Destiny 2 gets an alien-smiting free trial today

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Explosive numbers-go-up shooter Destiny 2 is getting a free demo this week, says Bungie. Starting today, the trial will let players begin the story campaign and bullet-hose other gunfolk to death in the multiplayer Crucible. I don’t know how long this will go on for, but probably long enough for you to experience one or both of the following:

a) a general sense of excitement and fun

b) a growing weariness at the MMO-like design principles of blockbuster games

This basically seems to be the open beta again. You’ll be able to play with friends, says Bungie, rather than being locked in a facsimile of the open multiplayer world by yourself, which would be weird. In short, it’s a taster of what feels good about the sci-fi-bang-bang. Jet-packing through the air, zapping aliens, hitting other humans with a big magic sword. It’s all there.

This coincides with a November sale that has the shooter down to about £30, and is likely laying some groundwork for the next expansion, Curse of Osiris, which is out next week. Rich thought the game itself was a decent romp with a huge arsenal, saying: “If a slick, beautiful shooter is keeping you up at night for a month, isn’t that sometimes enough?” While Matt and I disagreed over how much suffering is caused by the bad writing.

(He’s wrong, it’s lots.)

For the trial, you’ll need the app, which you get if you download the installer for Destiny 2 on this page. It’s not up yet, but should be there by the end of the day. We’ll update this post when Bungie wake up and press their big red “get more players” button. [Update: They’ve pressed it.]


  1. Flavour Beans says:

    For what it’s worth, the mentioned sale seems to have ended mere minutes before the trial started. I guess they want to see if they can hit you for full price if you like what saw.

  2. fuzzyfuzzyfungus says:

    Nicely timed with the whole xp “scaling” incident. I wonder if this is a reaction or if it’s a pre-planned event whose organizers probably aren’t happy about the coincidence?

  3. Daugvolf says:

    Oh god, don’t do it. This game is awful. I’ll reiterate what I’ve said in another post.

    It’s like Bungie tried to make an extremely dumbed-down Borderlands. And I resent saying that because it’s an affront to a great game like Borderlands. Don’t get me wrong, Destiny 1 was even moreso shallow and dull imho.

    But my god, the loot is uninspiring. By early to mid game you’ll find guns that will carry you strait to the end. And in the end-game nearly everyone uses the same guns because they’re considered ‘best in slot’.

    Character progression is essentially meaningless. All that leveling gets you after 20 is cosmetics. The only thing left to grind is power level, and that’s essentially meaningless since everything scales with you.

    The PvP is awful. Players just run and hide til the clock runs down, then they try to get in at least one kill before the round ends.

    And the PvE is basically just a gallery shooter. Most enemy AI consists of 1. Hide behind stuff 2. Pop out from behind said stuff and shoot occasionally. You can just stand back and play headshot whack-a-mole all day.

    And Jesus Christ, the voice acting and writing is atrocious. It’s just way too goofy and cheery for a gritty setting like that. Borderlands it definitely ain’t, even if it’d like to be.

    • kingskin says:

      My first post and only registered to back this guy up. Its a boring shallow game and I agree 100% with the above.Feels like a cash grab using there newest “IP” rather than a game. Play borderlands 2 or warframe, or maybe the division which is pretty good now.