Would you believe it, they’re only making another Tomb Raider

I know! Another sequel to a ludicrously long-running and successful game franchise! What surprises this life holds.

Unfortunately, “a new Tomb Raider” is quite literally all publisher Square Enix are saying right now, outside of promising we’ll hear more soon. Still, it’s nice to have forgone conclusions confirmed, innit?

A game allegedly named ‘Shadow Of The Tomb Raider’ was leaked last year. Is this the same thing? WIll it have that name? Who knows? Not me, cos Squenix ain’t saying much. Here’s today’s Squenix ‘reveal’ in full:

Does ‘major event’ mean big publicity stunt, that they’ll reveal the game at a show like E3, or even that the first look will accompany the upcoming movie Tomb Raider vs The Neck Of Eternity, due in March? Y’know what, I’m going to place my bet on the latter.

I’ve liked the last couple of Tomb Raiders, particularly the survival elements and heightened puzzle-tomb focus of Rise Of The Tomb Raider, but I pray to God the dour storytelling gets a shot in the arm this time around. Lara’s a great character who needs to do more than grunt, frown, swear unconvincingly and talk about her dad.

Also: ‘defining adventure’ – still sounds a bit originy, doesn’t it? Really hoped we were past that already.


  1. po says:

    Hope this one has more actual tomb raiding than the last lot.

    • wackazoa says:

      And perhaps a bit less murdering innocent enemies…. Honestly I wish these types of games tried less to be like Indiana Jones. Perhaps that is just my misguided opinion, but I hated it in TR or Uncharted where you get some 2-3 mins of good plot stuff sandwiched between 15 mins of shooting bad guys with the rare bit of puzzle thrown in. Probably unappealing to the masses but I do hold out hope that some day… I will find my prince.

  2. Vandelay says:

    I recently played Rise and thought it was actually excellent. A definite step up from the good, but not great previous game.

    Still, I was left longing for more tomb sections. It still seems strange to me that the raiding tombs bit of a Tomb Raider game is relegated to being a side quest. Those were the highlight of Rise, so I hope they become more of a focus.

  3. N'Al says:

    Seeing as I’m just about to finish Rise this is good news (apart from it not really being news anymore).

    Sure, there’s not-so-good bits about the reboots*, but overall I’ve found the good parts far outweighing the bad ones.

    *The push-forward-in-absolute-safety-whilst-everything-explodes parts being the most egregious.

  4. Neurotic says:

    As long as Rhi Pratchett is at the controls again, it’ll be aces.

    • Minglefingler says:

      Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings, she’s no longer involved with the series. I’m not a fan of the writing (particulalry Lara’s characterisation) in the new games but I can appreciate that others are.

      • Michael Fogg says:

        Isn’t it to early to tell for sure? The game’s only been announced, she could be in talks to join as we speak

        • Neurotic says:

          I asked her on Twitter a couple of hours ago (after commenting here actually), and indeed, she said she was not involved in TR anymore.

        • Minglefingler says:

          Yeah, it was announced in January: link to pcgamer.com

        • Werthead says:

          She’s heavily involved in Narrativia, her late father’s production company, and they’re filming the Good Omens TV show right now (she’s not involved in the writing but I think is in the production side somewhere) before moving onto the City Watch TV show, so I’m not surprised she hasn’t got the time any more.

  5. adamsorkin says:

    Somebody on Reddit pointed out (apologies, I don’t have the username in front of me) that the first letter of each sentence in the tweet spells “SHADOW” (and suggested “Shadow of the Tomb Raider” as a title). For whatever that’s worth.

    • HunterKing says:

      Whether or not that’s the name, it’s worded pretty awkwardly so I think that redditor has the right idea.

      • Laini says:

        That was the rumoured titled a few months back and yeah, given how, as you say , awkwardly that’s written I imagine that’ll be why.

  6. and its man says:

    There’s a mummified teenager in me shouting “Will they bring back the sweater hogans?”

  7. Premium User Badge

    Earl-Grey says:

    Well I’ve never!
    What’s next, another Call of Duty?!

    It’s all gone topsy turvy I tell you.

    • Daymare says:

      lol no way

      That’d be like releasing another FIFA.

