Sea of Thieves will set sail on March 20


Co-op pirate-em-up Sea of Thieves has a new trailer along with a release date that’s not very far off at all. You’ll be able to fill up on grog and buried treasure on March 20, 2018. In the meantime, cram the trailer inside your eyes.

I took an immediate dislike to Sea of Thieves when Rare first introduced it in a video that contained a group of ‘fans’ playing together while howling and shrieking, but absent shouty strangers it actually looks like a great deal of fun. It also looks like you’ll absolutely need some pals to play with, however, unless you want to brave the horrors of running a ship with a bunch of randoms.

For a deeper dive, you might also want to take a look at the E3 walkthrough, which shows off shark attacks, treasure hunting on land and sea, and some exciting nautical combat full of cutlasses and cannons.


  1. Artist says:

    Theres still an astonishing lack of info about the actual gameplay out there. Eh, not out there. Ships? Items? Upgrades? Microtransaction stuff? Full game loop besides digging out chests?

    • hamandspam says:

      Yup. I’m excited for this, but there’s a LOT that’s dark about how it all fits together.

      Still, here’s what we do know.
      Ships: 3-4 player large ship, and smaller 1-2 player small ship. If choosing the latter, beware: the braying of rowdy anthropophiles will still carry over proximity voice chat.

      Items: nothing too exotic. Ammo, health packs (bananas for you, planks for your ship), grog, maps, lantern, riddles, compass, musical instrument.

      Upgrades: cosmetic. Haven’t seen anything that would give you a competitive edge. Can’t remember precisely, but I think they want a level playing field with room to show off your feats with cosmetic upgrades.

    • Vilos Cohaagen says:

      agreed. Do you have to play with unknown others? I don’t want to mingle with trolls, just friends. Also is this Windows Store only? I’m not a huge fan of Steam these days but the Windows Store is a big no no for me.

      • hamandspam says:

        LONG overdue reply here, but hey.

        You can party up with other xbox live players, be they friends or other players.

        Played about 12 hours of the alpha and generally people were just up for a laugh, so I’m not too worried about finding a good time with strangers. You need to cooperate to do even the most simple things. A sample size of one is no sample size, mind.

        It is Windows Store only, and you will need to create an xbox live account (I dusted mine off). I know – Windows Store. If it’s any consolation, it has crossplay with the XBone so you can widen your pool of shipmates to console mongoloids (some of whom may be your friends but we won’t mention that will we.)