Magical dungeon crawler Wizard of Legend looks wizard


Do you have a fast paced, spell-slinging dungeon crawler shaped hole in your gaming life? Well, Wizard of Legend might have you covered. It launched a Kickstarter campaign last year, but a new trailer has just brought it to our attention – where it probably should have been for a while.

I just spent ten minutes zapping my way around the demo, which has secured the game’s place on my ‘awesome wizard simulators’ watch list.

I’m reminded more of Battlerite than typical RPG’s, with its lightning fast pace and emphasis on dodging. Wizard of Legend might not have quite the same level of tactical nuance, but a fleshed out campaign should make up for that.

You play as a competitor in the Chaos Trials, which sees you thrown into a series of dungeons where you have to gather an arsenal of spells and relics with the goal of becoming, you guessed it, a wizard of legend. The Kickstarter page goes into all the details, and includes a neat description of how the spells are made by harnessing ‘raw chaos’. I always enjoy it when a fictional world explains the rules behind how its magic works – maybe it’s something to do with applying logic to something that’s inherently silly/mysterious.

The main draw is still the combat though, as beautifully illustrated by these gifs.

There’ll also be local multiplayer, in both cooperative and competitive form. As a big fan of Battlerite and Magicka’s PVP mode, I’m especially excited about the latter.

You can try out the demo here, which has an interesting – if limiting – setup. It takes place well after the actual game, in a modern museum that’s been set up to commemorate the Chaos Trials.

Wizard of Legend will release early next year.


  1. PancakeWizard says:

    This almost seems like it was made with a reverse-engineered Hyper-Light Drifter as a foundation.

  2. Psychomorph says:

    Why games need always be so damn hyperactive?


    F-kn boring.

    • automatic says:

      Because they come from a time when cocaine was the main ingredient of a popular soft drink. So I heard.

    • Aspirant_Fool says:

      That was fun, I want to play more. =)

      I also want to know how to get to the room at the bottom of the dash challenge area. =(

    • Jeremy says:

      In watching the video, it seems like a game that looks a lot more hyperactive than it actually is in the playing of it. If people watched me play Dead Cells, it would probably look very similar, but usually in a game like this, the rule sets help to make it manageable.

      Then again, if you’re just not a fan of the animation style, there’s not much to be done with that.

  3. kaspergrey says:

    Can anyone give me recommendations on other very wizardy games to check out? Thanks in advance!

  4. Aspirant_Fool says:

    I made it! It turns out it wasn’t that hard.

    Also, I agree with Jeremy’s sentiment. It looks far more frantic in those GIFs than it actually plays, at least in the demo.

  5. Xerophyte says:

    I realize this is a petty complaint, but I can’t abide when games use pixelated graphics but make the visual effects high resolution. Pick a side, people! Commit!

    • Ed Crane says:

      The effects still look pixelated. I think its the smoother frame rate that makes them seem high res.

      • LCheers says:

        If you watch the sword storm gif, the textures are pixelated, but the pixels rotate as the swords do. Not “real” pixelation.

  6. Ed Crane says:

    Im sold. This is my jam! It does feel like Hyper Light Drifter, with a Gungeony Dungeon to explore. Its a really cool little demo.