What are we all playing this holiday?

Ho ho ho! Happy holidays, gang. We’re now (mostly) finished for the year, logging off to spend a week carving new megalithic calendars for 2018. We’ll have some bits and pieces over the break but will return in full force on January 2nd. And by “in full force” I probably mean “slightly dazed but enthusiastic to remember what it is we do.”

What are you playing this holiday? Here’s what we’re clicking on.

Adam: I’m still catching up on the games I missed in 2017. That’ll be primarily The Sexy Brutale, Battle Chef Brigade and Gorogoa. I’m also hoping that the copious amounts of brandy and pie I’ve hidden around the house will tempt Santa to pay a visit, and if he does I’m going to clobber him and nick a Nintendo Switch from his sack.

Lord help me, I really want to play Mario and Zelda.

Alec: For me, it’s catch-up time on all the RPS advent calendar GOTYs I managed to miss. Tacoma, Opus Magnum, Nier Automata, The Nonary Games, Getting Over It and, well, basically anything not recommended by John. Although I did just buy Steamworld Dig 2, so I’ve already broken that resolution. Curses. Anyway, happy new Doctor Who, one and all!
Alice: Over the past week I’ve mentioned building a Christmas playing list including They Are Billions, Tiny Metal, and Bridge Constructor Portal. Today, as I packed my bags, I realised “Oh yes, I’m off to a lochside cabin to be quiet with chums and need to carry a week’s food so I certainly can’t bring my laptop too.” So, uh, I suppose I’m playing a little Plunkbat 1.0 with The Lads before vanishing off for long misty walks and some frigid swims. My goal is to freeze solid out on a rock and become a local ghost.
Brendan: I will be getting my eyes blackened in Tekken 7. But also I want to play Okami and Gorogoa and Getting Over It and Horizon Zero Dawn and Zelda Breath of the Wild and oh no I’ve fallen off the PC.

But I will probably be playing a fun game I like to call “Stop the family dog from attacking the family cat from attacking the family baby from attacking the floor with pans.” It may become a holiday tradition.

Graham: I’m back on the Plunkbat horse, thanks to the addition of the new desert map. It also just fits into my life in a way most other multiplayer games don’t. When not at my computer this Chrimbo, I’ll be spending time with family, including with a toddler who will wake up at any given moment and demand cuddles and reading and the drawing of cars. Plunkbat’s (optionally) short rounds, quick reconnects and enjoyable solo mode mean I can play for as long as I’ve got and not sweat it if there’s suddenly a kid to entertain. A true blessing.
John: The number one game I want to play this Christmas hibernation is Oxenfree, on the TV downstairs, with my wife Laura, who doesn’t play any games ever but has agreed to try this. I’ve no desires at all to convince her of the joys of playing games, but I really want to share this story that I love so much.

Otherwise, I hope to catch up on bits and pieces I’ve missed over 2017, although am grimly aware that holidays with a three year old aren’t holidays at all, meaning I shall likely spend the break looking forward to when work starts so I can play games again. I’ve put my life on upside down.

Katharine: I’ll be at my parents this Christmas, so I’ll mainly be relying on my Switch to fill in the gaps between polite conversation and waiting for my brothers to finally go and see The Last Jedi so we can talk about how flawed (but secretly great) it is. As such, I’ll likely be hunkering down with Xenoblade Chronicles 2 for the duration, but I’m hoping to finish the Zelda DLC as well. Fortunately, I also have a gaming laptop I’m testing over Christmas, so I’ll be able to dip into a few other treats when I’m all JRPG’d out. Right now, I’ve got my eye on Wolfenstein II and Spellforce 3, but that will probably change to something more sedate like Zero Time Dilemma or Danganronpa V3 when the inevitable turkey coma sets in.
Matt: [Fired. Yes, just days before Christmas. Get Grinched on. -ed.]

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing? See you next year!


  1. harmen says:

    Will give Virginia a try, other than that I often end up back in Path of Exile, somehow.

    • Ross Angus says:

      Do. I’ve only just played it for the first time and was bewitched. I’m going to play it again over Christmas, to try and piece together the story.

  2. Mungrul says:

    As I’ll be with the parents over Christmas, if I get any gaming done at all, it’ll probably be on the Switch, so maybe finally finishing off Zelda (which is nowhere near as stellar as people would have me believe), and collecting some more moons in Mario. I may treat myself to something else on the Switch too, such as Stardew Valley, which while I already have it on Windows, I think would suit portable gaming quite nicely.

