Counter-Strike: Global Offensive survival mode speculation continues


Since 2016, players poking into data files from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive have found traces of a mysterious Survival Mode. Valve have never announced any such mode for their FPS and none of the traces in data files definitively confirm either what the mode is or that it’s definitely coming, but folks have enjoyed speculating. In a new video, the fan behind the Valve News Network pulls together traces of Survival mode, objects including crate beacons and sonar-scan grenades, and an island map to conclude that Valve are likely working on a Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds-style mode for CS:GO. I’m not convinced but was interested to see VNN lay out the argument.

As with many of these sorts of rumours, these are pieced together by poking into data files and finding traces in console commands, variables, 3D models, sounds, and so on. The video picks up evidence from updates reaching back from May 2016 through to December 2017.

In short, Valve News Network fella Tyler McVicker believes this all points towards Valve making a Plunkbat-style survival mode. He expects an island map with new weapons, items, and armour, supply drops, and so on. This involves a fair bit of inference and assumption, connecting some parts with guesses and hopes. If you stuck all the evidence on your conspiracy corkboard and went wild with red string, you could come up with several different modes – or a number of unconnected additions.

While Valve clearly have been working on these bits, I’m not convinced they all come together in a Plunkbatty shape. And even if Valve are toying with a Plunkbat ’em up internally, we might never get to play it ourselves – people have previously dug out references to Scavenger Mode and Heist Mode but neither has materialised so far.

Even the name isn’t as clear, as the term ‘survival mode’ in games has described everything from wave survival modes–including in Valve’s Left 4 Dead games–through to modes where players need to eat, drink, shelter from the elements, and wee. It’s very broad.

But, y’know, I did find the video interesting. Perhaps you might too. I am curious to see what (if anything) comes of these dug-out traces and if I’m proven wrong, hey, I’m wrong.


  1. zulnam says:

    Oh look, a game that Valve might’ve worked on at some point but never announced or released it.

  2. Deckard84 says:

    Would it really be that surprising? You don’t think Valve wouldn’t want a piece of the Battle Royale game action? Makes perfect sense. Why develop a brand new game when you can retro fit an old one with the new mode as well.

  3. LewdPenguin says:

    I don’t care how flaky the ‘evidence’ is, I’m so hyped I think I’ll up my weekly CSGO purchasing from 10 to at least 20 copies.

    • Viral Frog says:

      I actually LOL’d at this. Not just a hearty nose-exhale. A full on laugh.

  4. DEspresso says:

    In a way the originals Assassination mode was a survival game.

  5. SSSEREGA says:

    It would be better to cheat with the cheaters, then the game turned into a cheat simulator №1

  6. massi says:

    Bring back the old csgo