      Or another Half-Life. Remember when it was all about Goran Freedman fighting the Combinators? The series went downhill after Alex and Goran got engaged and fought the Overmind together with Master Chief in the first Halo-crossover. And that was years ago!
      Actually, scratch that. The last good part was the one where Elo Lance got killed by the Divisors. It left so much open to the imagination.

  8. rubmon says:

    Always love Tomb Raider, even when Lara Croft is not in it, like the last one.

  9. Scruffylooking21 says:

    ‘defining adventure’

    Laura takes a vocabulary class at a local community college and stumbles upon an ancient evil…

  10. woodsey says:

    Since they insist on the mostly pointless hubs, they should ditch the survival fluff altogether and make them out of gigantic archaeological dig sites.

    I mean, if we’re going to discover an ancient city like at the end of the last two games, wouldn’t it make sense to expand them to the size of the full map instead of spending most of the games pissing about on open land and not in tombs?

    God knows I don’t buy Tomb Raider games to faff about in fucking corrugated iron shanty towns and rusted brown Soviet installations, but someone, somewhere, has given Squeenix the idea that those things are vital.

    • N'Al says:

      AFAIR, most Tomb Raider games (bar maybe the original and its remake) had ‘modern day’ sections. The latest reboots are hardly unique in this regard.

      • krimhorn says:

        One could be forgiven for not recognizing Venice in TRII as being “modern day”. Though even TRI had the Natla tower cutscene. TRIII was where the first of the levels (Area 51) that was explicitly modern (with US soldiers and jets and everything one would expect of a .mil installation) was presented. It was also the weakest level of the second weakest game in the PS1 era (Chronicles being the weakest).

        That said, Crystal Dynamics has done a pretty good job of mixing the modern/modern-old with the fantastic and ancient. Rise was also a positive step toward getting puzzles back into Tomb Raider with a few actual main story sections that were proper puzzles (even if they were more Legend style puzzle rooms than classic/Anniversary style puzzle levels).

  11. Monggerel says:

    Scene opens:
    LC: “You can do it, Lara! You have to do it!”
    brandishes god damn ice pick
    LC: “That’s right you bastards!”
    just goes ham on some guy with an AK, absolutely butchers him, like, holy shit, this is disturbing what the fuck
    LC: “I’m not turning back.”

    Got to say, the new teenage version of Lara Croft is an interesting character. The last two games’ storylines are ostensibly about her determination and will to survive and the human spirit blah blah, but actually she’s just a psychopathic serial killer with an ice pick. Zero hesitation. Like, that part, combined with her eye-crossingly banal and “uplifting” internal monologue, comes together in a way that I find to be some of the finest gallows humour in a video game – except, the game (and apparently its makers) are completely unaware of what they made.

    Now, sometimes that’s good. I’d bet a pretty penny that Volition had *no idea* what Saints Row 2 was. That lack of self-awareness, combined with the fact that it’s *good*, made the game fantastic in a way they couldn’t really follow up on.
    Somehow it just doesn’t work for Tomb Raider tho. Probably because the game never manages to find a spot in the right genre. Saints Row 2 was straightforward, brutal, bizarre gangster flick. Tomb Raider is… Hannibal meets the Bear Grylls show. Something doesn’t gel there.

    The new one though! Room Trader! Where Lara hunts down university students cuz they fail to pay rent on time. With an ice pick. Mmm. Good stuff.

  12. Zaxwerks says:

    TOMB Raider, a game about raiding TOMBs. Give me an endless stream of the TOMBiest TOMBs in TOMBland. I want to explore a TOMB and find a TOMB in it that leads to a TOMB which has a TOMB at its centre and it has to be all puzzles.

    I don’t want to have to kill 100 bunnies in order to fashion a rabbit skin semi-automatic gun bra, or pole-vault over a burning lava pit using a thigh bone and destroy a mountainside all by pressing “space” once at the appropriate moment in a quicktime event, nor do I want to collect 1,500,003 hidden diary entries in order to get a new bow that’s blue instead of green.

    I want trap filled, secret passage filled, puzzle filled, jaw droppingly beautiful, so sexy I could lick my screen TOMBS!

  13. RaymondQSmuckles says:

    “defining adventure” says to me, “the very first Tomb Raider” so here’s to hoping for a t-rex appearance.