What are we all playing this weekend?

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Christmasish, at least. Close to Christmassy. God help me, I adore this season. The lights, the music, the movies, the endless sweet treats, people wearing paper crowns, the RPS Advent Calendar… it’s a good season. I deal very badly with Christmas itself but Christmas time is grand. What I’m saying is: it is now official Christmas tradition to play both Skeal and Dracula Cha Cha, so get to it.

What are you playing this weekend? Here’s what we’re clicking on.

Adam: I’m playing Invisible Inc because I remembered that it existed and now I don’t want to play anything else. It’s amazing what really good customisable difficulty levels can do for a game’s longevity.
Alec: I’m busy stealing things in thiefsy RPG Seven: The Days Lone Gone. Early days so far but it’s an interesting blend of magic and technology, weird science, things we never seen before, weird science, not what teacher said to do.

(I’ll get over it).

Alice: I’m on holiday from today week so this weekend, uh, I’m tidying up work odds and ends so I can sleep the rest of the week. Games are Nier: Automata (to polish up some of the many joke ‘endings’), Brigador (to stomp on things), and Calendula (because the image of hairs inside my computer has been stuck in my mind since I first saw this game years ago and I must exorcise it).
Brendan: Getting beaten into a finely ground meat in Tekken 7 is my new pastime, so probably some of that. But I also want to complete Opus Magnum and Into The Breach. So, a weekend of puzzles and punches for me. Let’s see which game breaks me first.
Graham: [John is fired -ed.]
John: [Graham is fired -ed.]
Katharine: [Katharine is fired -ed.]
Matt: I’ll be venturing under the sea in Barotrauma for some Station 13-esque escapades. I was always intrigued by the stories of deception and skulduggery that came out of Station 13, but it was just too fiddly to get into. Hopefully I’ll find Barotrauma a bit more accessible.

Me and some friends are also re-downloading Rainbow Six: Siege, where I expect I’ll spend my time being shot to pieces.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?


  1. Spacewalk says:

    I just beat Christmas Family Get-Together: Prepare To Die Edition.

    • mashkeyboardgetusername says:

      Top work. In a similar vein, I’ll be playing the new spin-off DLC for The Wolf Among Us. It’s called Bigby Tries Not To Lose His Shit And Go On A Rampage While Christmas Shopping. The difficulty really spiked in the last patch, when the devs added christmas music to every shop.

      • AmeliaBaxter says:

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  2. and its man says:

    Woohoo, look at me, I’m grabbing TECHNO ENERGY crystals!
    I got (lately) caught in Pixeljunk Eden.

    I’ll also probably continue my visit of the museum of weird wax replicas of traditional Japanese folklore monsters that is Hyakki Castle.
    And take a look at the claymotion in ol’Vangers.

  3. thaquoth says:

    Using that marvellous thing called PCem, I set up a Pentium 233 MMX with an S3 Virge and a 3dfx Voodoo 2 graphics accelerator running Windows 95 WITHIN MY COMPUTER. Those virtual machine thingys have never really worked all that well for me, until I tried PCem. Warm recommendation here. Sidenote: gosh blimey was Win95 a finicky bastard. Takes quite a bit until you got all the drivers and bits and bobs set up

    Then I essentially spent a whole day turning my ole CD binder into convenient image files. And now I have a reliable way to play all those goodies from that dreaded post-DOS 97-00 phase of PC games that was just kind of sort of lost to time.

    That said, I’ll probably start all those games at least once and play ’em for about 20 minutes each. Whatever. Warm fuzzies.

    • sharks says:

      Check out Lazy Game Reviews on Youtube if you’re into older games or nostalgia in general.

  4. Ghostwise says:

    I’ve been monkeying with character model/portrait creators in games.

    And fighting an urge to finally do my final Dragon Age: Origins playthrough.

  5. GlasWolf says:

    Prey, after I re-read the Have You Played…. Really enjoying it. I agree with the Bioshock/System Shock/Deus Ex comparisons, and it actually takes the best bits of all of them – the compelling setting, the atmosphere and the intelligence – and smushes it into one fantastic package. I can see how some may criticise it for being a jack of all trades and master of none, but I enjoy having those kinds of playstyle options available to me.

    Having said that – wrench all the way, baby.

    • GlasWolf says:

      And then it messed up, crashed and lost all my progress GAAAAAHHH!

  6. TheBuff1 says:

    Picked up an Oculus Rift in the Sale last week so I’m pretty obsessed with that at the moment. Can’t afford any games now mind you but having a blast with the freebies. It might all end up as a fad but I can safely say I haven’t been this wowed since playing something like Doom or Half Life 2 for the first time. Really impressed by the tech, the 3D sound especially. Maybe I’m just easily amused….

