Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds v1.0 launching overnight

‘Twas the night before Plunkbat, when all thro’ the house
Not a computer was stirring, not even a mouse;
The stockings were hung by Steam with care,
In hopes that Playerunknown soon would be there;
The lads were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of spicy drops danced in their heads.

Barring last-minute setbacks and disasters, version 1.0 of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds will leave early access and launch tonight. For us in the UK, it’s actually at 7am on Thursday. Remember to leave a can of Red Bull on the mantelpiece for Plunky Claus and to update your drivers.

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds version 1.0 will launch tonight. The game’s servers will go down at midnight (GMT) tonight, which is 1am on Thursday CET and 4pm on Wednesday in PST. They will relaunch with version 1.0 at 7am GMT on Thursday, which is 8am CET and 11pm Wednesday PST. That’s the current plan, anyway. Hiccups and hurdles may present themselves.

Nvidia today launched their Plunkbat ‘Game Ready’ driver, which they say provides “the optimal gaming experience.” Vague, I know. But perhaps Plunky Claus considers not updating your drivers to be bad behaviour and will leave an M249 in your airdrop.

Plunkbat, to refresh your memory, is a competitive multiplayer shooter which drops 100 players (solo, in duos, or in squads of up to four) over an 8x8km map to wander and drive around settlements and houses looking for weapons, items, and upgrades to murder each other to bits. Matches last thirty minutes, with players being pushed ever closer by a contracting safe circle with electric death outside – though as it doesn’t have respawning, most players are gone long before the half-hour mark. It’s not a serious sim but its ballistics model does require players to compensate for bullet drag, drop, and travel speed, so it’s not Call of Duty either. The only persistent unlocks are clothes, with everything else found (and lost) each round.

And it’s good. It’s really good fun. Playing well and improving feels great, and despite being a serious-looking murdergame it does encourage ludicrous antics and situations. This is the most fun I’ve had in a multiplayer game since the early days of Dota 2. And everyone is playing it. Everyone. It’s the most-played game on Steam by far. Popularity doesn’t mean much but it does mean: 1) matchmaking will place you in a game within seconds, which is handy when death can come swiftly; 2) friends you didn’t expect would ever play a game like this are encouraged to give Plunkbat a go, and playing with pals is great. Good friends will even go along with your insistence that you’re all a bunch of lads and absolute bloody legends on a stag do.

I still insist that Plunkbat’s backstory is one of stag and hen weekends gone horribly wrong. 100 people have come to what they’ve been told is a party hotspot with activities from paintball to boating, then got absolutely hammered, woke up on a plane with a parachute on their back and no idea of how they got there, and just went along with it.

But god, its fashion sense is awful. Truly terrible. Stag weekends, eh?

Plunkbat has been in early access for nine months (three longer than planned), over that time receiving a second map, a climbing & vaulting system, new vehicles, extra weapons, and more clothing. The devs have also broadly polished the game and made it run way faster than in those dreadful early days. Poor performance and lag have been recurrent problems but on the whole, yeah, I’m glad I got onboard during early access and larked all those larks.

No huge surprises are expected for v1.0, as it’s been on the test servers for a fair bit, but it will bring a reworking of leaderboards so only the top 1000 get to see their numbered ranking – the rest of us will only get percentiles. One thing that we do know will come later is an option to pick which map and weather variant you want to play on.

‘s on Steam, innit.


  1. Koozer says:

    jingle plunks, jingle plunks,
    jingle all the plunks,
    oh what fun it is to plunk,
    all the bats there are to plunk,

  2. dontnormally says:

    does it run good yet?

    • HellenKiller says:

      runs fine for me? upgrade your computer maybe?

      • Kitsunin says:

        Sorry, but if there is literally only one game which won’t run on your computer, it’s the game’s fault, not your computer’s.

        The game runs awful. Doesn’t work on my computer anywhere close to playably. I know a 760 is low-end nowadays but PUBG is still literally the only game I’ve tried that runs less than well (and it runs horribly, averaging 5 fps).

        I’m not misusing “literally” either. I actually haven’t had even a single other game fail to run at at least 60fps/1080p/medium.

        • Vastial says:

          760 isn’t just low end, it’s bargain basement. Your barely minimum specifications.

          • Kitsunin says:

            I KNOW. OBVIOUSLY it doesn’t meet PUBG’s requirements. I’m not saying I was surprised the game wouldn’t run. HOWEVER, as I said, it completely literally runs every other game I’ve tried somewhere between fine and perfectly.

