Tiny Metal, an Advance Wars-y strategy game, is out now

If you fancy some turn-based strat-o-tactics over the hols, hey, have a look at Tiny Metal. Launched this morning, it seems heavily inspired by the fine handheld strategy series Advance Wars. Little warmen and warvehicles trundle around little grid-based maps, making careful use of terrain to best shoot each other to pieces. I’m not a huge stratface but do remember Advance Wars fondly so good, great, lovely.

Tiny Metal is also the first game published by Unties, the new ‘indie publishing label’ from Sony Music Entertainment – no, nothing to do with the PlayStations and whatnot of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Here, it all looks a little like this:

Along with a singleplayer story campaign (about 20 hours long, Unties say), Tiny Metal boasts skirmish scenarios. 1v1 local and online multiplayer is due to be added “soon”, whenever that is.

Tiny Metal is £20/€25/$25 on Steam. It’s made by Area 35.

Another game for my ‘to play over the hols’ list! I can’t play it right now because it’s the last day of work so everyone has brought in games and Brendan is getting all het up accusing Adam of ‘juicing’ in blow football by using an asthma inhaler and oh god he’s flipped the stadium I must go break this up.


  1. Xerophyte says:

    I realize that the term “indie” has been meaningless almost since its conception but, man, the term “indie” sure is meaningless nowadays.

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      Drib says:

      It’s an indie studio. You know, those guys backed by a multibillion dollar entertainment conglomerate.

    • Marclev says:

      …the new ‘indie publishing label’ from Sony Music Entertainment…

      That does rather appear to be a contradiction in terms!

    • Smaug says:

      I think it nowadays just mean that the studio is small.

  2. KDR_11k says:

    There was some kerfuffle because this is the dev’s second kickstarter while the first (“Project Phoenix”) languishes and seems cancelled. An ex employee accuses them of using the Phoenix funding to fund this instead, the dev claims these are unrelated projects. In an interview afterwards the dev then said that Project Phoenix will be cancelled if Tiny Metal does not sell 2-4 times their expectations and also that TM is unfinished but they’re releasing it anyway because they want the money.

    Backers suggested giving PP backers a copy of TM but the dev refused because those are so totally unrelated.

    • wraithgr says:

      I was already balking at the £20 price tag, this is definitely reason to never pick this up until it appears in a humble bundle or something (and even then, use the sliders to make sure these guys get nothing out of it)

      • crazyd says:

        Jesus, one guy’s clearly biased interpretation of events with no further research is enough for you to ensure that the devs never get any money for the game they made that you still plan to play?

        I mean, “but they’re releasing it anyway because they want the money.” Seriously?

        • draglikepull says:

          Here’s a link to a Kotaku article about the subject, which contains links to much of their previous research about the topic. link to kotaku.com

          It’s not just one random person’s interpretation.

        • wraithgr says:

          What makes you think I didn’t Google further on the matter? I will admit that the slider comment may have been a bit harsh, but then again I have a special degree of contempt for people who abuse Kickstarter. If the game appears in a humble bundle, I get to choose where the money goes anyway, so I will choose to send their portion to charity. Of course that is all moot if this never appears in a HB, in which case I am unlikely to shell out for it. Hope that satisfies your misplaced indignation.

    • ThTa says:

      Ah, good ol’ Sony Music, it’s been a while since the last demonstration of their complete lack of morals and respect for their paying customers. Remember back when they installed rootkits on the PCs of people who bought their CDs? Good times, good times.

  3. Love Albatross says:

    Steam says this is single player only? Is that right?

    • KDR_11k says:

      According to an interview (link to siliconera.com) they’re planning to patch multiplayer in later, they’re releasing now because their publisher wants it that way.

    • skyturnedred says:

      Steam also says:

      “Online Multiplayer
      Soon-to-be-added online mode will test you against other players in 1-on-1 matches online or via local play!”

  4. bill says:

    Starring Dante Carver as Dante Carver!!
    How can anyone resist!

  5. Dangerside says:

    Looks great! The music in the trailer seems really familiar though, has it been used in anything else?

    • Jeremy says:

      It sounds like JRPG(specifically Final Fantasy) music to me, which has a certain homogeneous quality to it.

  6. voorsk says:

    Have Sega seen the.. er.. cover? it’s like someone drew poor anime heads on the cover of Valkyria Chronicles! Also – TWENTY QUIDS?? ((love advance wars, tho, so watching)

  7. Smaug says:

    The PC controls are not comfortable to me at all. And camera movement is more than odd.