Devil May Cry (New Romantic Dante not My Chemical Romance Dante) remastered on PC


Three of Capcom’s Devil May Cries are getting a treatment from Nurse Definition, in fact – 2001’s first game, 2003’s somewhat disliked Devil May Cry 2, and 2006’s special edition of Devil May Cry 3. I.e., the first of four hacky-slashy games to star the original, silver-haired, which way to to the Final Fantasy VII cosplay contest Dante, as opposed to the shorter- and darker-haired finger-flipping version from Hellblade studio Team Ninja’s 2013 DmC. They’re getting high-def and sixty frames treatment in a $30 triple-pack next May.

Other than a statement of intent, there’s not too much to go in terms of exactly what’s been rejiggered for Devil May Cry HD Collection, but one thing to bear in mind is that all three games have already enjoyed HD editions for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. My guess would be a leap to 1080p and a few extra post-processing bits and bobs, but more importantly it marks DMC 1 and 2’s first-ever appearance on PC. (DMC 3’s 2006 Special Edition did it make it this way, published by Ubisoft rather than Capcom).

As for why DMC 4 isn’t in the pack, that already enjoyed a relatively up-to-date but slightly wonky special edition on PC in 2015 (making up for its very wonky original 2008 port).

The original 3 (arguably excusing number two) returning in fancier clothes is doubtless excellent news for long-time fans of the combo-heavy supernatural action series that began life as as Resident Evil follow-up, and doubly so for those who rejected Dante’s punkier reinvention in 2013’s DmC. The lingering question for me is just how well PlayStation 2-era controls and systems are really going to hold up in 2017 – we’ll find out in May.


  1. Baines says:

    In the case of DMC4SE, “slightly wonky” means “randomly crashes, to the point that while some find it a non-issue, others consider it unplayable.”

    Vanilla DMC4 supported both DX9 and DX10. Capcom decided to remove DX9 support in the Special Edition.

    Unfortunately, Microsoft proceeded to break DX10 support in an update. Microsoft never addressed this issue (which affected multiple DX10 games.) Capcom never cared to try to implement a fix for DMC4SE, either.

    There was a user workaround for Windows 7 users, who could either uninstall the update or just grab a copy of the older DLL and drop it into the directory. These options didn’t exist for Win8 users, nor do they exist for any newer incarnations of Windows. (Of course at the time “helpful” users mostly just mocked Win8 owners, telling them it was their own fault for using Win8.)

    Users have gone on to find various fixes that allegedly make the game more playable. Your mileage may vary, but I’d suggest anyone considering DMC4SE should buy it in a manner that allows refunds.

  2. Cryio says:

    What was wonky about the OG DMC4? It was pretty, supported key remapping (no mouse support but it didn’t really need it), had DX10, was superbly optimized, had one more difficulty vs the consoles and had 20% Turbo mode.

    It was an amazing PC port IMO for a 2008 game.

  3. k47 says:

    Devil May Cry 3 is the game that introduced me to the Spectacle Fighter genre and I remember it fondly (despite some now evident flaws). I outright sucked at it at first but put so many dozens of hours into it that I eventually ended up beating it in Dante Must Die mode. Remembering it gives me a nostalgia trip.

    If I’m not severely misinformed this will be the first time the first and second Devil May Cry games will hit PC, so I’ll be looking forward to this, even if just to experience the full story (which I understand was left unfinished or just hanging awkwardly).

    • Darth Gangrel says:

      I cut my demonic/angelic teeth on DmC and loved it! So much better than the Darksiders games or other third person action slashing games. I expect the earlier games to be equally good or better.

      I have DMC4 through a humble bundle and figured I’d buy and try out DMC 3 before playing 4, because chronological order OCD. This is much better, getting to play 1-3 in order and then play 4. Since DmC is a reboot, it doesn’t matter that I played it first.

      Funny that RPS also posted a Have You Played article about Thief 3, which was the game (or rather demo) that introduced me into the Thief series. Some describe Thief 3 as inferior, just like they do with DmC compared to DMC 1-4. Despite my OCD mentioned above, I might play Thief 3 first and then 1 and 2, to start off from something easier and more well-known.

  4. gpown says:

    Alec, you might wanna google Team Ninja.

  5. Matys says:

    With rumors of DmC5 being revealed I was thinking of doing a full replay of the series, but I had planned to try my luck with emulators since my sister ruined my ps2 a couple years back. This will be so much better!

  6. TheAngriestHobo says:


    What in the world is Dante wearing these days? What grown man wakes up and thinks to himself, “Today I’ll wear my bright red trenchcoat and a training bra”?

    • Baines says:

      It is weirder than a training bra.

      It is his shoulder harness that he wears over his coat. As for how a harness worn over his coat can have a chest strap that is clearly under the coat, the coat apparently has slots cut into it for the strap to run through. (No, it isn’t a mistake or clipping issue, it is the intentional design.)

  7. JustAchaP says:

    Maybe now there will be a good port of DMC 3 on PC.