    • Premium User Badge

      Grizzly says:

      Also picked up a Rift on sale, also wowed by everything. I am currently hugely enjoying the VR support in video games I already happen to own, as many racesims have implemented VR support. It’s all very neat.

  7. NailBombed says:

    Been playing a lot of Civ V and Path Of Exile – not sure anything’s going to break that streak, unless I pick Dead Cells up again.

  8. gabrielonuris says:

    Today I think I’ll finally finish Pathologic, and afterwards I’ll boot up some Mad Max for my desert fix, and if I’m in the mood (read: enough time before monday kicks my ass), a little bit of shooting with Neon Chrome.

    Oh, I almost forgot: Hammerfall will be playing here in my city tonight, so I’ll attend to that too, because metal.

  9. Avioto says:

    I’m still desperately trying to finish Nier before it gets spoiled in all the GOTY talks, just finished ending B. The story is not blowing me away like it seems to do to a lot of people, but I’m still enjoying it. I’m also playing through Her Story and Night in the Woods.

    And I might start Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

    • Kamestos says:

      Route B is the weakest IMO, even if the hacking showed interesting things.
      But after that it’s awesome, so much it feels Routes A and B where only the prologue and the true story begins.

  10. Killy_V says:

    Happily dying in Dead cells, happily logiing or shooting stuff in EVE online incursions

  11. sunahe says:

    The Witcher 3!

    Oddly, it feels more like the first game than the second one to me, but it is only a good thing.

  12. Carra says:

    80 hours into Divinity 2 and I keep on playing!

  13. DanMan says:

    Hard West, Mad Max or Titanfall 2. Something of those. Patient gamers, represent!

  14. Premium User Badge

    zigguratvertigo says:

    I’m trying to finish Dragon Age Origins. I’m at the bit where you duel Loghain but he keeps killing me. Bah.

  15. Imbecile says:

    Still Mass Effect Andromeda. Its improved a little after that first couple of hours, but its still pretty average. Im going to stick with it and try and avoid being quite as completist with the quests as I normally am. Doesnt seem much reward there in terms of either interest or loot.

    Also my usual weekly multiplayer shenanigans with Rocket League and Battlefield 1.

    • malkav11 says:

      A good rule of thumb is to skip the Task category quests (unless they seem particularly interesting to you or can be easily knocked out on the way to something else). If it’s a proper sidequest there’s usually -some- interest value there. And definitely do the movie night and loyalty missions. The main and loyalty missions clearly had a lot more love put into them than the rest.

  16. TehK says:

    I’m mostly going to split my time between Warframe and the lovely Pyre that I picked up in the Steam autumn sale. (oh and a bit of SquareLogic in between – so much content and great puzzling).

    That said, I just got back from a week-long family meeting birthday party thingy so I desperately need a day of doing nothing to recharge.

  17. R. Totale says:

    Gosh, Katharine didn’t last long.
    I picked up Samorost 3 last week so I should make a start on that. Also replaying Hotline Miami 2.

  18. spleendamage says:

    Two early access strategy/RPG titles that I have been playing a lot of lately: Star Traders: Frontiers, and Low Magic Age. And of course the newly released Dominions 5.

  19. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    Having finally gotten through the rest of the original Xenoblade, I shall not be playing anything resembling an MMORPG. For the next decade or so. Grinding through the rest of the story with infinite health was worthwhile, but it also revealed to me how much of a grind the gameplay is at the end when you don’t do insane amounts of side quests along the way. I did a lot of side quests for most of the game, but I very quickly became underleveled over the course of pushing through the obvious big bad’s capital city. It was downhill from there until I figured out that I had to max out my party’s agility bonuses to land hits more than 5% of the time – and I’m not exaggerating that figure. After that, it was a more pleasant story grind, filled with fun JRPG narrative cliches and hyperbolic everything and good music and such.

    So, enough of that forever. This weekend should find me playing more of Echo, or perhaps Dead Cells like some others here. I haven’t played the latter since they put in wall jumping and the new areas and all, so I’m looking forward to that. And as usual, there will be Lawbreakers preceded by Devil Daggers, with that pair succeeded by the more calming Proteus, MirrorMoon EP, or Fugl.

    • Premium User Badge

      Aerothorn says:

      As someone who also wasted 100 hours of my life in Xenoblade Chronicles, you have my sympathy. They’d called it the second coming of the JRPG, but a promising-if-generic opening falls apart about 10 hours in and then it’s just 90 hours of absurd grind and lowest-common-denominator MMO sidequests intercut with increasingly terrible cutscenes (and, just to infuriate you, a few lovely sidequests with good writing that makes you ask where those people were for the main script).

