a few minutes after I posted that. Windows Store and all other “modern” apps still broken, but I don’t actually need them so I’m not currently prepared to bother troubleshooting -that-. Windows is The Worst(tm).

  35. Mi-24 says:

    Spending >36 hours of it awake and not playing battlefront 2 sadly.
    Played some battleships against less than 600 Canadians which resulted in a draw despite the obvious superiority of the British Navy (1 v 1 and no tie break :( )

  36. Premium User Badge

    Ninja Dodo says:

    I am playing preparing to release my first game on Steam: link to store.steampowered.com

    Also started playing Assassin’s Creed Oranges, which is quite lovely, and I briefly jumped into Cuphead which as most have said is both aesthetically pleasing and super hard. Also tried some Tearaway Unfolded on PS4, which starts off conventional enough but gets pretty interesting when they start using the touchpad on the controller for the drums…