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Football Manager 2018's best wonderkids

You can win everything with wonderkids

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Claudio Gomes
Age: 16
Club: Paris Saint-Germain
Position: DM
Will cost: £10m
You’re not going to drop him straight into the first team – at least not until he’s been to the gym for about four years – but Gomes has massive amounts of potential. If you can grab him for this price and turn him into the superstar he should be, then he’s an absolute bargain.

Florentino Luis
Age: 17
Club: SLB B
Position: DM
Will cost: £8.25m
Luis is another over-expensive child at the time of purchase, but – and you may be picking this up from the general theme of this list – he can turn into something genuinely special. Rescuing him from the horror of Portuguese sunshine and landing him in the glory that is Leicester’s… clouds… could be seen as an act of mercy, too.

Manu Morlanes
Age: 18
Club: Villarreal B
Position: DM/MC
Will cost: £275k
Morlanes I include here not as a guaranteed wonderkid – though he certainly showed potential in a couple of games I loaded – but because he’s cheap and guaranteed to at least be good enough to play in the Premier League. Also as a natural central midfielder, he’s actually more malleable than the other recommendations in this section.

Rodrigo Bentancur
Age: 20
Club: Juventus
Position: MRC
Will cost: £28m
Cursed with being a recent signing, Bentancur suffers with an inflated price as a result. All the same, he’s still worth it if you’ve got cash in the bank, and is easily good enough to get some time on the field even in the highest of divisions. Watch out for the work permit, though.

Tiago Dantas
Age: 16
Club: SLB
Position: MC
Will cost: £10m
Your not-cheap-but-not-super-expensive option comes in the form of this Benfica youth. He’s your typical central midfielder – great technique, little in the way of flair – and has enough about him to make a genuinely great player anywhere in the world. When he’s about 22, that is.

Gaspar Campos-Ansó
Age: 17
Club: S. Gijon U19s
Position: M/AMC
Will cost: £1m
Coming in cheap for your central midfield option we have an untested Spanish reserve, available for a more than reasonable cool million quid. Campos-Ansó definitely isn’t one to get near a first team game for a few years, but he has ridiculous potential for his price.


Cengiz Ünder
Age: 19
Club: Roma
Position: MR/AMRL
Will cost: £38.5m
Another player with an inflated price owing to his recent arrival, Under should be available for a mite less than the price above a season or so into the game. Then again, he might be about eight times that and a first-team regular at Roma, because he’s already good enough for some games.

Timothy Tillman
Age: 18
Club: Bayern
Position: ML/AMLC
Will cost: £19m
Being at Bayern for three years has been a boon for Timmy’s development, I’m sure, even if he hasn’t ever played for the first team. You’ll still have to fork out a lot of money for the teen, but his dribbling, technique and adaptability make him a future great on the left.

Mateus Vital
Age: 19
Club: VDG
Position: ML/AMLC
Will cost: £12m
Those of you looking for an inside forward with massive amounts of potential, who can also realistically play a few matches in the top flight already – well, say hello to a VITAL signing. Ah, japes. Not the cheapest, but he’s pacey and unpredictable on the sides, with massive room to improve.

Alejandro Pozo
Age: 18
Club: Sevilla U19s
Position: M/AMRL
Will cost: £9m
It’s always useful to have someone who’s a natural on both wings, especially if you’re instructing players to switch sides often. Pozo isn’t as technically gifted as other recommendations here, but he’s quick and a born either-side right-and-left midfielder.

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