Layers of Fear is free on Humble today

Underneath this sheet is a painting of you, nude

What do you call a storefront dummy wearing a Star Wars costume? Mannequin Skywalker. Hello, this post has nothing to do with Star Wars and only a little to do with mannequins. Painterly horror game Layers of Fear is free on Humble today. It’s a short game, about three or four hours long, and contains ghosts. In many ways, the perfect stocking filler.

You can download free it from Humble until Wednesday at 6pm GMT/10am PST. Are you reading this too late? Ha ha, you missed your chance. Here’s what you lost out on, according to Adam:

Layers of Fear sets out to provide spaces within which you feel unsafe and doors that you’d rather not open, and it has both of those things in abundance. Sometimes you’ll hesitate to open a door because something has been rattling the handle and you’d really rather not stand face to face with whatever that is, and sometimes you might even decide it’d be best to quit the game and have a mug of hot chocolate because whatever is around the next corner is likely to make you extremely unhappy.

The developers went on to make Observer, a psychological cyberpunk walkabout about a detective played by Rutger Hauer trying to find his son. Adam says it was better. But it’s still asking you for money. Disgusting.

As usual, you’ll need an account on Humble to get Layers of Fear for free. But that takes a couple of minutes. You also get the soundtrack with it, which I assume is just a collection of distinct screams and sobs.


  1. TΛPETRVE says:

    As a haunted house ride it’s amusing enough, esp. when paired with a “spot the cliché” drinking game. As a horror game, it’s a complete and utter failure.

    • Ross Angus says:

      Some of the images of that game stuck with me. For example the room extending impossibly far above the player.

      I also really liked the creaking footstep sounds the player makes.

    • HiroTheProtagonist says:

      It’s a shame that most horror games post-Amnesia have devolved into “walk around spooky place until musical sting reveals scary monster, retreat, rinse, repeat”. I’d love to see a new Condemned title, or at least some new first person horror where you can do something other than run away.

      • Jalan says:

        Not even joking (okay, maybe slightly), but I’d sell children to make another Condemned happen. Monolith being shackled to Warner Bros. means it won’t though, just like so many other Monolith-related things that should be happening but never will (an actual, honest-to-goodness release of the Blood source code, legitimate digital releases of the NOLF series, etc).

        …and now I’m sad again.

      • Daymare says:

        RE7 was an FPS (and a great game)
        Evil Within 2 was a TPS and quite cool
        _Observer_ by the same dev as Layers of Fear was great (LoF was bleh). You do run from monsters twice, iirc, but it’s an investigation/dialogue thing first and foremost.
        Alien: Isolation had combat, you just couldn’t kill the Xeno.

        Lots of games arguably coming out in the future like SCORN, Routine, Allison Road, Agony … and a bunch of Cthulhu-related games that may or may not be Amnesia-likes, though.

  2. Halk says:

    It would be nice if, for future offers like this, you would mention when they require Steam. Thank you.

    • communisthamster says:

      I can’t believe it’s the year of our Lord 2017 and some people are still anti steam.

      • Halk says:

        a) I don’t see what that has to do with the year.
        b) Why do you care how other people like to use their computers?

        • mujie says:

          He was making a joke…

          But near every game is only out on Steam nowadays. I think it would be less work if they just said which games didn’t require steam.

          • Halk says:

            >He was making a joke…

            I doubt that.

            >I think it would be less work if they just said
            >which games didn’t require steam.

            Well, we are talking about an offer on the Humble Store, so it would make sense to point out that in addition to the clearly required Humble account you also need something else (and this should not only apply to Steam, of course, but all additional hoops one has to jump through would ideally be mentioned). It’s even weirder since the need for a Humble account is explicitly mentioned, which should be unnecessary given that it’s Humble making this offer.

          • mac4 says:

            I’m pretty sure Humble deals pretty much exclusively in Steam keys, so it seems an equally moot observation.

          • Halk says:

            I just checked: Humble currently sells 1277 DRM-free games.

            I have hundreds of them in my Humble Library; after all, all the original Humble Bundles were completely DRM-free.

  3. RayEllis says:

    “Mannequin Skywalker”… Yep. That about sums up much of Hayden Christensen’s acting during the prequels.

    • Darth Gangrel says:

      Well, it is not like he had a great script to work with and a director who brought out the best in him.

  4. Quickly says:

    Is that alt text true? Interest piqued!

    • Premium User Badge

      Qazinsky says:

      Don’t get too excited, I saw that picture, it looks NOTHING like you do, through a layer of window and a layer of bushes.

  5. mac4 says:

    The soundtrack for what it’s worth is a nice and atmospheric gloomy piano affair. Not a bad addition to the collection :)

  6. but_i_am_a_robot says:

    A lot of free games from Humble recently. They should of put them all in a bundle and raised a lot of money for charidee. Pity.

  7. mac4 says:

    Speaking of Steam, seems they have a knack of keeping their giveaways more inconspicuous than the others, don’t they.

    They now have Kingdom: Classic up for free for 24 hours, link to . At a fleeting first glance, looks like could be more fun than might seem.

  8. grrrz says:

    what, they did observer? found observer to be close to a masterpiece, but I just finished “layers”(that I got free, thanks for the tip); and was not at all impressed. First of all, even playing in complete darkness, it’s fucking dark all the time, you can’t see anything, and trying to collect small tokens in the dark was not a fun experience. It’s a pretty boring and repetitive game overall, I never once felt in danger (just a bit dizzy from all the turning around), and I never really connected with the experience of the painter or his family, and I’m not sure I have enough information to connect the dot as to what really happend. was not the worst time I got with a game, but I will forget this really fast. In a world where games like Amnesia and Soma (and observer!) exist, this is not enough.

  9. grrrz says:

    For those who played it, are you suppose to run away when you see the “monster”? I walked toward it each time and had the same animation of “it” eating me, then woke up elsewhere, and the story goes on. Then there is one place where you can actually fall and start over.