            Seriously, yours is a useless sentiment.

          • Janichsan says:

            But he *does* meet the minimum requirements. The game should at least be playable with this GPU.

  3. aviolentstorm says:

    It’s nowhere near ready yet

    • HellenKiller says:

      Ready for what? Are you high? it’s better than most if all games already. Blowing LOL playerbase before it even left early access says so. Or maybe millions of people are wrong and you are the one that’s right.

      • Kolbex says:

        Nah. Massive lag at the beginning of practically every match, interface glitches galore, crashes…it’s clear Bluehole wasn’t the right dev to do this game.

      • Alastor says:

        you sounds like a diehard that doesn’t see the flaws. Game is still full of bugs. Almost worst than a ubisoft release title.

      • QTDeFrank says:

        Bold claims, you sound like a pretty big fanboy so I would save yourself an aneurysm and just not argue about it.

        • Beefenstein says:

          “Bold claims”

          Bold and easily evidenced claims. This game is ridiculously popular even though it’s shonky and annoying. So when people say ‘it’s too shonky and annoying for people to actually like it’ they are quite simply, at the present time, wrong.

          • grimdanfango says:

            I don’t see anyone claiming it’s too shonky for people to actually like it. Clearly people like it.
            A lot of people seem to conflate something being immensely popular with it being automatically good. Not everything popular is good, and not everything unpopular is bad.

            Plunkbat is a fun game, but it clearly isn’t perfect, especially in performance terms. What does its popularity have to do with that?

      • Nelyeth says:

        You’re saying it has “blown LOL playerbase before it even left early access”, but I have to disagree. I thought your claim was strange, so I just checked it myself. Peak player count for PUBG is currently sitting at 3M players, with on average 1M concurrent players. This is impressive, and makes it the most popular Steam game ever.

        League of Legends has not released official numbers for some time, but it has most likely around 80M monthly “players”, estimated by a few “tracker” websites (down from 100M in 2016). Of course, we have to take into account that those are not really players, but, indeed, accounts, meaning one player can have a few of them to circumvent bans, or to play at a lower level. Still, even if we say only 10% of these accounts are real, active players (and I’d say the true figure is much higher), we’d get around 8M persons playing LoL.

        So, even making assumptions that greatly benefit PUBG, it still is nowhere near LoL in terms of playerbase.

  4. goodpoints says:

    playerunknown? Never hoid of ‘im.

  5. Loken Moon says:

    For the love of all that is holy.. please stop calling it PLUNKBAT. It has not caught on… anywhere.

    • Hogans heroes says:


    • Stellar Duck says:

      Who cares if it catches on?

      Are you so insecure that you need others to validate what you call a video game?

      • TrenchFoot says:

        But if I like something that isn’t popular then maybe I won’t be popular and then OMG.

    • Ghostwise says:

      Wahey !

    • Janichsan says:

      It caught on here at least.

    • Phasma Felis says:

      You guys are all the same person, aren’t you? I honestly don’t believe that there are this many people who care this much about a nickname.

  6. Erinduck says:

    Never stop calling it Plunkbat. Never.

    • HellenKiller says:

      np, just no, that’s cringey as hell. PUB-G

    • grimdanfango says:

      I shall never stop calling it Plunkbat.
      The same way I shall never stop calling Xbone Xbone.

      Things with silly names deserve sillier nicknames. This is unarguable fact.

  7. HellenKiller says:

    No one calls it punkblat. Please stop. it’s so cringey. in short it’s PUB-G.

  8. Donjo says:

    Well I call it Pub-Guh

  9. CleverMetaphor says:

    link to

  10. f0ba says:

    Wait… who the fuck even calls it PlunkBat?

    • Doomlord says:

      People who think they’re clever or funny, I guess. Who knows?

    • CleverMetaphor says:

      trashy noobs who think it’s just as fun to lose

    • jonahcutter says:

      It’s a was-never-that-clever RPS injoke they lifted from some streamer who said it once, and then proceeded to whip into the ground like the poor nag it always was.

  11. Doomlord says:

    Plunkbat – lame and desperate attempt to be edgy/funny. #butfailing

    • Thants says:

      Why must every article on Plunkbat bring out hordes of humorless scolds who don’t understand the tone of this site?

