Valve’s Steam Link costs a mere $5 this Black Friday

By Katharine Castle on November 22, 2017

Just when you thought Valve’s Steam Link box (which lets you play your PC stuff streamed to your TV in another room) couldn’t get any cheaper than it did a few months ago, Gamestop has the deal of all deals for those in the US right now. Available now for just $5 on its own, it would almost be rude not to, really.

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Even better news is that it’s also now just £3.99 in the UK autumn Steam sale. Although, as many of you have pointed out in the comments, you’ll still need to pay a hefty £7.50 postage and packing, making that great deal not so great after all.

If you’ve been looking for a cheap way to avoid lugging your desktop PC and its nest of cables to the TV whenever friends are round, Valve’s Steam Link is a great bit of hardware, especially if you have a tiny monitor that’s difficult to crowd round. RPS’s own Mr Meer has said in the past that its streaming gets a bit wonky in terms of control response if you try to do it wireless, but this should be less of an issue if you’ve got a fully wired network.

You don’t need to buy a Steam controller either, as the Link box plays nicely with most common PC gamepads, including wired Xbox 360 controllers – although if you’re also thinking about taking the plunge on a Steam Controller, they’re currently just $32.99 at GameStop if you fancy throwing that into your basket as well.

Since this deal is part of GameStop’s Black Friday promotion, don’t expect this to stick around long – especially at that price (down from $50). If you’re looking for other Black Friday bits, be sure to check out our main Black Friday hub, as well as our dedicated articles containing all the best graphics card deals, the best SSD deals and the best monitor deals. We’ll also update this if we find it going cheap in the UK, too.

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