Minecraft Java testing official texture makeover


A minor makeover is coming up the good ol’ original Java version of Minecraft, keeping those same blocky looks but remaking textures. Touching up everything from blocks to items and enemies, the new textures look like Minecraft but a little nicer. If you fancy seeing for yourself, hey, you can download and test this today. This is all unrelated to–and quite different from–the 4K HDR fanciness and Super Duper Graphics Pack coming to Minecraft’s separate Windows 10 edition, which between them are adding all sorts of incongruous lighting effects.

Mojangeers have made new versions of most–but not all–textures, fancying up a lot of the game. From what I’ve seen, they’re decent on the whole. They’re still Minecraft-y but just better? I like the tree leaves:


“But these aren’t changes we’re making lightly,” Mojang said in today’s announcement, “we want your feedback before we even consider adding them to the game.” So you can download the test textures as as add-on texture pack and see what you think. Mojang invite feedback on their forum and Reddit.

Hit the blog post for download links and instructions. The pack is made for Minecraft version 1.12, so expect wonkiness if you’re playing an earlier version.

Minecraft has a squillion fan-made texture packs by now, but a change to the baseline is still welcome.



  1. Jalan says:

    “Mojangeers” seems like something that was funny inside a thought but in print comes out awkward and interrupts the flow of the article.

    I know, my life is a void of joyless agony.

    • Jeremy says:

      But the void is just so cozy.

      • lockexxv says:

        The void isn’t cozy. It isn’t really good. It’s not bad. But it’s not good. It’s so-so.

    • baseless_drivel says:

      To me, it sounds like exactly like something the writers at RPS would do.

      Editor: “Hmm, this article is written… too well. You very well know we can’t please 100% of all readers, and we need to ensure this never happens. Refer to Chapter 3 of the RPS style manual for some tips.”

    • Massenstein says:

      Didn’t think about it before you mentioned it and… nope, still not seeing what’s the problem. Mojangeer. Nice, informative word. Mojangeer mojangeer mojangeer.

    • Cvnk says:

      The problem for me was I spent too much time trying to work out how to pronounce it.


    • quat says:

      They call themselves “Mojangstas”, and I can’t decide if that’s worse or not.

    • Unclepauly says:

      You’re not recognizing the formula. Game with huge playerbase gets uncomfortable name they will probably hate. We all get to snicker among ourselves when one of them walks by.
      Shhhhhhh, here comes a CoDBlOpper. tee hee

  2. Premium User Badge

    Drib says:

    But I’m used to old minecraft and I don’t like change.

    But other than that, yeah sure fine. There’s plenty of texture packs and people switch round all the time.

    Honestly I’m a bit surprised Java Minecraft still gets updates. I’d have expected Microsoft to end support on it and require everyone to buy Windows 10 version with piles of microtransactions, etc.

    … Seeing minecraft makes me want to install TFCraft again and go be stone age. Brb in 100 hours.

    • morse says:

      Ha- I saw this and felt the same way. I know there are reasons for pushing minecraft into the whole 4K HDR thing, but it seems sort of silly.
      Also, check out technodefirmacraft if you haven’t yet. Adds a bunch of fun mods to the endgame of TFC.

    • Phasma Felis says:

      There are *so many* people who only play modded Minecraft. People keep expecting Microsoft to cancel the Java version, but I think MS doesn’t want to throw away a double-digit percentage of the fanbase of the most popular video game in history.

      My guess would be that they won’t do it until they’ve got a mod framework for the C++ version that’s as powerful (or nearly as powerful) as the stuff modders are doing in Java. It’d be great for modders to not have to wrestle with obfuscated source code and rebuild everything with every update.

      • nottorp says:

        That would still be the death of private servers and the older players will just stick with the last Java version.

  3. stevex says:

    I’d say that this is barely a “makeover”. More like minor texture rework.

  4. LTK says:

    That’s…nice. The default textures have always been ugly as sin so it’s good that they’re making some improvements, but given that there must be about a million custom texture packs available now, the vast majority of them blowing the default textures out of the water, I’m not exactly jumping for joy.

  5. Kefren says:

    I’m confused – the old ones look better than the new?

    • PseudoKnight says:

      It’s an even split between better, worse and meh. The rationale is that the previous textures were created by programmers, not artists. But they’re changing things that looked okay already, and even changing the style in some cases for no stated reason other than for professionalism’s sake. I hope they just cherry pick the good ones that everyone likes and leaves all the rest as they are. This is all fine if it’s just to show what COULD be so that we have something look at when we choose.

  6. Seafoam says:

    I played Minecraft since the first alphas and this feels just wrong. I get that they look nicer but it feels like a desecration of Notch’s craftsmanship.

    Obviously you could just say “Its just a dumb videogame” but it all started with one man’s dedication and ended up selling for 2 billion, so I feel like it deserves the same reverence as any artwork.

    The gobblestone and trees were there since the game’s very birth, you don’t start just futzing with it, it’s fundamental damnit!

    • ludde says:

      The cobblestone has changed at least once already. And quite drastically so.

      I do agree on the leaf texture, however. It’s not very well done either.

  7. TheAngriestHobo says:

    The header image is weird. I’m seeing a slightly different texture with the exact same graphical quality. It hardly looks like a momentous change.

    • Spacewalk says:

      I think that this is a good way of going about it. Change it enough so it looks noticeably different but not so much that it puts off anyone who is used to the current look.

    • Sin Vega says:

      It is small, but it’ll probably look a lot more obviously different in game, when you’re surrounded by hundreds of slightly changed blocks rather than looking at stills of a few.

    • Phasma Felis says:

      That’s why it says “texture makeover” and not “graphical upgrade.”

      They’re just touching up the Notch art a bit. The cobblestones look smoother and tile better, for example.

  8. racccoon says:

    I love minecraft play it weekly & you can not beat it for its simple way its just brilliant. Ace in fact.
    I have though always thought it would be nice to have it a bit more prettier, of course its going to happen sometime. I do believe the ignorance of the mods have been ignored for far too long as they are ideas of what gamers thoughts are to what they want to see now.
    So please take note devs of modders and do as they do, or, at least gain ideas from the modders & put it into play.

  9. Caiman says:

    Most pointless graphical update ever?

    • Skabooga says:

      I briefly had the urge to check the calendar, to make sure this wasn’t an April Fool’s post.

  10. Crocobutt says:

    They could add link runes to portals. That’d make them useful and fun to use. Imagine having Stargate levels of travelling across your lands. That’s fun. Too late for this now tho. Minecraft was fun while it lasted!

  11. alms says:

    One has to keep in mind there’s so many players that love Minecraft but actually loathe its look, as exemplified by the endless theory of mod packs that attempt, with variable degrees of success, to improve its looks.

    Personally, while I generally side with “original vision”, and this would be the case with Minecraft, too, in good faith I cannot say Notch’s original work was anywhere near to perfect, nor that the many graphical improvements that were made over the years were unnecessary or unwelcome.

    I appreciate the effort, even if this pack turned out to be not a distinct improvement across the board, or needed further work to get there.