    I may also play on the Mini SNES I bought my nephew for Christmas :)

    When I get back, I’ll probably sink some more time in to The Division, where it is perpetually Christmas.
    I also intend to play some Sims 4 for artificial family melodrama as opposed to the very real family melodrama I expect to encounter during the holiday, and Hitman, which is the gaming gift that keeps on giving.

    I may also remember that I picked up Okami.

    • Viral Frog says:

      I really enjoy Breath of the Wild but I do not understand why it’s so highly praised. In true open world fashion, the majority of the game feels like nothing more than filler. Still great fun, plenty of enjoyment to be had, but just nowhere near deserving of the praise its received.

      • Mungrul says:

        Yeah, I think in a few years time when people look back on it, they’ll be less forgiving of it. But I suppose that it took the world by storm because it was probably the best launch title a console’s had in ages.

        1: It’s too big; there could have been a quarter the number of shrines and it would have still been good.
        And 900 Koroks?
        Fuck off.

        2: The weapon system sucks. People are claiming it’s innovative and that it makes you use all the weapons, but that’s never been a problem in previous Zeldas. If anything, certain weapons get used less because they don’t have dedicated uses anymore. I’m looking at you, boomerangs.

        3: And it’s not just the breaking (which is set FAR too low). It’s the fact that when a weapon breaks, you have to stop actually playing the game and choose a new weapon. Hell, that’s the same for changing weapon, arrow type or power too. And it’s unnecessarily fiddly.

        4: Then there’s monster scaling, which would be all very well and good if weapons didn’t break so frequently, often leaving you with an underpowered weapon to use on an up-scaled enemy.

        5: The Gerudo and their portrayal left me feeling very uncomfortable. They feel like a representation of women in gaming from the Nineties.

        6: And climbing in the rain can fuck right off too.

        7: NO HOOKSHOT.

        Still, it’s not as bad as Skyward Sword. That was a truly terrible game.

        • Shinard says:

          I think Skyward Sword got a bad rep. I thoroughly enjoyed it, though I’ll admit it’s probably at the lower end of Zelda games. Still, it’s a perfectly solid Zelda game that scratches that itch very nicely. Plus, the least janky motion controlled sword system in games, that was cool.

        • Kamestos says:

          8. Immediately being electrocuted once it begins raining. Fun.
          9. Excellent cooking system but no way to repair weapons or crafting arrows ? Come on.

          Since BotW will be goty 2017 in most publications, it means the following: the best game of 2017 is a Wii U game.
          Let it sink for a moment.

          • welverin says:

            You don’t instantly get struck by lightning in the rain, you start to spark before hand. Furthermore, you only get struck if you have metal items equipped, so if you unequip them you’re safe.

            You acquire so many weapons that a repair system is unnecessary. I got to the point where I had to start discarding them when I found something new that was good.

            In a similar vein, arrows are plentiful enough that a crafting system for them isn’t particularly necessary either.

          • Kamestos says:

            To each his own, I guess. I had a pretty good time until the end (I found the castle awesome), but those design decisions really annoyed me. Really a good game but not that marvelous (imo of course).

      • mmandthetat says:

        Zelda games don’t age well, period. And trust me, as someone who had a life-defining experience with Ocarina of Time, I take no joy in saying this.

        • ansionnach says:

          A Link to the Past is still great. A game as hysterically hyped as OoT is almost certain to be marked down in subsequent evaluations. I enjoyed it when it was new but didn’t thought it was vastly overrated. When you go back to it after Wind Waker the movement doesn’t feel fluid enough.

    • Eddy9000 says:

      Breath of the wild is brilliant. Between that, Mario and a couple of indie titles you won’t need anything else for the next year, no exaggeration.

      • fish99 says:

        I went into it with no expectations, having played little of the series (just Wind Waker HD), and absolutely loved it. Such a high quality game, almost no bugs/glitches, superb designs and animation, and a fantastic world with complete freedom to explore and discover the game’s systems and mechanics.

        I haven’t been so addicted to a game in a long time.

  3. GernauMorat says:

    I will be playing Skiing, so confined to my phone in the evenings. However, I have discovered that The Lion’s Song is on Android, so I’ll finally give it a go. Also probably a bit of 80 Days, because it has the best words.

  4. Henke says:

    Picked up Halo 2 for 1€ at the fleamarket recently. Permitting time and privacy I’ll throw that in the ol’ XBox at mom’s when I’m visiting for the holidays. It’s the only Halo game I’ve never played.