  20. Vacuity729 says:

    I decided to play Total War: Attila, which I’ve never tried before. Booted it up (with Radious) last night.
    Nearly went with the Pictish faction in the north of Scotland, but instead went for the Sassanids. And immediately ground to a halt on the first turn, trying to work out what the heck I should be doing with my cities. After some head scratching and messing around in the building browser, I ended up opening up a spreadsheet and calculating food and cash yields of the various farm buildings over different fertility values. And then got data from the other cultures’ farm buildings. I found nine types of farm buildings and worked out all the numbers for them (exciting spreadsheet formulae on a Friday night!).
    Didn’t play the game before I needed to go to bed.
    On the other hand, I do understand what’s going on with these buildings now, as opposed to just scratching my head and going “huh?”
    I see this game’s got a great deal more complexity built into the strategic layer than any of the other Total War titles. I presume this is one of the reasons it’s garnered such high praise generally. Hopefully I’ll find some time to actually play some time?

  21. Vandelay says:

    Having played co-op Dark Souls a couple of times recently with a friend that is fairly new to the game, it has become my addiction again. Started up a ranged/no magic run and it is surprisingly great fun. The bows are more effective then I was expecting and I have actually managed to ring the first bell and had no deaths.

    Besides that I also have the excellent Serious Sam VR games to play. Really superb conversions and sounds as if they put the just released Doom VFR to shame. Hearing some of the basics that it has got wrong (no feedback on controllers, awkward interaction with the world, free locomotion only on PSVR) makes me reluctant to bother picking it up, even though I was expecting it to be a must buy. Serious Sam (which I picked up the bundle of the lot, as well as The Talos Principle) should fulfill my VR FPS desires for a while.

    • Premium User Badge

      particlese says:

      Oooo, I’d forgotten they gave more Sam games the VR treatment. It’s been a while since I played it, but The Last Hope was really fun and satisfying to play. Glad to hear the rest is faring so well!

  22. Mi-24 says:

    mainly doing work that’s due next week, a bit of the new battlefront on the side and perhaps some arma

  23. Spuzzell says:

    Hearthstone, enjoying the last few days of Priest being competitive before the new cash grab/expansion lands next week and returns us Priest mains back to resentful mediocrity.

    Also Nex Machina for twin stick voxel funtimes, which is only a bit less sexual than it sounds.

  24. fish99 says:

    Finished Demon’s Souls this week for a second time, so I can now say I’ve beat it without cheese or magic (build was 2-hand battle-axe, str/dex build, light armour). It’s a lot more clunky than DS3/BB, especially the melee combat. It’s also really badly balanced and a lot of the later bosses are walk-overs. Finally, it’s a pretty short game. World one has 5 areas, but the others only have 2 each with 3 bosses, and there’s the missing arch stone, which all makes me wonder if they ran out of money.

    Next up, I quite fancy playing Nioh after watching my brother play it, so might pick that up later.

  25. Premium User Badge

    subdog says:

    Humble Monthly was kind of a bust for me yesterday but The Sexy Brutale saved it from being a total wash. I’ll dig into that later today.

  26. malkav11 says:

    Having received my Black Friday-sale (ish – it was basically MSRP instead of whatever inflated nonsense they’ve been charging normally) GTX 1080 and installed it Wednesday night, I’ve been going on a tour of my most hardware-demanding games, bumping anything I couldn’t previously run at 4K up to 4K and turning up most or all of the settings on pretty much everything. As a result I’m reminded of just how good a lot of these games are and how little I’ve actually progressed in most of them. So I have no idea what I’ll actually play seriously. Prey was the original plan, might stick with that (even though it’s one of the best optimized games on my list and ran beautifully on my 970 previously so is unlikely to show much additional boost). Or get back to playthrough 2 of Nier: Automata.

    GTA V looks absolutely stunning with everything turned wayway up. As does Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. And Dishonored 2. And Rise of the Tomb Raider, and…

  27. Ben King says:

    i keep intending to play Oxenfree and damnit i’m really going to do it today I swear. I gave it an hr earlier in the week… i’m just not a narrative game person. A Chicago video game art gallery called VGA just opened a new exhibition called “The Ears Have Walls” with lots of interactive audio work, Panoramical and Parappa the Rapper feature in it along with others like an analog knob twiddler called Sync or Swim. I went to the opening last night and SURPRISE a bunch of hip 30-something’s milling about drinking beers on a friday night is NOT the ideal way to experience an interactive games audio exhibition. I may stop by today to try again. Also working on my homebrew D&D dungeon.

  28. BathroomCitizen says:

    Dominions 5 all the way.

    I’m still a bit miffed that RPS didn’t cover it – the game is just amaze-balls!

  29. Faldrath says:

    Still playing 1 or 2 extra long races in Forza 7 every day – since each one is 40-50 minutes, it eats up a lot of my gaming time. But it’s in those races that the game shines and a lot of the (still remaining) issues are minimized. Plus, you know, fancy cars. The 77 Aston Martin Vantage is tremendous fun.

