The Foxer

Warm-up Foxer (Where am I?)

I’m standing under a rusting railway bridge constructed in 1894. I can see a red octopus. I’m at the same latitude as one of France’s régions d’outre-mer. I’m a stone’s throw from a stadium named after a winner of the world’s oldest annual marathon. The country I’m in has weapons on its flag. The antipode of this spot is in the Indian Ocean. I’m 250m from a railway museum.

Feature Foxer

This collage has a hidden theme. Decrypt the cryptic clues to flush it out.

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Last week’s warm-up foxer: I was The Senator (unsolved)

Last week’s feature foxer

1. Kuju – Behind MSTS (AFKAMC)
2. Jungle – The natural habitat of a Chindit (AFKAMC)
3. Leopard – One of WW2’s paper panzers (Gothnak, Rorschach617)
4. Ardent – Sunk during the Falklands War (Gothnak, Rorschach617)
5. Entebbe – A lakeside town that hit the news in 1976 (Rorschach617)
6. Bergamot – Can be used to flavour tea (Bergamot)
7. Motorcade – The collective noun for a group of limos? (Gothnak)
8. Deperm – An unusual USN ship that slipped beneath the waves in 1982 (ylla)
9. Ermine – Leonardo da Vinci painted one (Gothnak)
10. Inert – A word that can go before munition and gas (Little_Crow)
11. Ertugrul – His son founded an empire that lasted over 600 years (Gothnak, Little_Crow)
12. Ulster – A garment mentioned in The 39 Steps (phlebas)
13. Terrapin – An Allied WW2 AFV that you won’t find at Bovington (phlebas)
14. Pinto or Interceptor – A Ford product (phlebas)
15. Torpedo – A word that can go before boat, alley, or net (phlebas)
16. Dostoyevskya – A metro station close to a Kursk Submarine Disaster memorial (Little_Crow)
17. Yardarm – Found high up on a square-rigger (Little_Crow)
18. Armagnac – This Continental propliner wasn’t a success (phlebas)
19. Acheron – A river mentioned in Dante’s Inferno (Cooper, Gothnak)
20. Rongorongo – Mysterious Pacific hieroglyphs (Cooper)
21. Godwit – A curlew-like wader (Gothnak)
22. Wittmann – One of Steel Division’s ‘aces’ (Gothnak)
23. Annatto – Can be used to colour cheese (Gothnak)
24. Toad – A Churchill tank variant (AFKAMC)


  1. Artiforg says:

    That’s a Moai head from Sam and Max: Moai Better Blues.

    And James Doohan in the Nasa photo.

    • phlebas says:

      Have we any idea what the alien tree-looking thing behind the head is? It looks very familiar – I thought it might be from the Xen bit of Half-Life but it seems not…

  2. Gothnak says:

    Picture upper left:

    Montgomery Christopher Jorgensen, Scotty or James Doohan.

  3. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    Top middle looks like the mannequin from Porrasturvat

    • Premium User Badge

      phuzz says:

      Porrasturvat by the way means “stair dismount” in Finnish, and is a free game about shoving a crash test dummy down some stairs and you’re scored on how much damage you do. It’s great fun.

      • Stugle says:

        Must try this out some time. Sounds like some destructive relaxation I can use right now.

  4. Gothnak says:

    I actually thought centre bottom was a rotary razor.. :p… I do recognise the lady on the bottom right from another Foxer i think, at least i have seen her somewhere before while searching the interwebs.

  5. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    The stamp at the top is one of this series which are apparently based on the “Leatherstocking Tales” by James Fenimore Cooper, on which the film Last of the Mohicans was based.

  6. Gap Gen says:

    Bottom right is Harriet Tubman: link to

  7. Stugle says:

    I think the warmup Foxer is here:

    link to

    (There’s a red octopus amongst the grafitti)

    • Stugle says:

      Near Estadio Nacional Doroteo Guamuch Flores – named after the only Guatemalan winner of the Boston Marathon, the oldest ongoing marathon in the world. Guatamala’s flag has two muskets on it. Guatemala (the city) is on roughly the same latitude as Martinique.

