Gwent’s single player campaign delayed until 2018

Meve my day, punk

The single-player story campaign for Gwent, Thronebreaker, has been pushed back, CD Projekt Red announced yesterday. The studio is now aiming for 2018. The good news is that the scope of the campaign is being expanded, and the “tempo” of multiplayer updates is also being increased.

“Expect content additions,” say the developers, “like cards, challenges, vanity items, but also game patches, and balance tweaks to be published more frequently.”

I wouldn’t normally be all that enthused about a CCG campaign — though Blizzard has proved there’s a market for them with Hearthstone’s adventures — but then Gwent isn’t your normal CCG, by merit of being a Witcher spin-off with several of The Witcher 3 writing team working their magic.

Thronebreaker weaves a yarn about the warrior queen of the Northern Realms, Meve. With an enemy invasion on her doorstep, she sets out on a journey of “destruction and revenge”. CDPR promises multi-layered characters, a choice-driven story and the ability to shape the lives of both Meve and the people under her rule. In a nutshell, it sounds like what you’d expect from The Witcher studio, but inside a CCG instead of a gargantuan RPG.

It boasts side quests, the ability to explore new parts of The Witcher’s world via an interactive map and strategy features like resource management, recruitment and unit development. The cards will be different too, crafted specifically for the single-player story. And this is all information from before the scope was increased — what CDPR are adding isn’t yet clear.

Thronebreaker is due out next year, and that’s when Gwent will be leaving beta, too. In the meantime, Gwent is still in open beta, and you can download it here. Or, if you hate experiencing things for yourself, Martin gave us his early impressions of the bluffing and card-swapping.


  1. nunka says:

    Sounds like they really want to make more Witcher. Bring on the delays!

  2. Cyroch says:

    Don’t get me wrong, sounds like a promising campaign but I guess I was more hoping for a story told about the card game rather than through it.

    What I mean is something like our character traveling the world, visiting gwent tournaments, meeting new and known characters from the lore.

    • Hebrind says:

      Sounds an awful lot like Witcher 3 when you put it like that! :P

      I love Gwent to bits, I’m not even very good at it but I’ve already put an inordinate amount of my free time into it. Can’t wait to see what Thronebreaker has to offer.

  3. Murdock says:

    Let the delay happen.
    Coming from CDPR, its always worth.

  4. rollpapersmoke says:

    Best of lucks to the team with the release. Hopefully in the future, Gwent will come to Mac and Linux with a revamped GOG Galaxy, which at this moment, is in a very pitiful state.

  5. malkav11 says:

    Well then I guess I’ll get around to Gwent in 2018. No interest in multiplayer.

  6. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    Queen Meve was the regent who knighted Geralt as “Sir Geralt of Rivia”, (although he’d been going around pretending he was from Rivia for years) after he and his companions helped to hold a bridge from the Nilfgaardians.
    She got pretty narked when he buggered off straight afterwards though.