Northgard adds boar clan and lays out floor plan

Boared game

Yonder strategy Northgard has added a new clan to its longboat full of cartoonish Viking pillagers. Previous clans like the bear boys, introduced new warriors like a giant ursine killer with heavy armour plating on his furry back. The new clan of the Boar are a little less spectacular, but they are a hard-living and resistant lot. On top of this, developers Shiro Games have laid out a plan for future updates, including a single player campaign and better enemy AI.

Here’s the rundown on the new clans specialities. Basically, they’re rough and tough and they don’t mind sleeping in the same haystack as four other clan members.

At first glance, these bonuses and the addition of a special Mender unit seem negligible next to large bears in kevlar. But shaking up the healer is a good move – it has always been a too-cushy role. In my games he is often found idling by his hut. I have to order him to pick up firewood or get mining just to keep him honest. But the Boar clan’s Mender is a healer who automatically makes himself useful during his downtime by collecting lore (the game’s currency for buying new skills and bonuses). This is a fruitful investment. Likewise, the fact your villagers will stay happy even in the most run-down accomodation is a deceptively helpful boost. In short, they have a lot of small-sounding but stout advantages. Here, you can read the patch notes in full.

As for the game’s larger plans, the first four chapters of a single player campaign will be coming early next year, in which you’ll play a young warchief who’s out to stomp on all the other clans. So says their development road map. The game is heading for a full release in February or March 2018, they say, although they call that “an objective, not a certainty”. After that, there are more features and updates planned, though they don’t give any further details.

None of this is hugely explosive news, but Northgard is a stong game that does its job without fanfare. It’s one of the best strategy games to come out this year – it’s clean, crisp and competant, and you’d be a foolish RTS fan if you didn’t have a go. But it’s also a good entry point for those less familiar with the genre.


  1. Chris Cunningham says:

    Still watching this closely, but with Folk Tale (which I bought) having gone awfully quiet of late I’d like to actually see the single-player happen before parting with munneys here.

    • satsui says:

      Regardless of singleplayer, as an RTS fanatic since the original Age of Empires, this is the best RTS to come out since Starcraft II was released (7 years ago?).

      It plays like The Settlers (4 or 5) had the hibbidy dibbidy with Banished. You have to be smart on maximizing each tile’s potential as buildings have a limit. Then you have the harsh winters that can lead to starvation. It’s a very fun game.

      • ludde says:

        Shit, that reminds me I’ve completely forgotten starting a HotS play through the other week. What a dreary game that is – even more so than I remember WoL being.

        • Chris Cunningham says:

          WoL has a wonderful single-player which is all the better for the replayability of being able to choose different upgrade paths. HotS is dumbed-down well below the threshold of enjoyment, even if the missions weren’t on average less interesting and almost always beatable just by microing the game’s ever-present superunit.

  2. jman420 says:

    its a really cool take on the strategy /4x kind of thing. I really enjoy it. They have added a ton of content this year the devs are very active.

  3. Phantom_Renegade says:

    Looks a bit like Age of Mythology, art wise. Which is a good thing! Music too.

  4. Mezmorki says:

    Northgard is one of my favorite games in the past many years – even without the story mode. The core game design is excellent, the pacing is excellent, and the UI is amazing. My 6-year old can play this game and enjoy it on easy, whereas I get a serious mental workout (in a good way) on hard difficulty. It’s a fantastic blend of 4X-like mechanisms (randomly generated maps, exploration, tech progression, etc.) and streamlined RTS gameplay. Can’t say enough good stuff about this game.