      It’s because it gets linked on Steam, isn’t it?

      • Slazia says:

        It’s Plunkbat. Please stop arguing about this. The only other reasonable alternative is Plunbagr.

      • mukuste says:

        If the hordes of humorless tryhards in this comment section are at all representative of the game’s community, that’s a very good reason not to play the game.

        • Viral Frog says:

          “If the hordes of humorless tryhards in this comment section are at all representative of the game’s community, that’s a very good reason not to play the game.”

          Hate to break it to you, but those people are representative of humanity as a whole.

    • GeoX says:


    • Megatron says:

      “…lame and desperate attempt to be edgy/funny. #butfailing”

      Says the person calling themselves “Doomlord”. #facepalm

      • Ghostwise says:

        Heh, it could have been xXD4rthD00mLord666Xx.

      • BlankedyBlank says:

        Hey, don’t forget the bloody wolf’s maw in his specially uploaded avatar!

    • Beefenstein says:

      Lame: this article has no legs anyway.

      Desperate: consistency isn’t desperation.

      Edgy: this has nothing to do with orgasms.

      Funny: why, yes it is!

      And a Merry Plunkbat season to you, too.

  12. Thants says:

    It’s a shame they’re pushing it out already. The core game-play is a lot of fun, but it still feels like a half-finished skeleton of a game.

    • Joibel says:

      What’s missing that would make it more fun?

      • Janichsan says:

        Lootboxes and microtransactions? :P

        • Joibel says:

          You say that, but it does actually have lootboxes, and effectively microtransactions because you can buy a new pair of digital shoes for real money.

          • Janichsan says:

            More lootboxes and microtransactions? And maybe some hats?

  13. QTDeFrank says:

    Plunkbat? Is that the thing you use to whack the moles in Whack-a-Mole?

  14. FireFox says:

    Please STOP calling it plunkbat.

    • youguyssuck says:

      They won’t. They think it’s the coolest handle ever created as they’re just delusionally pathetic as a collective and insist on the fact that it’s a nifty fun play on words when in reality it’s just RPS trying unsuccesfully to stand out from the other losers who make a living from plugging games as a result of having no other worth to society as a whole. Fuck you, RPS and your ‘Plunkbat” horseshit.

      • Beefenstein says:

        Your misplaced anger seems indicative of something deeper. Please look after yourself and tell the people who love you that you are hurting.

      • Stellar Duck says:

        Or maybe they do it because of humourless angry people like you.

        I couldn’t care about the name but by god I hope they never change as long as people like you have hissy fits over it.

    • MajorLag says:


    • Viral Frog says:

      No can do. It will always and forever be Plunkbat.

    • fish99 says:

      How about you STOP taking everything so seriously? It’s just a joke name.

  15. youguyssuck says:


    • Sandepande says:

      Too late.

    • Hogans heroes says:

      Never, you may take our time with your vile bile, but you’ll never take our Plunkbat. Life, liberty and Plunkbat, Plunkbat, Plunkbat!

    • Megatron says:

      Congratulations, Mr Hilariously & Needlessly Furious: you’ve pretty much guaranteed it will never be called anything else on this site ever again.


    • Beefenstein says:

      It already is a thing. And that thing is 10% of people becoming angry at it while everyone else laughs at them. It’s like some memetic virus from an SCP article.

  16. Epicedion says:

    Plunkbat is the most elegant way of saying this incredibly stupid title. What’s a “playerunknown” and what’s a PUB-G? There’s no pubs, or Gs, but there’s quite a lot of plunking and batting. Do you plunk another player and then say, “Oi mate, you just got PUB-G’d!” No. That’s what happens to your mum on a Saturday night.

  17. edwardoka says:

    Imagine being so devoid of imagination or intellect that you get worked up over an unofficial name that someone gives a game.

    • Micky Nozawa says:

      The same people that voted for Trump I imagine.

      • Megatron says:

        Ditto for those UK’ers who voted for Brexit. The stunning lack of functioning higher reasoning smells very familiar indeed.

  18. Czrly says:

    Yeah. I’m intrigued. But reading this comment section and all the bile venting merely because of the moniker: “plunkbat”, makes me wonder. If that’s even a token sign of the community, I don’t want anything to do with it.

    I guess that’s why I reserve multi-player games for friends only. And preferably in the same room.

