Overwatch’s winter event is a Yeti hunt

Winston you look FABULOUS

Overwatch, aka the shooter you sent roses to but they got lost in the post, you swear, is having another wintry event this year, game director Jeff Kaplan said in a developer update. While the snowball fight from last year returns, there’s also a “different and fun” game mode called Yeti Hunt in which a team of freeze-happy Meis tracks down an angry Winston.

Here’s Kaplan explaining all the upcoming events and changes for this seasonal update.

Like he says, King’s Row and Hanamura maps will both get a winter makeover, like last year, but so does the Black Forest arena map, where Mei’s snowball fight will now be set.

Meanwhile, the Yeti Hunt will be a “boss fight” of sorts, says Kaplan. One team is made up of five Meis, while one player controls a snowy Winston. The ape man needs to run around finding meaty power-ups and avoiding the icy scientists until he has enough food to enter his rage mode. At which point, the Mei’s need to get away from the overpowered monster. To help with this, they get a special “ice trap” ability.

There’ll also be holiday skins for characters Hanzo, Junkrat and Roadhog.

“But when can we play this?” you ask, yearning for my knowledge.

“Well,” I say, turning to smile at the camera. “Not Yeti.”

I wink. Then, my face dropping to a quiet and serious expression, I whisper the final words of my important message.

“It starts December 12.”


  1. Keios says:

    So the new game mode is Evolve, just without the pay to win mechanics?

    • SaintAn says:

      Or maybe like older games that have monster vs player PVP? Evolve wasn’t the first or even the greatest at that, in fact it was an instant failure, so I don’t get why people keep bringing it up.

  2. Skabooga says:

    I know it is a just a coincidence, but Overwatch is not exactly escaping the long shadow of TF2 by having a yeti-featuring update, seeing as TF2 released a yeti-featuring update just a few months ago.

    • Excors says:

      Overwatch added the Winston Yeti skin (incidentally the second best Winston skin) a whole year ago, so I think that criticism is slightly unfair.

      Besides, the important message conveyed by this new game mode is that Winston and Mei, both scientists who have lost all their friends in tragic incidents, have nothing better to do over the holiday than recreate a sort of brutal Pacman game. If you know any lonely scientists, be nice to them this Christmas.

      • Skabooga says:

        Ah, I did not know that. Well, that changes my mind about a few things. What I should have said was:

        I know it’s a coincidence, but TF2’s yeti-featuring update a few months ago didn’t exactly bring it out of the long shadow of Overwatch, seeing as the latter had a yeti-skin for Winston more than a year ago.

        And I should have said that on a post about TF2’s Inferno Update. A few months ago. :D

  3. thesoupcan says:

    So its like VS Saxton Hale mode from TF2 except its not a cluster of a mess