Soul Calibur VI is coming to PC in 2018

Soul food

Sword-slashing fighting game Soul Calibur has been on consoles since the 1990s but next year it’s coming to PC with Soul Calibur VI, Bandai Namco announced last night during the Game Awards. Finally, you will be able to slice and/or dice your opponents with blades, rapiers, whips and whatever the hell those things are that Voldo uses. Not much has been revealed but there’s a trailer below.

As you can see, the characters Sophitia and Mitsurugi return. You know those guys, right? Sophita is an Athenian baker who gets told what to do by the gods. Mitsurugi is a samurai who hates guns so much he wants to kill them all with a magic sword. It’s amazing the things you learn from videogame wikis.

I’m hoping the fighting game genre’s long-running trend of crossover characters continues. Previous Soul Calibur games have thrown in Tekken characters like Jin and Heihachi, but they’ve also had guest appearances from non-fighting game characters. Link was in Soul Calibur II, for instance, and Darth Vader appeared in Soul Calibur IV. The series has also seen cameos from Spawn, Kratos and Ezio Auditore.

Who do we want in this one? I’m holding out for the man in a cauldron from Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy. But only if his sledgehammer is super difficult to control.


  1. Evan_ says:

    Ahh yes! Soul Calibur 2 was the last one I played from the series, and it’s still the most fluid and dynamic fighting game I’ve ever seen… and I tried roughly everything that was released on PC.

    • jusplathemus says:

      Pretty much the same here, only with Soul Calibur 3. Fighting on the special maps combined with appropriate special weapon effects (and variables) are still ridiculously fun. For example, there is a map that is really slippery, and there’s no barriers (you lose if you fall out). Now, apply weapons that have extra pushing effect (pushes the opponent farther when a strike lands) and set both of the fighters’ HP to unlimited. Now, the only way to win is to knock each other out of the map. Other maps include a seesaw-like platform, a dark map, an earthquake map, and even one on a giant spinning cogwheel, etc. And every single one has special effects, requiring quite different fighting methods from the players, and giving unique gaming experience. I really miss these smart gameplay elements from the newer titles.

    • theoriginaled says:

      Unfortunately 2 was the most fluid and dynamic of the series. Theyve been speeding it up and making it more smashy smashy with each iteration since. I guess we can always hope 6 might be a return to form?

  2. A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

    Gordon Freeman’s got to be the quintessential PC character, they should add him and his crowbar.

    Have fond memories of Soulcaliber 2, had no idea they’d reached number 6 already, will have to take a look

  3. Matys says:

    Oh man, I played a stupid amount of Souls 2 and 3 when I was younger. The combat and character creation system was a ton of fun and pretty jokes online too. Super excited to see we’re finally getting one of these, KH3 is the only thing left I’m wishing we could have.

  4. Rince says:

    His crotch, that’s what Voldo uses.

    And having playing II and III in PS2, Soul Calibur still are some of my favorite fighting games ever!! I was waiting for having those on PC forever!!
    Gimme, gimme, gime!!!

    • jusplathemus says:

      You can use an emulator to play the first three on PC.

  5. Syt says:

    I only played SC4 (or whichever the one with Vader, Yoda, and Starkiller was) on 360 and had a blast. Creating your own characters was great fun and silly.

    • jusplathemus says:

      Yeah, and it was still a hugely stripped-back version of SC3 on many fronts. Well, the graphics are better at least!

  6. Don Reba says:

    I think I’ve been asking for this in comments to every tangentially SC-related news post. The Stage of History! At last, my prayers have been answered! 👍

  7. MisterFurious says:

    ” whatever the hell those things are that Voldo uses”

    • jusplathemus says:

      Thanks for the info! Voldo is ridiculously fun to play, I love using him in SC3.

  8. Premium User Badge

    Drib says:

    When will Sonic be in Soul Calibur? Maybe it will be the PC version.

  9. Amstrad says:

    You know who would be great as a gust character? Geralt of Rivia.

    • Rince says:

      I think that I would prefer the Dovahkiin. Even better if female.

  10. kinyajuu says:

    *Throws credit card, debit card, and checkbook at the screen.

    I want it yesterday please.