The RPS Advent Calendar, Dec 2nd


The second door creaks open…there’s music and light within. This is the kind of place you could happily stay for a while…

It’s The Norwood Suite!

The Norwood Suite

Adam: The Norwood Suite is a game about visiting, and working in, the best hotel in the world. The Norwood isn’t a great hotel because it has particularly comfortable beds or a great bar, it’s great because it’s a concert hall and an art gallery and a place for a bunch of interesting people to hang out and discuss music theory.

“Oh no,” you might be thinking. “I don’t want to discuss music theory or to listen to other people discussing music theory. That sounds like it’d either go over my head, under my radar or just bore me to death.”

The reason The Norwood Suite is so great is that it delivers all of its cleverness without showing off or condescending. It’s like having a conversation with a very smart and generous person, who leaves you wanting to know more about a hundred different topics, but always feels like a storyteller rather than a professor. It’s a game I’m comfortable to wander around and to study, to enjoy and to analyse.

There have been many musical games, from Gitaroo Man to Amplitude and Epic Mickey 2, but The Norwood Suite is the most thoughtful and joyous one I’ve encountered. It’s faintly sinister too, which is great if you like that sort of thing (I absolutely do).

Alice: Despite the giant stone heads, the slicing machine with feet and the head of a dachshund, the musical bowling pins dominating a hall, the eyeball in the Wi-Fi router, the book of spiders, the grasping hands around a doorway, the impossible sheet music, the secret diorama tunnels burrowing through the building, the murals of man and beast, the bedroom containing a miniature city bopping to a beat, the giant mushrooms, and the piano in the oven, the Hotel Norwood is not a strange place. It just is. I adore the bricolage style throwing together so many disparate objects, styles, and motifs so intensely that the hotel is just itself – often surprising but never kooky.

It’s a great place to visit but, as Adam says, the way the building intertwines with the stories of everyone drawn to it is extra-great. It’s a catalyst for a life-changing visits. I still find parts of the hotel — and especially of some guests’ stories — popping back into my mind.

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    subdog says:

    It’s also worth noting here that this game is the follow-up to the wonderful Off-Peak, which is FREE on Steam.

    link to

  2. alms says:

    PSA: post’s missing the tag.

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      subdog says:

      I assume they’re leaving the tags off for now to avoid spoiling the surprise.

  3. malkav11 says:

    I keep forgetting this game is a thing. But it’s wishlisted now.

    • Lars Westergren says:

      Same. Getting it during the Christmas sale, discounted or not.

  4. GeoX says:

    This looks so cool. How come I’d never heard of it before?

  5. mim says:

    Well, coupla surprises on the Calendar already, or , at least, *I* am kinda surprised about these two first choices. Anyway, 2017 does seem like a prodigal year when it comes to cool releases (hey, doesn’t every new year that passes us by seem like that too?).

    So what really worries me is what’s going to be left out of the Calendar. Like, is there going to be another The Talos Principle kinda-lapse this time around … again?

    Now, I take it as a given – since it made it to RPS best-of-PC-games feature – that What Remains of Edith Finch has it’s own spot in the Calendar already, right? with the fresh addition of Norwood, could we ( and by “we” i mean “I”) hope that some other explorey, gentler, character-rich & multilayered adventure game like, oh, say … Tacoma?… will find it’s – rightfull – place here yet?

    (and, damn, am i struglling to come up with a simplistic monicker for this kind of things, like, i dunno, “walking-sims-but-“?…)

    I know, i know, kinda early to be so worried about that, but, well. You know.

    (and, on another slightly off-topic but not-at-all irrelevant note:
    If Toki Toki Literature Club! doesn’t make it to list … man, am i going to be pissed.
    Well, actually, no, I won’t, i’ll be just disapointed. What would really, really, REALLY piss me off though is if AssCreedsOranges makes it … and TTLC doesn’t.
    Just saying.)

    • Catterbatter says:

      I think we’re in for a few more “surprises,” like Unexplored and Alwa’s Awakening. Wolfenstein, though… I would be amazed not to see it come up.

  6. Michael Fogg says:

    I enjoyed watching this recently in Robert Yang’s excellent level design stream.

  7. caff says:

    Really glad this got on RPS’s Christmas list. It’s trippy, weird and wonderful. I completed it in one sitting; the hotel and its strange residents just absorbed me, and I still think about my experience there.