  5. Avioto says:

    Finally finished NieR: Automato and now I feel like playing a shorter game, something I can finish quickly. So I started playing Assassin’s Creed Oranges!

  6. N'Al says:

    I’m finally giving Borderlands 2 a go (solo), but I think I may have made a mistake in picking Zer0; he’s an absolute glass cannon, I’m dying a lot. :-/

    • Premium User Badge

      Qazinsky says:

      Zer0 is indeed fragile. If you haven’t gotten too far, I’d recommend restarting as Salvador (Gunzerker), his ability to regenerate health and ammo with his special ability makes him a good starter character.

    • Viral Frog says:

      Zer0 is my go to! He is definitely a glass cannon, but his skill trees are my favorite. I just thoroughly appreciate that he speaks in haiku.

    • Chorltonwheelie says:

      Stick with Zer0. Once you’ve levelled up a bit and acquired some serious sniper power you’re a god.

    • welverin says:

      Over leveling can help.

  7. Glubber says:

    They Are Billions, mostly. Determined not to be outdone by that one frickin zombie that somehow manages to get by my impregnable (and by that I mean swiss cheese-ish) defenses.

  8. IgrokU says:

    Sadly, even though I have many 100’s of games, I continue to play Mechwarrior online- 5+ years after launch…. such a love- hate relationship… disgusting, sigh.

  9. wombat191 says:

    Fallout 4.. always Fallout 4

  10. gabrielonuris says:

    It will be Mad Max! There has been years since I had such a blast with an open world game, and my God what a beautiful wasteland, with wonderful sunsets…

    During christmas morning it will probably be something old, like Quake (last year it was Brutal Doom 64).

    • Megatron says:

      Mad Max is a genuinely great time. Please enjoy it for me too.

      • barchetta says:

        Seconded. Sure there is a definite rinse/repeat to the game but it nailed the look of the latest movie and made for screencap heaven with the beautiful, desolate expanse.

    • buschap says:

      Lovely! I got about halfway through it about a year ago and then started prepping for a move and didn’t come back. I’m still itching to jump back in.

      I’m thinking / hoping it’ll have enough waypoints that I won’t be too lost.

    • wombat191 says:

      I will say the storms in Max max are some of the best I’ve seen in a game

  11. Carra says:

    Trying to play a few smaller games I missed this year. Currently playing through Dishonored: death of the outsider. And boy, does it have excellent level design! It’s great fun to figure out one of the many ways to get things done.

    Next up, mmm. Maybe Nier? Maybe Firewatch or Shardlight. Or Endless Space 2…

    • Jac says:

      Totally forgot about death of the outsider. Was meaning to pick that up when it came out but have been eternally distracted by the existence of the Switch. Will make sure I do over Christmas.

  12. hoho0482 says:

    Off on hols with the diddy gpd pocket. Hoping poly bridge portal will run on that.

    • Avioto says:

      I’m really into my GPD Win lately, it’s a great little device to play point & click and puzzle games. A new one should be coming out next year.

      Have fun!

  13. Ross Angus says:

    John: would you mind recording a podcast with Laura and grill her about Oxenfree? She’s a hoot when she’s allowed on Rum Doings.

  14. Daymare says:

    Trying not to RIP on my latest SRS Necro in Path of Exile’s HC Abyss league. 78 so far, finally hit my stride and managing to finish those map abysses regularly. Except for rare Soul Eaters. Fuck Soul Eaters.

    I also bought NMS on a whim, because people said “it’d be a good game if it was only like 20€”. Since it’s 20€ on Steam Winter Sale I’ll see what all the fuzz was about. If I can just float about in space and around planets for a few hours and prod at a few red dogs and yellow bears I’ll get my money’s worth.

  15. Eightball says:

    What holiday is RPS celebrating? Does it have a name?

  16. Faldrath says:

    It’s also going to be Path of Exile, trying blade furry for the first time and it’s going rather well. Plus it’s green. This league is very green, which I approve.

    (merry Horacemas, RPS!)

    • Daymare says:

      How far’d you get? Currently 83 and into T5 maps. Going real careful this time.

      I killed a Lich in one of those Abyss dungeons after about 10 minutes combat. It was harrowing. Got a unique helmet which charges you with spirits (Lightpoacher) and gives you an extra skill called Spirit Burst. Can’t use it but sounds crazy.

  17. Ghostwise says:

    I’m going to completely fail to find the time to play Butterfly Soup.