      Haven’t found the railway museum yet, though. :)

  8. Gusdownnup says:

    The warm-up is here.

    • Stugle says:

      I’m glad I didn’t pause to line up a prettier shot before I posted my result. :) Nicely done, I think we have to share the credit.

  9. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    The thing bottom middle (that looks a bit like a razor I’ll grant you) I’m almost certain it’s a motorbike petrol tank, and I’m pretty sure it’s an Indian, still trying to track down the exact model.

    • mrpier says:

      I think the petrol tank belongs to an Ariel Square Four.

      • Premium User Badge

        phuzz says:

        Huh, I thought I’d just commented, anyway, it could be a an Arial Red Hunter as well. Pre-1950 apparently as that’s when they moved the speedo off the tank.

  10. AFKAMC says:

    The logo running left and right which appears to be a jet plane in a circle reminds me of a marking the Soviet air force used to put on its planes, I believe if the unit owning the particular aircraft had received a commendation (“excellent aircraft maintenance award”).

    Problem is, the images I’m seeing on Google seem to have the jet in a pentagon, not a circle – e.g. here: link to (2nd profile down).

  11. Gothnak says:

    The sketch in the background has a signature at the top, which looks like the end of Arthur Rackham. However, having a lot of his awesome sketches in my house, it doesn’t look anything like as good as his stuff or in the same style.

  12. Stugle says:

    There’s a partial Soviet stamp in the left top. I can’t make out the year, though: 1982? 1963?

    All I can say so far about the WWI-ish military officer is that he isn’t Adolf Hitler (or Trotsky, or Frunze). I’m guessing either Imperial Russia or Imperial Germany. Can’t think of any famous soldiers with glasses.

  13. phlebas says:

    Is the ‘F’ shortcut from Fragile Allegiance?

  14. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    The boat top right is PT-305 (aka Sudden Jerk) in New Orleans, on her way to Lake Pontchartrain after a full restoration (you can get a ride!).
    I do somewhat remember reading about this boat, but tbh I found it as the first result for “boat moved through streets”, too easy Roman!

    • Stugle says:

      Huh. I missed that it was out in the streets. Was looking for keel-laying or shiplaunching ceremonies, with (obviously) singular lack of success.

  15. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    I think that just leaves the building (left second from bottom). The writing seems to say something like B_nTower (or B_m?) but I can’t find any with a name like that.
    I think it’s in the UK but the vehicles are in the middle of three lanes so…

    • ylla says:

      It seems to be the Bahn Tower in Potsdamer Platz in Berlin. Best picture I’ve found of the entrance at that side is here link to

    • phlebas says:

      There’s also the alien tree thing, and the F shortcut being Fragile Allegiance was only a maybe. Surely we should have enough to spot a connection by now though!

  16. Gothnak says:

    A quick thought so far on theme…

    Asteroids – Harriet Tubman and Arthur Ransome both had one named after them, and Kyle MacLachlan played Paul Atredies which is only 1 letter off of an anagram of Asteroid :) Annoyingly Nimoy & Takei had one named after them, but not Doohan or Kelley…

    • Rorschach617 says:

      I’m late to the party!

      Craters are popping up a lot in my research

      James Fenimore Cooper wrote a novel called “The Crater”…

      Paul Atreides in “Dune” takes the name Muad’Dib from the shape of two craters on the moon visible from Arrakis…

      Dr McCoy from Star Trek had a old flame called Nancy Crater..

      In Fragile Allegiance, wasn’t the game map where you could place buildings a crater…

      I’ve seen one reference to a Tubman Crater on Venus, but not holding much hope for that…

      The Moai heads were mined from volcanic stone from the nearby crater…

      erm… Potsdamer Platz was bombed heavily in WW2, leaving craters… yeah, that’s a worse connection than the others :)

  17. Tim Stone says:

    This foxer is still full of fox. Roman recommends botany research and clue reappraisal (one clue has been misidentified, others correctly identified but neglected in the link hunt)

  18. eeldvark says:

    Is the theme Twin Peaks? Maybe something broader like David Lynch? I have only connected a few clues to support this but it seems promising.

