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Grab a Vive, Fallout 4 VR, Doom VFR and more for just £599 this Black Friday

Earlier in the week, we told you an HTC Vive deal was coming on Black Friday. And now it’s here! That’s right, for a mere £599, you can get a Vive headset and deluxe audio strap (the latter of which normally costs £99), free pre-order codes for Fallout 4 VR and Doom VFR, a free copy of Google’s Tilt Brush software and a month’s subscription to HTC’s Viveport service, where you get five free apps or games for free every month from Vive’s curated collection. Don’t you just love a good deal?

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That’s a saving of over £150 all told, making it a great time to jump into VR if you haven’t already. The games speak for themselves, but the free deluxe audio strap is quite the coup, as this adds integrated headphones to the Vive headset and makes it more comfortable to wear.

The deal will run from Friday 24th (that is, today) until midnight on Monday 27th, and anyone in Europe will be able to pick one up from Vive.comGAME UK, Scan, OverclockersVery and Littlewoods. Just beware – only Vive.com, Scan and Overclockers seem to be handing out the full package with Doom, as the others only reference Fallout.

Other VR deals are available, of course, including Oculus Rift’s Black Friday offer that sees you pay £349 or $350 for a Rift + Touch bundle.

There’s also a Vive deal going on in the US right now, but the bad news is it isn’t nearly as good as the UK one, as for $599 you can get a Vive, a free deluxe audio strap and a copy of Fallout 4 VR. No Doom, no Tiltbrush, just Fallout.

That said, if you happen to dig the stuff available on Viveport, then there are further deals to be had there as well, as you’ll be able to get discounted subscriptions starting tomorrow (Wednesday 22nd) until Monday 27th. A subscription normally costs £6.99 per month, but you’ll be able to grab a 3-month subscription for just £12.99 (35% off), a 6-month subscription for £19.99 (50% off) or a full year’s subscription for £29.99 (63% off).

In the mean time, if your PC isn’t quite up to doing VR properly, why not have a browse of our best graphics cards deals as well? We’ll be updating these throughout the day, so make sure you check back regularly for more deals. And, you know, why not have a browse of our best monitor and best SSD deals while you’re at it as well? The deals, they never stop.