  18. Catterbatter says:

    I’ll do Oxenfree for the first time and finally play Guacamelee after it’s sat there in my backlog for ages.

    Friendly reminder: Synchronicity Prologue is supposed to be taken down in two days, so get it while you can.

  19. Cyrus says:

    Metro Last Light and Titan Quest with the new expansion. Sometime I’ll be getting back for Wild Hunt’s expansions as well.

    • Daymare says:

      I played Metro LL on “Ranger Hardcore” and it was one of my favorite FPS experiences of all time. No interface, most things die with one headshot etc. Gorgeous game, too. Absolutely beautiful, haunting settings, especially later on. I’d somehow rank it up there with nuDOOM and Wolfenstein:TNO (but feels very different).

      So if that mode’s included in the base game now (it wasn’t when it came out) I absolutely recommend that.

  20. Masked Dave says:

    As I’ll be mainly away from my home PC I’ll be putting time into Planescape Torment on my Android tablet, a game I can’t believe I’ve only just gotten around to!

  21. melerski says:

    Mechwarrior (Living Legends)

    And the board game Catacombs with my brother.

  22. ziffel says:

    * Dishonored 2
    * SOMA
    * Superflight
    * Eleven Table Tennis VR

  23. celticdr says:

    Skyrim – reinstalled the Special Edition version. It’s my favourite game during summer here in Australia – I like to pretend I’m somewhere cold. Ice cold. “Ahhh, I’m there” – Simpsons reference.

    • wombat191 says:

      haha Glad I’m not the only one to do that while it’s freaking hot

  24. EgoMaster says:

    I’ll be continuing my Dungeons & Dragons marathon. I finished EOB3 and found out that Risingson was right. EOB3 wasn’t worth it. I still finished it but it was plain bad. SFX were all over the place, it looked worse, it played worse. Overall, Eye of the Beholder trilogy was a bit of a disappointment. First one wasn’t as good as I hoped, second one was the only classic, third one– Well, the less said about it, the better.

    So, Phase Two is commencing. That means two Dark Sun games. Let’s see what they’ll bring.

    • RedPanda87 says:

      ooooh. I love the Dark Sun games, especially the first one. Always felt they were massively underrated.

  25. Vandelay says:

    I did pick up a couple of fun VR titles last night on the Steam sale; I Expect You to Die and Audioshield. The former had me grinning from ear to ear straight away during the excellent title sequence. The game itself is a lot of fun too. I hear it is pretty short (it is a VR game, so…) But I’ve almost played an hour and not even finished the second mission yet, so I think it will be worth the £9 something.

    Audioshield is enjoyable too. Been looking for a good VR game that can double as a bit of a workout and this fits the bill nicely. The balls you have to hit don’t exactly line up with the music, but it works enough to feel good. Bumping the difficulty up also gets pretty hectic. No doubt I look a right baffoon waving my arms around in the real world, but that is half the fun. Think I might be able to get some of the fam giving it a go over the weekend which should be a laugh.

    Flat screen, I want to give Monster Hunter World Beta a go (on PS4). Will also be continuing with The Witcher 3.

    • WombatDeath says:

      I will be starting Witcher 3 for the first time. I haven’t played either of the first two.

      Should I install any mods or keep it vanilla? I will be playing with K&M and am almost certainly rubbish at third-person melee combat.

      • gi_ty says:

        The K&B support for Witcher 3 is fine, not great but what 3rd person action game is with a keyboard. I used it a bit when i broke my controller halfway through the base game. I don’t think it needs any mods there was a combat mod that looked neat but its still pretty good without it. Try to play on the hardest difficulty you can so preparing for fights is fun and useful. It makes scouting your target and finding its weakness much more satisfying.

      • Harlaw says:

        My inner Witcher fan just winced, haha. I know especially the first game aged badly, but I still hold a lot of affection for it and there are a few call-backs in TW3 which I loved (though you don’t miss anything vital if you don’t understand them, don’t worry). It makes me a little sad when people skip the first two games to play Witcher 3.

        As far as mods go, I would recommend All Quest Objectives On Map and Pause and Menu Anytime. Aside from that, for your first playthrough? Go as vanilla as possible, and enjoy. I wish I could experience TW3 again for the first time. :)

  26. ByrdWhyrm says:

    The announcement of the Predator-Ghost Recon: Wildlands tie-in convinced me to finally pick that up, so I plan on violating the sovereignty of Bolivia and dismantle a cartel that realistically would be the result of terrible American foreign policy in the first place. But this backdrop is actually pretty much in line with the setup of Predator to begin with, which makes the crossover all the more cool!

