Life Is Strange: Before The Storm’s final episode out now

Tragic teen tale Life Is Strange: Before The Storm has concluded with the launch of its third episode last night. Before The Storm is the prequel to 2015’s wonderful third-person coming-of-ager, doing away with the time-travel powers as it focuses on wild rebel Chloe and her gal pal Rachel Amber. It’s a story whose final ending was already known, but I’m told life is about the journey not the destination. A bonus episode is still to come, reuniting Max and Chloe and their original voice actors for a prequel to this prequel, but that’s separate from Before The Storm’s story – and only for Deluxe Edition owners. For now, let’s see what Chloe and Rachel are up to in episode 3:

By which I mean, you can see but I’ll just slam in the embed code and copy/paste the description without really looking at either:

“Chloe struggles to keep grasp of the events unraveling in front of her as we hurtle towards a dramatic conclusion and the consequences of your all your actions so far. As her friendship with Rachel Amber reaches new heights of emotion, Chloe uncovers a dangerous revelation that will require her to find the courage and strength to make some of the toughest decisions of her life…”

I’ve decided to avoid Before The Storm, see. I like the original Life Is Strange so very much and was saddened but satisfied by its conclusion, which is why I don’t feel a need to dig back into characters’ histories for more misery. Yes, I’m sure it will be interesting and touching at times but you know what, I’d rather do without. Rip in pieces, gal pal.

Life Is Strange: Before The Storm’s three-episode season is £14/€17/$17 on Steam. Or it’s £20.22/24,82€/$24.82 for the Deluxe Edition which includes that upcoming prequel-prequel episode and some cosmetic bits.


  1. firesoul19 says:

    I loved LiS so much I had to have more. Even knowing that this last installment is going to be heartbreaking. Kinda awesome-sucks. You probably made the right call, but I can’t stay away.

    But I see you haven’t played the game at all (or even read much about it), so, I’m going to assume you’re not using ‘gal pal’ specifically to deny/mask this, but: Chloe and Rachel are in a kind of ‘will they, won’t they’ relationship. “Hella” gay if you play it a certain way. I’m about to go into the third episode today, but at the very least, Chloe sure is. Way more than even Chloe & Max were.

    ‘Gal pal’ is often used as a way of dismissing those relationships – relationships that would absolutely be called what they are if they were between a boy and a girl, so ‘gal pal’ has kind of become a joke in the queer female community.

    If you’re about to tell me you’re a part of that community and used that phrase on purpose as a ‘wink wink, nudge nudge’, then I’d say it’s probably flying over everyone’s heads.

    • Ghostwise says:

      It’s not flying over our heads. Thanks for your concerns !

  2. unwashed says:

    I’ve tried so very hard to get into this prequel, but it’s so very dull, redundant and self-indulgent. It’s a chore to get through so many of the scenes, and Chloe’s grating new voice makes it so much worse. The voice acting in general is rather bad, especially Chloe’s dad in dream sequences. Skipping it is probably the wise choice.

    • Iamnid says:

      Finished this last night. I agree, without the time bending gimmick and without an interesting plot, this was a real snoozefest. There’s very little actual playing, pretty much just picking responses in conversations. I kinda wish I had just skipped this. I have no interest in the bonus episode.

      • RedPanda87 says:

        Whereas I’m the complete opposite. I love the more grounded, low-key nature of this one. It almost feels brave that they didn’t feel the need to add some sort of gimmick or gamey thing to it. Plus, much of the actual gameplay in the original wasn’t great imo. I also think the writing is a step up, the change in voice actor stopped bothering me after about 30 minutes and Before the Storm actually makes me like and appreciate the original more, by growing and developing these characters in thoughtful ways. I’ve not quite finished episode 3 yet but unless it nosedives at the end this is my GOTY.

        • Premium User Badge

          mattmattmatty says:

          I’d be really curious to know if you still felt it was low key and grounded by the end of episode 3.

          • RedPanda87 says:

            Less than I’d have liked but still far more so than the first game. And still my favourite game of the year. Not the best, but the one I enjoyed the most.

  3. rabidwombat says:

    I thought the first one was quite good. Second seems alright, but I paused halfway through.

    Voices were weird at the beginning, but the story is still there, so I’d imagine the third will be excellent as well.

  4. Pendragon says:

    I’m going to say it: Before the Storm is better than Life is Strange. I played LiS again after playing BtS E1 and E2, and it struck me how annoying Max is.

  5. bond99 says:

    i liked LIS before the storm and Lfe is strange can’t wait till bonus episode and l tv show and LIS2 is out. i wish before the storm was longer

  6. Faxmachinen says:

    Was anyone else disappointed with the ending? Bad pacing aside, Chloe is basically a doormat for the last three characters she confronts (Eliot, Damon and Sera). Where’s Chloe’s fire?