    I installed FEAR 2 on a whim and I have been enjoying it. The shooting isn’t as satisfying in the first game, but the atmosphere is much better. It’s making me forget the bad taste in my mouth that Destiny 2 left (I installed it for the free weekend, and MAN, it’s so awful. 40 minutes was all I could stand before I uninstalled.)

  30. KidWithKnife says:

    Enjoying a new gaming PC and playing the hell out of Warframe, as usual lately. I’ll also likely get some Grim Dawn in here and there, and maybe try the Destiny 2 trial. Hot damn though, is Warframe gooooooood.

  31. Zenicetus says:

    More ancient Egypt tourism with AC Origins. I’m playing for a few hours every other day, not trying to rush it. Currently level 32 and a little bummed that I haven’t found a Legendary for my favorite weapon type yet, but I refuse to buy a DLC for it. And then some co-op Divinity OS 2 in the evening.

  32. hoho0482 says:

    Dig or die. Again…

  33. PanFaceSpoonFeet says:

    Everyone. Stop what you’re doing and get superflight. T’was recommended on these very web-o- graph pages a week or so ago? The best game I’ve played in ages. Such fun, with so much potential, I hope they develop it further.

  34. Jaykera says:

    I’m going through the Metro series again (just started Last light) and god is it good ! I remember enjoying my first play through but not at this level. It’s just fantastic.

    Hearing left and right that ambitious, narrative solo expériences are in danger makes me shit my pants…

  35. Antiklontermiddel says:

    PUBG via my television set, because my wife wanted to watch me play it. She watched and had a grand old time. After two hours and too much wine, I gave Plague Inc. Evolved another go. Three failed attempts as a spore got the better of me. I’ll give Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag another go tomorrow (Sunday). Seems like I’ve almost finished it.

  36. mcdreamer says:

    I finally finished Prey today. I wasn’t sure about it at times but now I’m really glad I finished it. That said, I suspect the one play through will be enough for me.

    I should also finish Sonic Mania, and then on to getting Nier and Zelda down.

  37. caff says:

    Even though it’s fairly early into December, I’m feeling pretty Christmassy. Mainly because I’ve got a head cold and I’ve drunk a fair amount of port to try and ignore it.

    I should be playing Divinity 2, but I’m still annoyed by finding out that I could have started the game as one of the origin characters… then starting again, but realising they don’t speak the choices you make, so you’re STILL a mute player. Maybe I should continue as my original character.

    Other than non-decision over that, it’s mainly PUBG/Rocket League as usual.

  38. floogles says:

    Back into English Country Tune, my favourite puzzle game. If I play every other year, I forget the solutions and get to have the delicious experience of AHA! all over again when I finally solve a puzzle. I cannot get enough of the music.

    Finally started Brigador and now I understand why people raved about it. I can also see the inspiration from the Crusader games which is a big plus for me.

    The amount of micro detail in the levels is so intoxicating, I find myself right up beside the monitor checking out all the little scenes they created.

  39. Premium User Badge

    Iamblichos says:

    The new content for Dwarf Fortress, because now you can raid neighboring settlements and loot their stuff. I have been gathering artifacts from ruined towns and annoying the local goblin civs so much that one of them sued for peace. The other is still mad at me but can’t seem to field an army that withstands my squads of Cuisinart-lords. I am about to send all the mercenaries plaguing my tavern and swilling my booze into the caverns to visit with the toxic-dust-filled brass forgotten beast that wandered in… because you know, what’s more fun than bioweapon-enabled golems? Love this game.

  40. Gomer_Pyle says:

    Picked up dead cells from BundleStars (Now Fanatical, what a stupid name) last week and have enjoyed what I’ve played so far.

    I also started Assassin’s Creed 1 recently, as I remembered that I had it on Uplay but had never gotten around to playing it.

  41. Lars Westergren says:

    I bounced off Torment: Tides of Numenera after just 1-2 hours when I first tried it. I didn’t think it was bad at all, it just didn’t grip me, but I thought “Yeah I’ll definitely try to revisit it later on”. Now is that time, and I’m really loving it now.

    It doesn’t have the same wow factor for me as the first game, which is a pretty impossible goal to live up to since it made me go “YES! YES! THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN DREAMING GAMES CAN BE LIKE!”. But the new one is really well made, with lots of intriguing characters and plot developments, a world I want to explore. If there is something I wish they had done differently, it’s maybe the music. It’s really good, but to me it feels thematically a bit too close to the first game. Sagus Cliffs is visually and thematically different from Sigil, I think it deserves a theme that doesn’t remind me of Sigil, the remix.

    Also I have been playing a little bit of Cuphead.

    I think I’m finally bored with Dota, and it feels like a relief. Now I can be bad at PUBG instead.