It’s official: playing Skeal is now a Christmas tradition

Let’s create a Christmas tradition, you and me, today on December 1st. We already play Dracula Cha Cha every December, that’s for certain, but let’s also make Skeal a Winterval staple. It has snow, it has sleigh bells, and it has a song, so it must be a Christmas game. Skeal is also a whole heap of fun. Part of the pleasure (not the mention the power and the pain) is seeing that joke unfold for yourself so I’ll simply say: Skeal is a free skiing game that will take you three minutes and should leave you grinning from elven ear to elven ear. Do it for Santy Claus.

You can download Skeal free from Itch for Windows and Mac. Enjoy. It has a browser-based version too, though Chrome no longer supports the Unity plugin.

Skeal was made by Nick Cummings in 2014 and oh good grief, I’ve just noticed he released Virtual Skeality, a VR version, earlier this year. If you get cybergoggles for Christmas, you know what to jack Uncle Sid into first.

Video games do enjoy making Christmas miserable. Batman: Arkham Origins tries to off Brucie over Christmas, though I suppose he’d never have a merry family day anyway. The derelict department store in Condemned: Criminal Origins is decorated for Christmas, complete with festive hats for its murdermen to wear and a creepy carol. No, best stick with Skeal and Dracula Cha Cha. Let’s make this Mistlemas merry.


  1. mashkeyboardgetusername says:

    One of the few games I’ve ever managed to 100%.

  2. Kefren says:

    It is basically Buggy Boy with no wheelies. (Buggy Boy also had a snow level, “North”, I think).

  3. Premium User Badge

    Serrit says:

    should leave you grinning from elven ear to elven ear

    I was sceptical going in, but hey waddya know you were right :-)

  4. Justin says:

    Thank you. It brightened my day! Looks like Dracula Cha Cha isn’t available anymore from the link posted last year. Any hot tips on where to pick it up?

  5. DeepSleeper says:

    I was skeptical it would be worth the time.
    I was wrong.

  6. yankee101 says:

    Oh joy, I remember playing this in my dorm with my roomate of that time and we ended up singing along. Good times.