Portal returns! … as a Bridge Constructor spin-off!?

Life's a bridge

Here’s an odd fusion. Portal is being mixed with the Bridge Constructor series to create a spin-off game about making fragile bridges that transport forklifts from one side of the Aperture Science facility to the other. In Bridge Constructor Portal we’ll see GLaDOS, the robot marm of the passive aggressive puzzler, return to torment the player with what I presume will be a characteristically snide voiceover, provided by Ellen McLain. Here’s a brief teaser.

The idea of Bridge Constructor is a familiar one – you place struts and platforms and ask physics not to reject your bridge as you send over a few trucks. Previous games in the series have included one set in the Medieval period and one focused on stunts but this is the first that works with another well-known series.

It looks like you’ll be using the portals and bouncy goo of Aperture as well as beams and girders to get around obstacles in the testing grounds. Some screenshots show a forklift bouncing around on its way to the exit of a level.


It makes me wonder: what other Portal spin-offs would be fun? There’s already been Portal in LEGO Dimensions. Portal Space Program? Portal Gear Solid? Portals, Please?

We haven’t really covered too many bridge-building games here at RPS. I was satisfied with World of Goo, one of our best puzzle games ever made. But I do appreciate the madcap creations of some gap-crossing engineers, like these silly “bridges” by a Poly Bridge player.

If you’re looking to get bridgin’ for the sake of science, Bridge Constructor Portal is out December 20.


  1. Jokerme says:

    This tickles my fancy, but I must say I’m a little disappointed it’s not Valve making the game.

    • robinwak says:

      Gabe is currently busy swimming in his pool of gold, not to be disturbed.

    • Poison_Berrie says:

      Wait, you actually expected Valve to make an actual game, by themselves? Where have you been these past years?

  2. Daymare says:

    Is this some sort of cruel joke?

    • Ghostwise says:

      Only for folks who expect Valve to make games. Surely there can’t be any of those left ?

      • Daymare says:

        My thoughts were more in the line with how you don’t make jokes about the deceased. Or how you don’t go, dig out someone’s granny and waggle around the rotting corpse in front of her grieving relatives yelling “I’m BAAAACK!”

        … or how you don’t laugh at someone who’d just publically embarrassed themselves in front of you.

        I’m running out of analogies here, but you catch my drift.

      • elendil says:

        Maybe there aren’t, but the joke is to make a spin-off of a dead IP.
        It should be obvious it makes no sense. If you (Valve) want to keep your IPs alive, you have to produce games. Just then, making spin offs, merchandise and crossovers could make sense.

    • Uncle Fass says:

      This is what we have been reduced to.

  3. Premium User Badge

    johannsebastianbach says:

    NotLikeThis … for five seconds I truly believed there’s going to be another Valve game … just to have my hopes and dreams crushed by the sudden realization that this is just a reskin of some casual game without any Valve involvement … FeelsBadMan

  4. mashkeyboardgetusername says:

    Other spin offs you say? I think Factorio with portals would be a thing to behold.

    • grimdanfango says:

      All games would be improved by combining them with Factorio.

      I’m completely serious.

      • Daymare says:

        Dear Factorio
        Super Factorio Odyssey
        Defense of the Factorios 2
        Wolfenstein: The New Factorio

        • JarinArenos says:

          I would play all of these.

          • Daymare says:

            I’m particularly fond of Super Factorio.

            It’s-a me! Factorio!

        • Fade2Gray says:

          Total War: Factorio
          Life is Factorio
          The Factorio Principle
          The Legend of Factorio

      • Premium User Badge

        ooshp says:

        Factorio doesn’t have double jump, seriously limiting its potential as a crafting mat.

        edited for panda says no apostrophe

  5. Premium User Badge

    Drib says:

    So Valve is just a company that licenses their IP off for other people to develop, now?

    Maybe Half-life 3 will come out, designed by EA, with microtransactions. Buy more bricks to drop on that lever puzzle, woo.

    • Zap Brannigan says:

      You say that like it wasn’t Valve who introduced the profitability of both microtransactions and loot crates to the PC games industry.

    • Masked Dave says:

      Opposing Force wasn’t developed in house. It’s not like this is a new thing for them.

  6. Beanbee says:

    Portal space program, the potential!

    You have to create a network of portals that will give your space-folks enough velocity to escape earths gravity, and put them into a decent orbit.

    Perhaps even having to return objects from space using the portals as well, trying to give them a soft landing!

    Expansion has you building a network around the solar system, with the eventual goal of flinging those undoubtedly squished kerbals out towards Alpha Centauri A.

    • Catterbatter says:

      Can’t you already do that by time-warping past an SOI change?

      • JarinArenos says:

        Well yeah, but good luck flinging yourself in the same direction twice in a row.

  7. MultiVaC says:

    I like this idea of Portal spinoffs. Maybe they could contract some of the Valve staff who have left recently to do one. I’m thinking of a first person shooter set in the Portal universe. Maybe it could follow a scientist from that other research team that is mentioned a few times in Portal, what was it called, “Black Mesa” or something? Maybe it would even involve the Borealis from Aperture Labs as a major plot point?

    Nevermind, I’m just spitballing here. I don’t think anyone would be interested in a game like that.

  8. Jaykera says:

    At least it’s not a battle royale.