Overwatch hero accents ranked from least bad to Tracer

"Ach sure"

Overwatch, the colourful hero shooter, recently introduced the hero Moira, an Irish witch with shiny hands. Being of the Irish persuasion, I thought I would take a gander at her. I wanted to listen to the lines of dialogue she had, which I’d heard included some true-to-life phrases of my homeland, such as “What are you on about?” and “You’re a chancer”. But I also wanted to see how bad her accent was, and chastise Blizzard for being so —

Oh no, it’s fine.

But I won’t let them away that easily. I set out to criticise their characters and by God I’m going to do it. Here’s an objectively indisputable list of the worst accents in Overwatch, ranked from least shocking to Tracer.


He's actually Icelandic

Blizzard at least could have hired a Danish actor to get this voice right.


They speak 'Brazilese' you idiot

Doesn’t speak a single word of Brazillian!


A Reinhardt in another game

Mispronounces the phrase “It’s hammer time”.


Sounds like a real person

Doesn’t sound anything like a gorilla.



Mispronounces “Dwee doo hoo”.


Oi oi!

It’s Tracer.

Conclusion: Overwatch is still grand.


  1. Keasar says:

    I’m actually a tad bit disappointed that Overwatch, like almost every single American piece of media ever, when portraying something Scandinavian goes with an accent that sounds Scottish.

    Seriously, go watch any movie made in America that depicts Vikings, those people talk Scottish!

    • Premium User Badge

      Aerothorn says:

      The best I can come up with is that Americans think Vikings are “badass,” but think pretty much all Scandanavian accents (and the language itself) are inherently humorous. So making some weird guttural Scottish-Scandanavian hybrid is how they try to get around that.

      Also, Blizzard basically love fake Scottish accents and wants to put them in every single game they make for some reason.

      • steves says:

        That’s actually a good theory. Blame the muppets:

      • treat says:

        I am American and all Scandinavian accents are indeed adorable.

      • Keasar says:

        Yeah I am not saying we Scandinavians sound like a bunch of badasses when we speak English. Guess that kinda ruins it for a lot of people when they first hear us. :P

        Still, when we have a character called “Torbjörn” from Göteborg, I would have appreciated if he at least once in a while went complete “ÄRU GO ELLE’!?” or “Äh am bilding a turet raight här.”

    • thischarmingman says:

      It should be like this: link to youtu.be

    • MikoSquiz says:

      To be fair, Scottish is English with a Scandinavian/Viking accent (and some vocabulary). At its most extreme it’s a Brit-Scandi creole.

    • Herring says:

      Realism is an important consideration, but secondary to the most fundamental rule; all dwarves are Scottish.

  2. virgula says:

    what a treat

  3. miguelyoung says:

    Brendan, plis
    You do know that we Brazillians speak portuguese, certo? Dont ruin my pet stereotype that english people know their geography.
    Other than that, I’ve been always mildly bummed by the fact that we wont ever have portuguese lines said by Lucio, for reasons of american accent :(

    • BlankedyBlank says:

      The hover text says you speak “Brazilese”. It’s British humour, but yes, you can retain your beliefs about us Brits and our geography!

  4. bongobo says:

    I have a VERY important tip for all Overwatch players and it is thus: change the spoken language in the Battle.net app’s game settings to a language you don’t understand (for me, Korean). You never have to hear a cringeworthy line of dialogue ever again, and you can still easily identify each character (and their ultimates) by their vocal timbre. It also has the benefit of not cluttering your head with even more spoken words when you’re communicating with a whole team over mic.

    • TR`Ben says:

      I should try that!

    • Premium User Badge

      particlese says:

      Ooo, that’s a good idea! The chatter in the game was my second least favorite thing about it, but the move announcements and such are unfortunately useful to keep around.

  5. mukuste says:

    As the young people say on Reddit:

    Quality shitpost.

  6. MikoSquiz says:

    ..can you find an accent coach to do a real version of this? I mean, this was fun, but a real ranking would be super neat.

    • Premium User Badge

      particlese says:

      I second this request, but keep in mind that you might deplete the sanity of several coaches before such a task is complete.

    • Don Reba says:

      That would be awesome!

  7. Kullendorff says:

    Not to be an ass in any way. But Torbjörn is Swedish. So getting a Dane to do the voice seems rather stupid. Its kinda to have a donkey do all Irish or English voiceovers.

    • napoleonic says:

      Did you not read the other entries?

    • Bomarty says:

      Funny he missed this, seeing how one of Torbjörns lines are “For the last time, I’m Swedish!”.. which, yeah, his accent does not reveal.

  8. Excors says:

    I think there are some factual errors in this article! For a start, that photo of Bastion is actually R2-D2 naked.

    • int says:

      I thought it was the Happy Birthday Paulie Robot from Rocky.

      • GunnerMcCaffrey says:

        Fun fact: they used the same butt double for both characters, so it’s a common misconception.

  9. TR`Ben says:

    Zarya has the most obnoxious russian accent I’ve ever heard.

  10. CidL says:

    It winds me right up when Junkrat shouts ‘clear a path’, to rhyme with ‘Kath’. No Australian pronounces it like that, it’s simply ridiculous.

    That said, it’s the Ashes, so fcuk Australia.

  11. BaronKreight says:

    on a seriousnote Zaryas russian is terribad. I heard VA was bulgarian. We can start with the stress on za in Zarya. should be on rya.

  12. Don Reba says:

    As a Canadian, I think Tracer’s accent sounds quite authentic.