    Solid connections
    * Kyle MacLachlan (autograph)
    * FBI Agent Cooper (James Fenimore Cooper)
    * Great Northern Hotel (book by Arthur Ransome)

    Possible connections
    * Bahn Tower is possibly a railroad reference to the Double R Diner?
    * James Hurley is a biker but I’m not sure which type of motorcycle he rides.

    • Tim Stone says:

      It’s not Twin Peaks but you’re closing in.

    • phlebas says:

      Could the connection be MacLachlan himself rather than Lynch?
      Agent COOPER
      The Mayor of PORTLAND in Portlandia
      The CAPTAIN in How I Met Your Mother

  19. eeldvark says:

    The mirrored logo in the background is for Captain Sim

    A lot of ideas but nothing solid.


    * Stairs Expedition (Stair Dismount, Captain Sim)

    * Great Northern Expedition (“Great Northern?” by Ransome)

    * Raid at Combahee Ferry (Harriet Tubman – “The first woman to lead an armed expedition in the war, she guided the raid at Combahee Ferry.”)

    * Terra Nova Expedition, lead by Robert Falcon Scott (Doohan played Montgomery “Scotty” Scott in Star Trek)

    * Thor Heyerdahl led an expedition to Easter Island (Moai)


    * Great Northern Railway (“Great Northern?” by Ransome)

    * Underground Railroad (Harriet Tubman)

    * Bahntower (literally “Railway Tower”, also HQ of Deutsche Bahn)

  20. Tim Stone says:

    This foxer seems to have a charmed life. Romans says you’ve unwittingly grazed the theme with one incorrect solution, but – as usual – will know you’ve hit paydirt (not a clue!) the second you stumble on the real thing.

    Something he let slip yesterday evening: “The top of the collage is potentially more useful than the bottom.”

  21. AbyssUK says:

    I think the incorrect solution is the Fragile Alliance icon, as it was a DOS game.. don’t think it had an icon..

    The middle odd thing maybe a plant.. a Ceropegia of some type perhaps not in full blume… maybe a Ceropegia haygarthii…

    Doesn#t help me with the link however…

    • phlebas says:

      I think it’s Ceropegia Sandersonii:
      link to

      Also (according to Wikipedia) known as parachute plant, fountain flower, and umbrella plant.

      That is weird. I could have sworn I recognized it from a game…

      (You’re almost certainly right about Fragile Allegiance – that was just my guess based on a similar font)

  22. phlebas says:

    Let’s try again. It’s D B Cooper.
    link to

    That would tie in with:
    Bahntower was the headquarters of the Deutsche Bundesbahn (DB)
    James Fenimore COOPER
    Kyle MacLachlan as agent COOPER (also FBI investigation)
    PARACHUTE plant
    RANSOM(e) money
    The plane left from PORTLAND International Airport
    The pilot was William SCOTT
    One of the suspects was Richard Floyd MCCOY Jr
    Cooper’s landing zone was near ARIEL, Washington, which celebrates him annually.
    D B Cooper appears as a character in Moai Better Blues.

    • phlebas says:

      Flight Northwest 305
      Captain Sim produce a Boeing 727 for FSX

      I think that just leaves Harriet Tubman and the mystery game shortcut.

      • AbyssUK says:

        He also jumped out/off the back stairs (Porrasturvat link)

        • eeldvark says:

          Well done, phlebas! I don’t think I would have ever de-foxed that, I was too stuck in my thought patterns.

        • eeldvark says:

          I can’t see that anyone has identified the background image (behind the plant and right moai head)?

          PT-305 “Sudden Jerk” – The flight crew reported that “the aircraft’s tail section sustained a sudden upward movement” when D.B. (supposedly) jumped.

          • phlebas says:

            The background image is the Portland Vase.

            PT-305 gives us flight 305, but we can take the “sudden jerk” as a bonus.

            Harriet Tubman is supposed to be replacing Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill (though it sounds as though the current administration may put that on hold) – the ransom money was in $20 bills.