Now you’re engineering with portals: Bridge Constructor Portal released


Two fiendish physics puzzlers come together today in Bridge Constructor Portal, challenging players to build bridges that shuttle vehicles through deadly labs with the help of Portal‘s teleportation portals and gels. And, of course, Ellen McLain returns to voice the dastardly AI GLaDOS and taunt us. I have enjoyed the recent resurgence of bridge-construction games, carefully balancing beams and lacing cables then watching it all go wrong, and I’m feeling about ready for one a little different. Observe:

As you can see, Bridge Constructor Portal’s puzzles have a lot more moving parts than regular Bridge Constructor. Along with considering structural integrity and balance, engineers will need to consider portals, buttons, sentry turrets, acid pools, acceleration gel, bouncy gel, laser grids, and those other Portal puzzlebits as they try to ferry stickmen about.

From what I’ve seen (I’ve not had a go but this is on my ‘to play over Christmas’ list), it looks like a nice coupling of two different puzzling styles. And yes, it is cute that the game riffs on the style of Portal’s diagrams too.

Bridge Constructor Portal is out now for £7/€10/$10 on Steam. It’s made by ClockStone, the same studio behind plain ol’ Bridge Constructor, and published by Headup Games.


  1. Seafoam says:

    This feels like salt in the wound.

    • Meat Circus says:

      Sssh. Let it go.

    • MrLoque says:

      Portal 2.5

    • dare says:

      Why salt? I’m just, yay, more Portal! It’s not like part two left the story on a cliffhanger, unlike some other games one might think of.

      (Of course, I still want to see Gordon Freeman and Chell team up to fight Combine in an awesome Half-Life / Portal cross-over sequel.)

    • Cerulean Shaman says:

      I was just thinking the same thing. It’s almost like Valve is laughing at us.

  2. MrLoque says:

    Damn it looks like a game made by Valve. Don’t they risk any copyright issue?

    • Rane2k says:

      I had the same thought, but it looks like this was made with Valve´s blessings:

      Says the headsupgames website:
      “Bridge Constructor Portal remains true to the lore of the Portal universe. Headup Games collaborated with Valve to ensure that the story of Bridge Constructor Portal remains true to the Portal franchise. Dialog, sound effects, and even test chamber names were developed with guidance from the original Portal team.”

    • Lord of Beer says:

      Looks like Valve have simply licensed the Half Life universe. I’m sure we’ll see more games like this.

  3. Premium User Badge

    Drib says:

    I mean I guess since Valve isn’t doing anything with their IP, they might as well let other folks do it.

  4. grimdanfango says:

    I’ve always liked bridge-builder style games, but unfortunately it’s seemed to be a genre that has progressed perpetually in the wrong direction. The ancient Pontifex 2 is pretty much the most complex bridge builder ever made to this day, where you could construct vast valley-spanning thousand-part mega-bridges, and at this point most that come out are hugely simplistic mobile phone timewasters.

    This does admittedly look like an appealing diversion, with its own type of complexity. I’m certainly tempted to try it.

    I really wish someone would just make a full-on complex bridge-engineering game like Pontifex though, with lovely modern graphics. They even tried themselves long ago – with “Bridge It” (I think it was called)… but even that simplified things considerably.

  5. zulnam says:

    Can someone else develop half life 3? It’s pretty obvious valve won’t and the seem to be up for letting other people develop for their games. Soooo… anyone?

  6. giovanni says:

    A bit too cartoonish perhaps? Portal had a kind of twisted humanity made GlaDOS look even more evil and cruel.