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Warm-up Foxer  (Where am I?)

There’s something fruity about my location. I’m within 15 km of two European capitals. If I flew around the globe at this latitude I’d pass over a country with a tree-adorned flag and at least two countries with bird-adorned ones. The country I’m in joined the UN before Switzerland and after Kazakhstan. I’m 4 km from a hotel named after one of Yorkshire’s most famous sons. The local airport is 1km from here and is served by an airline with a j in its name. Sixty years ago most of the people in this vicinity were foreigners. Today, most of the visitors you meet are anglers. The nearest mountain is 350 km away and bears the name of a famous cosmonaut.

Feature Foxer

This enlargeable collage has a hidden theme. Decrypt the cryptic clues to flush it out.


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Last week’s warm-up foxer: I was here (defoxed by Gusdownup)

Last week’s feature foxer theme: fire (defoxed by Little_Crow)

BLANKET (Little_Crow)
BACKDRAFT (Little_Crow)
SHC (Little_Crow)
AXE (Stugle, Little_Crow)
ASH (Barfo)
SATI (Barfo)
PIT (Barfo)
HYDRANT (Little_Crow)
BRAND (Barfo)
GREEK (Little_Crow)
VESTA (Barfo)


  1. Arioch_RN says:

    Duke Nukem 3D mighty boot, middle bottom

  2. Stugle says:

    Buran shuttle, mirrored.

  3. Little_Crow says:

    Foot belongs to Duke Nukem, I think

  4. Little_Crow says:

    Briefcase belongs to Doctor Carrot – the Children’s best friend

  5. Gothnak says:

    I assumed that was the HMS Jamaica and therefore a Korean War wargame, but no luck on BGG.

    • Stugle says:

      ‘Zareba’ is the word for an enclosure of a village or a corral. It’s African in origin. So I wonder if the chits are for a wargame that covers a broad sweep of conflict – Boer Wars through Korea, perhaps?

      • Gothnak says:

        I thought it was a type of Submarine net as it is now a make of electric fence, but no luck on Google.

      • Gothnak says:

        Ok, apparently it is the name for the minefield off the coast of Belgium in WW1, so it’s a WW1 war game? :p.

        • Gothnak says:

          Of course, the HMS Jamaica wasn’t around in WW1 though…

          • Stugle says:

            The plane (Lancs3) and Tommy Gun also are too modern for an exclusively WWI setting. Now, I’m always good at saying what it isn’t, but coming up with with it IS, is a lot harder.

          • Gothnak says:

            For the love of god, it’s annoying, apparently, the Zareba was also a Trawler cum Minesweeper in WW2…

            HMT Zareba August 1940 Minesweeper, returned November 1944

            No idea where it did what it did though….

            link to

      • Rorschach617 says:

        To confuse matters, I remember reading that the flying column sent across the desert during the Relief of Khartoum built zarebas with the local thorny brush when pitching camp for the night.

        I can imagine that the idea entered the military vernacular, at least until laager was introduced.

  6. Gothnak says:

    Similar to a Black Hairstreak Butterfly, just doesn’t have the dots at the end of the wings.

    link to

  7. Arioch_RN says:

    Duchess of Hamilton, upside down in the middle link to

  8. Gothnak says:

    My guess on theme is Watch manufacturers.


    Also apparently a lesser known Carrotwatch?

  9. Syt says:

    Warmup Foxer has me stumped. The only two European capitals close enough together would be Vienna and Bratislava (a bit over 30 km), or maybe Rome/Vatican. However, it appears the only flags with trees on them are Fiji, Lebanon, Haiti, Equatorial Guinea, and Fiji, which are all at the wrong latitude. Unless we count tree parts, like in the Canadian Flag.

    Slovakia would be a good fit, because it did join the UN after Kazakhstan (1993 vs 1992). However, the Slovakian border is minimum 30 km from Vienna. And Austria joined the UN in 1955, so it’s out.

    • Stugle says:

      Glad to see I’m not the only one stumped!

      • Rorschach617 says:

        Tree flag? “Stumped”?

        I’m calling you out for that pun, sir!

      • Stugle says:

        Tim is messing with us in a seasonally-appropriate way: We’re on Kirimati (Christmas Island), which is part of Kiribati (joined the UN in 1999) and has two settlements named London and Paris.

    • Hydrogene says:

      Countries with a tree also include Belize, but it’s too far south…

  10. Stugle says:

    I’m stuck with the warm-up. European capitals close together (within 15+15=30 km?) are Bratislava-Vienna and Vatican City-Rome. But both of those capitals are easily within 350 kilometers of mountains.

    The only country with a tree on its flag I’ve found so far is Lebanon, which is a good bit more southern than most of Europe, particularly its capitals.

    Kazakhstan entered the UN on March 2, 1992 (with a slew of other countries). Switzerland entered on September 10, 2002. Inbetween, the following countries joined:

    – Bosnia and Herzegovina; Croatia; Slovenia – May 22, 1992
    – Georgia – July 31, 1992
    – Czech Republic; Slovakia – January 19, 1993
    – FYROM – April 8, 1993
    – Eritrea, Monaco – May 28, 1993
    – Andorra – July 28, 1993
    – Palau – December 15, 1994
    – Kiribati, Nauru, Tonga – September 14, 1999
    – Tuvalu – September 5, 2000
    – Serbia – November 1, 2000
    (Thank you, Wikipedia sortable list)

    Google is not cooperating and giving me a convenient list of mountains named after cosmonauts.

    • Hydrogene says:

      Close to the ex-Yugoslavia, with many countries members of the UN at the good dates, I’ve found mount Titov Vrv (named after Tito, not Titov…). It’s in the NW of Macedonia. link to

      • Stugle says:

        I saw that, too. But there’s so many other mountains nearby… That ‘nearest mountain is 350 km’ thing is really doing in my brain.

        • Syt says:

          The 350 km from nearest mountain makes me think Northern Central Europe, or much of Eastern Europe. However, the only way this allows for the “15km from two capitals” requirement is if we’re not looking at a spot, but rather a larger geographical feature (a forest, swamp, lake or similar).

          • Rorschach617 says:

            If it wasn’t for the UN Membership date, I’d be looking at Cyprus.
            Arguably, Nicosia could act as two capitals (both for Greek and Turkish Cyprus) and it’s on the same latitude as Lebanon.

          • Stugle says:

            London and Paris on Kirimati – Christmas Island. I still need to find the exact spot, though.

  11. Gothnak says:

    The statue is of Jean-Honore Fragonard.

    link to

    • Stugle says:

      That explains why my searches for a statue of a female painter were so fruitless…

  12. Gothnak says:

    Right, new solution for the theme, Disneys Frozen (which I haven’t seen!)

    Fragonard’s the Swing was inspiration,
    One of the characters has a steak of white hair,
    Buran means Blizzard (thanks Stugle),
    There’s a Duke in the film or so imdb says,

  13. phlebas says:

    Might the shortcut near the top be either Frozen Synapse or Frozen Cortex, then?

  14. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    The background picture at the bottom (the bridge going over a car park):
    The car on the left is a Renault Clio, which rules out North America. I’m still trying to work out the car on the far right. It looks like a ‘woodie’ (ie wood trim on the sides), which would imply the US, or nearby, but it doesn’t seem to match up with anything I’ve found so far, so it could be advertising or something?

    • Premium User Badge

      phuzz says:

      Ah, I’m 90% sure the car on the right is a 2013 Skoda Octavia Estate, which I think limits us to Europe.

      • Premium User Badge

        phuzz says:

        Those streetlights on either side of the bridge are probably the key to this, they’re pretty unique but I can’t find them anywhere.