Go go go: Company of Heroes 2 is free today

Boooooooom free game

A whistle blows. Cracking rifles in the distance. The gentle thump of boots on snow. It all wakes you from a dream about granny’s marmalade. Oh no, you think, I’m still in the war. Squads of men are assembling for an inspiring speech. “Go and kill the other men using these bullets,” says the major, to the 80-150 assembled troops. A cheer rises up. This is it. The fear, the excitement, the courage of men with knives stuck to the end of their guns. Maybe, if you are brave enough, you can be part of this company…. of heroes… too.

Company of Heroes 2 is free today on the Humble store.

Adam liked the sequel to one of our favourite strategy games of all time, even if it didn’t improve on its predecessor all that much. Here’s what he said about the frosty tactical man-orderer:

The new engine is spectacular but the visual splendour does threaten to overwhelm the meat of the game, particularly in the campaign’s more explosive moments. Scrape all of the snow and smoke away, however, and something would be lost because the technology does add to the decision-making in more subtle ways than might be imagined. Company of Heroes 2 is a deceptively noisy and violent game that is actually designed for those with slow hands, quick wits and flexible thought processes.

It really does have a rubbish menu screen though.

Even if it’s not as beezer as the first, free is free is free is free. The series is also good way to get into strategy games.

The offer ends tomorrow at 6pm GMT/10am PST. You can grab it here. although you’ll have to sign up for a Humble account to get it, if you haven’t already.


  1. Kommissar Hedgehog says:

    So much potential… wasted.

  2. Zanchito says:

    I’ve played Dawn of War 1, is this similar, mechanically? Is the first version of the game better than the sequel? I kinda get that feeling from the article. I know free is free, but I value my time more than my money, that’s why I’m asking. Ty!

    • Rich says:

      The first game is a classic. This is about as good but refines some of the mechanics.
      It is sort of the same as Dawn of War, in that it’s squads of blokes and you capture locations to earn resources. One of the biggest differences is the fragility of your units and the fact that cover is more realistic, i.e. if you’re using a wall for cover, it needs to be between you and the enemy.

  3. Rich says:

    People complain about this game a lot, but I rather enjoyed the single-player campaign. It’s no more linear than the first game, or countless other RTSs. Nor is it really any more cheesey or clichéd.
    People were understandably annoyed at the DLC-fest that was the multi-player component. However if, like me, you don’t care about multi-player then what was the problem?

    • wombat191 says:

      I do remember the Russians going nuts at the game for “portraying the Soviet Union in a negative light”

      • GernauMorat says:

        Too be fair, the Russians get shown in a far worse light than the Germans did in their campaign in CoH 1. I see what they were trying to do, but the game does lay it on a bit thick.

        • Rich says:

          True, although I’d say that’s more due the German campaign shying so much away from any mention of Nazism. The Russians may grumble but their ruthlessness during the war, partly out of necessity, partly due to bloody horrible Stalin, is well documented.

  4. Vastial says:

    Unfortunately the 2nd game didn’t have the benefit of mods such as Blitzkrieg, which elevated an already classic RTS to near perfection.

  5. kfcnearby says:

    It really does have a rubbish story right from the nazi propaganda books (each mission you’re forced to kill, burn, rape your own fellow citizens and comrades) Yes, that’s how Soviets won – by pointless eating their own children. Well, at least Relic thinks so. Funny enough, I don’t need this even for free.

    • Rich says:

      “each mission you’re forced to kill, burn, rape your own fellow citizens and comrades”
      …except that you don’t do any of those things. You burn down a few buildings and blow up some gear, but that’s it.

      • kfcnearby says:

        Oh yes, there’s always comrade commissar nearby to finish some evil things. But speak no more, here’s your shovel, go kill those villagers. Because we can!

        • CheekySparrow says:

          Boy, you are clueless, aren’t you? To give you some idea what was happening in Soviet Union at that time – do you know that over 100 thousand people were shot for espionage for Poland? (data from FSB archives). Funny isn’t it, especially when you look at Polish archives and see that their WORLDWIDE intelligence network consisted only of couple thousand men. Wait, if they were not spies… were they…innocent? Now add ‘espionage’ for other nations into the mix, you whitewasher. I’m actually from Russia and I hate seeing this whole whitewashing business going on, started by the offspring of NKVD murderers and sadists, no doubt.

