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Football Manager 2018's best wonderkids

You can win everything with wonderkids

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Kai Havertz
Age: 18
Club: Leverkusen
Position: M/AMC
Will cost: £100m
I don’t know what they’re putting in the water in Leverkusen, but it’s resulted in a load of teenagers who are good enough to play in the Bundesliga and earn tens of thousands of pounds a week already. If you’ve got All The Money, Havertz will be the centrepiece of your squad for a long time to come.

Joao Felix
Age: 17
Club: SLB B
Position: M/AMC
Will cost: £22m
Felix is adaptable across multiple positions, but his natural home is in the middle of the park. I’d say he’s about ready for a couple of minor cup appearances already, but you’ll be wanting to hone his passing and natural technique for a few years before he’s ready for the big stuff in top leagues.

Felice D’Amico
Age: 16
Club: Palermo
Position: AMRLC/STC
Will cost: £4m
Inter already have him on loan at the game’s start, so you can’t actually buy D’Amico – agreed fees and all that. But keep an eye on him, as if Inter don’t pull the trigger during his loan stay (they didn’t in my game), you might be able to land this ridiculous bargain.

Ousmane Dembélé
Age: 20
Club: Barcelona
Position: M/AMRL
Will cost: £205m
I mean, he’s 20 and likely the (future) best player in the game. How can I not recommend Dembélé? Naturally there’s hardly any chance at all he’d leave Barca for whatever your club might be, but there’s always the chance – especially with the new Dynamics action – he’ll become unhappy for whatever reason. Then you just have to pay him in excess of £205k a week. Hmm.

Andrija Zivkovic
Age: 20
Club: SLB
Position: AMRL
Will cost: £37m
If you’re less likely – or able – to go nuclear with the spending, Zivkovic might be more in your ball… field. He’s still not cheap, but for your millions you’re getting a Premier League-standard winger at the age of just 20. He’s genuinely already brilliant, and still getting better.

Nahuel Leiva
Age: 20
Club: Villarreal
Position: AML
Will cost: £14m
Another one to keep an eye on, owing to his loan status at the beginning of the game, Leiva has the potential to be a world-beating left winger. Best of all, he’s Argentine but with Spanish nationality, so none of that mucking about with work permits. At least not in England. Well, until Brexit hits. Oh god.

Age: 16
Club: SAN
Position: AML/STC
Will cost: £5.5m
Rodrygo is another Brazilian minor you’ll struggle to get a work permit for, but farm him out to your developmental clubs until he’s allowed to legally sing God Save the Queen and you’ll have yourself a technically gifted South American winger on the books. And who doesn’t want that?


Pietro Pellegri
Age: 16
Club: Genoa U18s
Position: STC
Will cost: £15.5m
He might already be have some games under his belt in Serie A, but this 16-year-old isn’t quite ready for regular big time appearances. He is, however, a bundle of raw potential – reflected by his huge asking price – and if you can afford him you should definitely go for Pellegri.

Age: 19
Club: Malaga
Position: AMRC/STC
Will cost: £5.25m
I likely would have included Kuki in this list even if he wasn’t available at a relatively decent price with the potential to be one of the best strikers in Europe, purely because of his name. He’s an adaptable player with a lot of room to grow – definitely one for the shortlist.

Davide Merola
Age: 17
Club: Inter U20s
Position: STC
Will cost: £3m
Merola is the kind of player who takes you back to the earlier days of Football/Championship Manager, when your scouting approach amounted to going to Europe’s big clubs and looking at their youth teams. He’s a decent striker with massive potential, and you can snap him up cheap before he’s allowed to legally booze it up.

Chuma (Rafael Gonzalez Rodriguez)
Age: 20
Club: None
Position: AMC/STC
Will cost: £0
Chummles here has the potential to be a good squad player, so if you’re looking for a cost-effective way of getting decent youngsters in, look no further than this Sevilla reject.

Diego (Diego Jose Garcia Moreno)
Age: 19
Club: None
Position: AMC/STC
Will cost: £0
Or look no further than this Real Hispalis reject, who is of a similar quality to his free counterpart. He’s less experienced, but again has the potential to be good enough for your squad.

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