Ark’s second expansion, Aberration, gets a trailer & release date

Ark: Survival Evolved

Strange things are coming to the depths of Ark: Survival Evolved next month in the form of Aberration, its second expansion. It seems geared more towards the high-tech end of things, set in a significantly more hostile location than the regular game. Read on for a trailer and some more info.

In Aberration, players attempt to eke out a living aboard a damaged ARK environment that has lost much of its surface atmosphere, rendering the surface an irradiated, barren wasteland. But let us never forget the words of the great Professor Jeff Goldblum: Life finds a way. And that way is apparently downwards, into the slightly less irradiated crystal-lined caves below.

Down in the caves awaits a more overtly sci-fi setting than usual. An underground world of bioluminescent flora and fauna, and strange mutant creatures quite unlike the dinosaurs and dragonoid critters encountered in the main game. Some of the new monsters look especially threatening, such as the giant cave-crab shown around the halfway point, effortlessly snatching two fully space-armored players from the backs of their dinosaur mounts and pounding them into the ground.

There’s also a focus on enhanced vertical mobility options, including climbing picks, and a motorized attachment for your suit that allows you to traverse ziplines upwards, meaning that caves are no longer something you just dive down into. There’s definitely a higher-tech focus to the new additions. As fun as it might be running around in animal furs and poking stuff with spears, that just isn’t going to cut it in an environment ruled by radioactive kaiju and thirty foot tall mega-crustaceans that eat dinosaurs for breakfast.

The release date announcement was also accompanied by a hefty update log, detailing the development team’s woes with optimising and balancing automated gun turrets. It seems that by placing them in close proximity to each other, players were not only creating nigh impenetrable defenses, but lagging the game to heck. Under the next patch, turrets must be far more spread out, and a new heavy turret has been introduced for when you absolutely have to defend a single point with the maximum possible gun.

Ark: Survival Evolved is currently half off in the Steam Autumn sale, bringing it down from its regular £50/$60 price-tag. Aberration is set for release on December 12th, and is currently available for preorder as part of the Ark season pass, which is also discounted, down from its usual £35.

Our resident Robinson Crusoe stand-in Samuel wasn’t too thrilled with the meat and potatoes grind of Ark back in September.


  1. hostilecrab says:

    Looks absolutely lovely, in a horrifying-space-world-of-death-and-decay sort of way. A lot of people grump about ARK’s performance issues and the grind and the griefing on official servers – rightfully so – but the world of the Ark with all its creatures and places and things to do has to be one of my favourites in any survival game.

    Looking forward to Aberration hopefully not being as broken in the real world as it is in lore.

  2. Real_Ghost_Whale says:

    Is it going to be delayed again?

  3. Lurid says:

    “gets a trailer”
    Uhm, that trailer is two months old.

  4. Cinek says:

    I bought and played crapton in Ark solo – it’s a lovely game, even just for base-building and owning dinos it was an amazing experience. But… this expansion seems to be very oriented on multiplayer, so… I guess I’ll skip it.

  5. Vasily R says:

    Based on the title of this thread, I was thinking there was a new trailer for the expansion. But this is the same trailer that released 3 months ago.