          • kfcnearby says:

            Of course, comrade, we are bloody war mongering maniacs, not less. But when you’re doing your cherry picking business, don’t forget that Poland together with Germany participated in the partition of the Republic of Czechoslovakia in 1938. Funny thing huh? You know, there are a lot of such stories about every country, but only the Soviets deserve to get a role of a red cannibal. Whitewashing you say?

  6. palhanow says:

    Well, the day who people defending both socialists partys in Germany and URSS is born. Is sad to watch this. Both nations did horrible things, all in the name of a f*ck*d up ideology.

    About the game: i don’t go much for multiplayer games in my titles, but i have very good moments in the single player campaign. You always can get this game for cheap price in sales on Steam. Is a great game. Enjoy.

    • kfcnearby says:

      Let me explain. For Russians it is a painful wound, many have their grandparents slaugthered by the Germans during that war, both civilians and KIA. That was a huge price for independence, for right to live. Everyone remembers Jewish Holocaust, but no one of you western people remember 25 million (twenty freaking five million!) of soviet people extinguished in that modern crusade. Sentenced to death and slavery by the so called superior German race. That was a war to the bitter end. Does COH 2 show this? No, instead it shows cannibalistic commisars, pointless kills and burning own villages.
      So next time you think of it as defending the ideology, consider paying attention to your own ideology, sir.
      With all due respect.

      • Unclepauly says:

        How the hell could such a small country manage to obliterate so much of europe? Excuse my american

      • goodpoints says:

        Everyone remembers Jewish Holocaust, but no one of you western people remember 25 million (twenty freaking five million!) of soviet people extinguished in that modern crusade.

        More than 1 million of those 25 million Soviet civilians were Jews. And the erasure of the fact that Soviet Jews were uniquely targeted has gotten even worse in post-Soviet years; the way Babi Yar memorials have been treated is fucking disgusting and near-Turkish levels of genocide denial. The Nazis themselves linked Jewish genocide to the wider genocide of Soviet civilians with the doctrine of Judeo-Bolshevism. It’s pretty common knowledge among anyone with cursory WWII reading that German genocidal policy (Generalplan Ost) was predominately directed at the eastern front. There’s been an undeniable body of evidence that such was the case since the Einsatzgruppen Trial in 1947.

      • Billtvm says:

        More Soviet citizens were killed in the holocaust than Jews, yet in modern memory Holocaust is an exclusively Jewish tragedy. I think rge western media had a significant role in shaping depictions of holocaust in that manner.

        • goodpoints says:

          First, I try to avoid using the term “Holocaust”, because it’s both contentious in historiographical confines and a relative neologism with a rather callous etymology that was only standardized as a result of a Meryl Streep mini-series from the 70s. It’s more useful to conceive of an overarching and multifaceted German genocidal project consisting of numerous distinct, but intertwined, genocides. Again, Nazi policy makes all this explicitly clear and using Nazi policy terms is also far preferable to speaking of a single “Holocaust” (Final Solution, lebensraum, untermenschen, the classification scheme of the Volksliste, etc.) I think both of these methods are far more productive in avoiding insidious what-aboutism.

          Popular misconceptions of WWII are less to do with media, and more so public education. Kids are made to read the Diary of Anne Frank and think her experience is representative of European Jews as a whole. High schoolers are shown a few pictures of Auschwitz, but most probably don’t even know where it was or understand the context of occupied Poland; that ~3mil Polish Jews were exterminated, 90% of the pre-war population, forming a majority of all Jews exterminated. There is simply no other racial group, as defined by Nazi classification schemes, that came nearly as close to total annihilation. By and large, except for leftists and partisans, slavs were not hunted down anywhere near the extent that Jews were, to the point that it regularly impeded Axis military operations. (e.g. units being tied down in city-wide extermination campaigns like Kiev, Odessa, Kaunas, Salonika, etc.) and I will always maintain the primacy of Jews as a target of Nazi policy.

  7. Hunchback says:

    One of the best RTS out there, that for some reason got so much hate and shit that it went into oblivion…
    Think it’s not even officially supported anymore. :/

    I did spend a lot of time on it, and it was great fun while it lasted.

  8. satan says:

    So many years after WW2 games reached saturation point (early 2000s?), I still feel like I’ve played enough WW2 games for a lifetime.

    • Hunchback says:

      Weird, i feel like we could really do with a new, good, WW2 game.

      Perhaps there has been many WW2 games, but not many were any good and i didn’t play them at all, so i don’t feel saturated at all.