My Friend Pedro has kickflips and bullet time

Bullets + time = ?

You may not remember bullet-time shooter My Friend Pedro. It was an over-the-top shooter with silly gunfights, backflips and a banana (it’s still free on Adult Swim if you want a peep). But the developer has not forgotten. It’s being remade as My Friend Pedro: Blood Bullets Bananas and now features a skateboard, kicking, and the ability to hang onto a rope with both legs while you shoot two foes at the same time.

But this trailer is conservative compared to the GIFs the creator has been sharing. Here’s one of the hero doing a kick flip, grabbing onto a rope, crashing through a window, shooting two henchmen, and finally landing on a new skateboard.

Here’s one of him rolling over enemies with a barrel.

And here he is, kicking a man’s decapitated head into the face of another man, like a blood-soaked football.

There are even more ideas kicking around, if you trawl through the devlogs, including springboards and umbrella hats, snipers and ricochets, and motorcycle chases. The developer, DeadToast, aka Victor Agren, previously worked at MediaMolecule – the people behind LittleBigPlanet and Tearaway for PlayStation. And he also seems to understand the power of GIFs.

“The current plan is that you’ll be able to export your own GIFs of yourself pulling off cool shizzle in the game,” he said in an update, “without having to use any third party GIF recording software.”

Good! There’s no release date as yet, but it has found a publisher in the form of – oh look – Devolver. I never would have guessed.

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  1. Syrion says:

    This looks very, very good! Too few action games in my opinion care enough about making moving around really fun, and too few then even use that moving around for actually fighting!
    From the gifs it looked like it would all be context sensitive, but the trailer shows that isn’t even the case. Then again, it looks extremely easy. I guess the dev needs to take good care that it isn’t a case of
    1) the game is so easy you don’t need to use any of the tricks, you only can if you so desire, making it feel too much like a sandbox instead of a guided challenge, or
    2) the game does get a lot harder, but it’s obvious the systems weren’t developed with that kind of difficulty (like bullet sponge enemies, enemies with shields, anything) in mind, leading to a lot less fun later on.

    Anyway, the creativity shown and polish of the elements are excellent, I’m looking forward to it!