Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds will add desert map in next round of testing


Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds’ test servers went offline on the weekend, casting players back to a world where climbing over fences is something people can only dream about. It’s a time for mourning, then, but also for celebration, as the test servers will be coming back, and with them will come the long-anticipated desert map and a new shotgun.

I’ve gotten myself into a bit of a Plunkbat rut, so I’ve not been playing much lately. Despite the occasional chicken dinner, I think I might actually be getting worse, and I’ve started to get a little bitter. A new place to murder people, or be murdered, sounds like just the panacea I’ve been waiting for.

Here’s some arid screenshots to whet your appetite.

From what’s been shown off, the desert seems just as varied as the island we’re more familiar with. There are plenty of horrifyingly flat stretches where running across them surely spells death, but there are also small, ramshackle towns and even some built-up areas that look perfect for snipers.

As for the gun, well, it’s a shotgun, isn’t it? That’s about all I can tell you as a man who has seen a picture. Honestly, I’d be happier with fewer shotguns. I almost always seem to start off with one before getting taken out by someone I could never hope to reach with my silly short-ranged weapon. On the subject of death-dealing instruments, here’s our weapon guide.

There’s no date for the next round of testing but given that Plunkbat is due to leave early access this month, we can assume it’s coming very soon.


  1. DavidKer says:

    I am not sure how I feel about this game anymore. This past Nov every game me and mates tried to play we have been killed by hackers where their name is the actual website to get the hack. Devs keep saying they are working on server issues and scope issues but now I am concerned they are just pushing out more content, not fixing the issues people face everyday trying to play. It is a really neat game with a lot of new physics, but all of this does not matter when you can’t play. When my friend pointed out that hackers has been the top 100 spots since the season just reset, we all kind of stopped playing. I fee like this is a game I wouldn’t mind dropping 5$ 10$ a month to get some new skins or new cars added, but there is no game it is just hackers, at least when we get off from work and have free time, many nights of the week, tried for hours this weekend. Our goal changed to “make it into the top 10 before we die from hackers”, but we just get fed up.

    • Chillicothe says:

      I don’t doubt that they’re snatching hacker scalps, but it is definately trickling down to us mid-tier plebes. Hiding in a shadowed bush late-game and have a guy roll up no scope me with a Kar, then get back in and drive off is…suspect once. Having similar deadeye play happen 1 games out of 2 I survive past #20 is worse. It’s like they’re turning it on late, as my Pochinki/School/Base plunkbatting is more logical and random.

  2. Tomo says:

    >>> “I’ve gotten myself into a bit of a Plunkbat rut, so I’ve not been playing much lately. Despite the occasional chicken dinner, I think I might actually be getting worse, and I’ve started to get a little bitter.”

    Think I know that feeling too. I rarely win nowadays, but I think it’s down to matchmaking. I Duo with two people mostly, one who plays a lot like me, the other less so. In Duos with the latter, we come much closer to winning the vast majority of the time – I think because his rank is much lower than my other partner, so we end up pitted against weaker players.

    I try to tell myself it just means I’m just rul gud at Plonker.

    • Premium User Badge

      DuncUK says:

      As someone who has never, ever won a chicken dinner and who’s best placing is 3rd a handful of times… is it fair to say that this is at least partly because I only ever play solo? I guess coming top out of 100 people is a tall order, compared to top out of 50 duos or 20 – 30 squads of 3+ people. Can I really just blame probability or did I spawn in the PUBG rut as well?

      Of my few PC gaming friends, all of them are cheapskates that won’t pay full (or 75% sale) price for anything, spoiled as they are by the much bigger discounts on single player games. With the popularity of the game as it is, that’s not likely for ages and so I’ll be playing solo for quite some time. It’s been especially hard having taken a few month break coming back to the game whereupon I’ve found I seem to suck just that much harder.

      • caddin says:

        Yes, That actually is how it works. You play in a squad of four people who actually try to win, you win more often than in a solo when it’s just you trying to win. Theres just not enough dedicated people out there.

        A turning point in my winrate was definitely when I was invited to a discord group where many hundreds of players look for squads and you can sift out the tryhards from the casuals. After that I placed top 25 on OC at the end of one of the earlier seasons.

        In-game matchmaking is NOT possible anymore!

  3. p00rWhiteGuy says:

    Here is what I dont like about PUBG,

    1.The shrinking circle is annoying.Should be more like Arma 3’s Koth circle.
    2.Loot and Shoot.. The looting is so redundant. Blahhhhh

  4. guidom says:

    “what, like guns that fire shot?”