    • Megatron says:

      Hear hear. If the cretinous outpourings above are in any way representative of the ‘people’ playing these types of games then I’m very VERY glad to have been Singleplayer Only for most of my gaming existence.

    • Dewal says:

      The community don’t really matter in this case. Play solo or with friend(s) and just kill everybody else, whether they’re nice or assholes (and mute the vocal). It’s different from LOL where you need a team and will sometime have to play with strangers if you don’t have enough friends available.

      Anyway, these are sad people that go to a site they don’t read because they don’t like the way a game is called on this site only. Do you think they intrude on couples because a guy called his wife “honey” but her name is Nicole and everybody else is calling her Nicole and he’s an asshole for trying too hard to be different ?

    • Viral Frog says:

      As has been said, the community in Plunkbat is much different than other games. There’s no text chat. There’s in-game voice chat, but it’s not at all worth using. You can’t even see player names in game unless they’re in your squad or they show up in the kill feed. You have no way of knowing the name of an avatar you see until they kill you / you kill them.

  19. The Velour Fog says:

    How good is PlUnkBat?
    PlUnkBat is spiffing


  20. woodsey says:

    The article persuaded me to give Plunkbat a go.

    And then I read the comments.

    • Seyda Neen says:

      Play with friends and mute the in-game voice chat.

      • modzero says:

        There’s voice chat in Plunkbat?

        • Viral Frog says:

          Yes, but it’s awful to use. Other players can hear you in game and it’s a fantastic way of giving up your position. I think it defaults to a team only channel. Unless you want to hear people spew racial slurs and scream like wounded, dying animals, I’d recommend leaving it set to a team-only channel and/or disabling it altogether.

    • edwardoka says:

      It’s an excellent game and its toxic community doesn’t factor, unlike something similarly nihilist like Rust, where persistent bad actors can ruin a server.

      Turn off in-game VOIP, only play solo or with plunkpals and all interactions with the community are entirely gameplay – further, once one of you dies you’ll likely never encounter that person in-game ever again.

    • Skabooga says:

      I only played it a little bit, but I too will vouch that there is no need, reason, or even time to communicate with anyone else. I was playing on my friend’s computer, he must have had it off by default, but I certainly didn’t feel like I was missing anything. Heck, I would say that it even heightened the tension.

    • RIDEBIRD says:

      As any REALLY popular multiplayer game most that play it are the worst people on the Internet, you know the GamerGrub equivalent of the online player sphere.

      One of the biggest reasons why Plunkbat owns is that you murder these people in a variety of horrible ways and that’s all the interaction you need to have with them. Play with RPS folk or friends and murder The Bad Gamers.

      It’s very satisfying seeing xXxFuckUSJWxXx bleeding out as you happily shoot at his crawling body.

  21. SableKeech says:

    To be honest, I prefer SpunkFat.

  22. Dewal says:

    Most French people I know call it by its initials [ʒe] the same way english speakers could call it P.U.B.G (it actually roll easier on the tongue in french than english).

    But apparently the one and true name is Pub-Guh, so they should be purified by flames for not using a very awkward naming that everybody (?) agreed on.

  23. modzero says:

    I, too, am extremely angry and will express my anger in this here comment section.

  24. hanshanshans says:

    Apparently, all the cool kids who are me call it “Bottlegrunge” now.

  25. Viral Frog says:

    All this sodium directed at Plunkbat is giving me hypertension. I’m baffled by how many people get so angry about what other people refer to a game as. Sucks for the people who hate it being called Plunkbat, because I’ve been spreading it everywhere I go, with all the new people I encounter, and it’s catching on at a fairly rapid pace. Y’all are going to be really pissed when you hear it referred to as Plunkbat outside of RPS, I’m sure.

  26. hypertexthero says:

    Congratulations to Brendan Green aka Player Unknown and Team for the launch of Plunkbat.

    Congrats also to Bohemia Interactive for making games like Arma 3 with mod tools and community support that together with stories like Koushun Takami’s Battle Royale could inspire this.

    I got back in touch with old friends and made new ones on Erangel and am looking forward to more stag & hen adventures in the desert.

  27. leett says:

    PLEASE stop calling it Plunkbat.

    The correct name is “Brendan’s game,” which is short for “Brendan’s very good game which we are very proud of him for having made the game.”

  28. TRS-80 says:

    Stag weekend, or Fyre Festival?

  29. Plunkbat Oranges says:

    Wot, me worry?