The Atom is joining Injustice 2, and he looks amazing


The Atom, DC’s shrinking scientist, is coming to Injustice 2 this month. It’s Ryan Choi, the character created by Grant Morrison, rather than the probably better known Ray Palmer version. That version is currently being played by Superman actor Brandon Routh on Legends of Tomorrow, a show that I love, despite knowing it’s bad for my health. Becoming really tiny never sounds like a great superpower, but as the trailer below shows, it’s actually the best power.

Injustice 2 has done a pretty great job of replicating each character’s powers but I think it might have peaked with Atom. He can shrink to avoid attacks, burrow into foes’ heads and jump all over the place as a tiny, deadly speck. And obviously all these moves can be chained together so that he shrinks, dodges an enemy assault, and then scrambles up their body, battering them with his adorably tiny fists.

The Atom will be free for everyone who owns the ultimate edition of Injustice 2, but you can pick him up on his own or as part of the third fighter pack, which will include Enchantress and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as well. While we’re on the subject, there’s a trailer for that too.

The Atom is due out on December 12 on consoles, but we’ll have to wait a bit longer. Indeed, the last fighter from the second pack still hasn’t appeared. That’s Hellboy, and according to the devs, he won’t be ready for another couple of weeks. The Atom will follow soon after.


  1. Nevard says:

    Why’s he got so many fish eggs?

  2. fuggles says:

    Finally, they added antman!

    • montfalcon says:

      I’m gonna be that guy. Actually, the Atom existed for 22 years before Ant-Man, and the first one with shrinking-related powers arrived on the scene in 1961, a year before Ant-Man’s debut.

      • Turkey says:

        Actually, I think you’ll find that ants have been around for much longer than atoms. Like way back in caveman times.

        • Hoot says:

          Poor choice of words. Atoms have “been around” since the creation of the known universe. That’s a fair bit longer than the mighty Ant.

      • fuggles says:

        Pfft, you’ll tell me that they didn’t invent the human torch next. DC – missing the boat for the best part of the century…

  3. Masked Dave says:

    Man, I love everything about this game except that it’s a fighting game, which I just find dull.

    I want to play in it’s world so much :(

  4. Premium User Badge

    dnelson says:

    “Up and Atom!”