Cuphead patch squashes bugs, including one that should be a feature


Cuphead’s fetishisation of difficulty and the air of smugness perpetrated by some of the louder parts of its community unfortunately put me off the finger-gun platformer, but if anything could have made me give it another chance, it would have been the ability to summon an army of anthropomorphic cups. Lamentably, this bug, along with many others, has been squashed in the latest update.

Freezes, hitboxes, collision bugs and boss balance tweaks are just a few of the things that the PC update tackles. The full list is here, but if you don’t want to stare into the abyss, I’ve plucked out a few highlights.

First off, there’s the aforementioned removal of the Mugman army, so no more exploiting the game so you can summon a horde of chums. If you got used to being cheeky and damaging bosses off-screen, that’s been fixed, too. For completionists, you’ll finally be able to get A+ grades on the Funfair Fever and Treetop Trouble levels. And that final part of the patch notes? It’s a reference to the tricky Yoshi Island level, Touch Fuzzy Get Dizzy.

Since I cooled on it pretty quickly, here’s what Matt, who enjoyed it, made of it in his Cuphead review:

Cuphead isn’t just about reaction times and pattern-learning. I learned to sit back and rethink my approach to a level on occasion. Is that part of the screen as dangerous as I thought it was? Are those pink jelly beans easier for me to farm super meter cards from than I first thought? What if I try saving my super for that stage, or use enhanced attacks to get through that tricky section faster? It rarely feels unfair, although it sometimes took me dozens of attempts to work out how to beat the latter stages of a fight. You don’t get another chance to figure out how to beat those stages until you’ve gotten through the earlier ones again, which can be grueling when you know you’re only going to fail once more. The final bosses are particularly cruel in that regard, although I guess that’s to be expected in a game that places such a large emphasis on difficulty.

The update is live now.


  1. Vacuity729 says:

    I don’t care about the game, but that picture is a fantastic choice. All I want for Christmas is that RPS will have pictures of cups on animals’ heads every time they run a Cuphead article.

    • Matt Cox says:


      (Edit: about the pictures!)

    • S-Hellequin says:

      Hear Hear!! We need more cups on animals.

    • caff says:

      The picture is cute. Until you start to imagine that cup is full of hot, boiling hot tea. Then it starts to take on a nightmare-ish quality.

      Sorry – blame my thinking on all the Christmas music in the shops.

    • teije says:

      I’d like to know just how Fraser got my goldendoodle to lie so still for that cup picture.

  2. Pliqu3011 says:

    The link on “this bug” leads to a graphics comparison, not to a video of the Mugman bug you mention.

    • Fraser Brown says:

      I must have copied the link when it went to the next video. Proper one should be there now!

  3. QSpec says:

    Perhaps this is a dumb question, but how come the community’s smugness affect enjoyment of a single-player game? I can see how one would be put off by a bad community in a multiplayer game, but offline, their attitude doesn’t really affect the actual game… does it?

    • Fraser Brown says:

      It definitely affects my enjoyment of the game knowing that people are using it in a dick measuring contest, much in the same way that people are put off Rick and Morty because of how awful and toxic its fans are.

      • ColonelFlanders says:

        To be fair you DO need a high IQ to understand the mechanics of Cuphead’s bosses.

      • ChiefOfBeef says:

        The world is divided simplistically into two groups of people and there are no others: those who care what others think no matter how terrible those others are, then there are those who don’t care what others think no matter how thoughtful those others are. Don’t be the first group.

        The latter group doesn’t care about my advice and the former can not resist it. This should eventually lead to there being only one type of person in the world.

      • Vacuity729 says:

        In general, I also don’t much care about what the fans of a game/movie/book are like, right up until I have to interact with them in some way or another. Then I frequently find myself pretending I don’t like the cultural item in question just so I don’t get associated with the idiocy and obsessive, antisocial elitism of that group of fans.
        Sooner or later, whether on a forum, or in real life, you’re likely to meet someone who either subscribes to the fandom, or upon hearing you like that cultural item, ascribes you to that fandom. Both experiences are frequently painful.

      • mygaffer says:

        OK and now I see the author of this article is one of these guys, “how awful and toxic its fans are.”

        This is BS. Tell me what thing you’re a big fan of and I’ll go show you plenty of examples of fans of it acting like assholes. This broad stroke bashing of fanbases sucks, is inaccurate, and feels motivated perhaps by assumptions being made about the backgrounds of the people who make up these fanbases more than any specific actions of said fanbases.

        • batraz says:

          « Dick measuring » contest is a sexist expression, as if women were not allowed to be smug too. I think I am going to start a petition. Some day.

      • Don Reba says:

        I wonder if it affects your enjoyment of actual rulers.

      • hobotango says:

        It doesn’t affect me in the sightliest. That of course, is because I dont give a flying crap what other people thinks of the game, and I dont give much crap about other people in general. So as you say, its a single player game, it doesn’t matter. Buy the game, enjoy it.

        Im thinking of buying the game again just to be able to play with my wife in coop.

  4. mygaffer says:

    “the louder parts of its community unfortunately put me off the finger-gun platformer”

    This is kind of pathetic. The game is the game and you feel how you feel about it. To let some fan’s actions put you off the title itself, whether with a video game, a TV show, or any creative work, is sad.

    I also hate the blow back this game has received from people who want to try and turn it’s difficulty into some kind of political argument. It does a real disservice to this game and the people who made it.

    • milligna says:

      Eh, the game itself does a disservice to it’s artwork. Would’ve worked much better if they just made a bunch of cartoons. Then we would’ve been spared the smugness!

    • Hans says:

      Yeah isn’t it great? Now not only is everyone somehow entitled to every single game being designed exactly how they want, but now they’re entitled to special feelings from random Internet strangers too. What could go wrong?

    • Dogahn says:

      I think the real issue here is if you want to talk about the game it devolves into an e-peen contest.

    • Dewal says:

      To be fair, the people that started the argument were the people that wanted the game to be easier, not the other way around. So yeah, there’s always a reason to bash on people that like to brag (and there’s a lot in the cuphead community, sure), but not so much on people that tried to defend the right of the game to stay the way it is.

  5. hobotango says:

    I bought this game when it released, and I haven’t seen a single fan, nor talk to one. Was not even aware of the whole pissing contest about it.

    I just, bought the game, played it and enjoyed it. Who cares what people think of the game, its a single player game. You dont have to be confronted to fans, or any other person for that matter.

    My only hope is that there is a cuphead 2, and 3, and 4. And maybe even if they advance in time, cuphead 2 taking place in the 50s, cuphead 3 in the 60s, cuphead 4 in the 70s…