  27. Viral Frog says:

    I get my boys today through Sunday. So we’ll probably be playing some Spelunky, Need For Speed Hot Pursuit, Mario Kart 8 on the WiiU. Then, since I’ll be by myself for Christmas and all my other family is 800+ miles away, I’m gonna go catch the new Star Wars movie and play some solo Plunkbat. Perhaps get a bit more of my KF2 Krampus fill as well.

  28. Ben King says:

    I’m away from my pc and console for the holiday so it’s gonna be mobile & pen and paper. Mobile will maybe be PRY at the airport if i’m lucky, and as always Hundred Rabbits dungeon-crawling-solitaire: DONSOL. I finally printed out the rules for MAZE RATS- a simple homemade RPG adventuring system by Ben Milton (AKA Questing Beast) All rules and character generation take up just 3 pages, with a handful more guidance for the GM. Bought a little $1 dungeon he made from Drive Thru RPG called “The Alchemist’s Repose” where the emphasis is on manipulating the dungeon against itself with creative problem solving and hackable automaton guards. Going to flesh it out with details over the holiday and see if I can’t convince my regular D&D group to give it a go on our next session.

    it may also finally be time to buy Invisible Inc. but apart from that i’ve got a pretty iron grip on my wallet this season with the exception of What Remains of Edith Finch which is gonna be a console purchase.

    • spleendamage says:

      Invisible, Inc. is 75% off on Steam and an unbelievable bargain at that price. That is if you like slick, tense, turn-based, puzzle/stealth games.

  29. Premium User Badge

    Aerothorn says:

    Hold the phone, Alec! You’re resuming Nier: Automata? I thought you swore never to touch it again :)

  30. Premium User Badge

    bsplines says:

    The plan is to mainly play Prey, with some messing around in the Witcher 3 if I have time. Nex Machina and Stories Untold for shorter experiences too.

    But I may be getting a Switch for Christmas…

  31. Horg says:

    I had intended to get XCOM 2 WotC going, but as 2K refuse to discount it to a reasonable price, that will have to wait. Also, the expansion suddenly got £5 more expensive for no discernible reason (£35 before mark down now, didn’t even pay that for the base game). If this trend continues, inflation might keep me away for good.

    So Christmas will be spend farming Path of Exile’s Abyss league. With all the new league specific item modifiers, the potential for the perfect rare drop has never been so great.

  32. Thulsa Hex says:

    I would love to finish Zelda before the new year. At my current pace, I’m not sure if that’s possible, but I’ll try! We also just picked up that Mario + Rabbids XCOM-alike. So time with the Switch is gonna be a hot commodity.

    On PC, I’m not sure yet! Chapter II of Pillars of Eternity is waiting for me, but I’ll probably tie up some shorter loose ends first.

    Have a great one, guys!

  33. wellpapp says:

    During the holiday visits I usually bring my laptop for a chance to catch up on smaller sized games the year or previous one brought.. while sipping on a cup of glögg (link to en.wikipedia.org). For this year I’ll try OneShot, Virginia, Knock-knock and Midnight Ultra. And probably continue my Divinity 2-save.

  34. Bowak says:

    I plan to finish off some bite size chunks that can be done in 1 sitting at a time, so at least 3 of the following depending on my mood at the time:

    The last 2 chapters of Telltale’s Game of Thrones

    Her Story

    Press X To Not Die


    80 Days

    • wombat191 says:

      I uninstalled GOT in between episode 2 and 3 thinking my save would be fine.. it wasn’t grrr

  35. Ossian says:

    I’m getting close to finishing The Witcher 3, so that’s the top of the list.

    I’ve also gotten back into XCOM the First again, determined to actually finish a campaign. I forgot how tense the game makes me. My shoulders actually ache after playing.

    Some games of Fortnite BR too I imagine. I’ve gotten to the point where I actually think I might be able to win a solo. Maybe. If everything aligns properly and the last 2 or 3 opponents start to have connection issues, then I think I can do it.

    Other than that I’ve been focusing more on my backlog and running through some of the “smaller” games — you know, the ones from bundles — and finding some interesting stuff that’s fun to muck around with for a bit.

    Oh, and always Out of the Park Baseball. Always.

  36. Premium User Badge

    Iamblichos says:

    I just splurged on self-Xmas and bought a Samsung HMD Odyssey, so Fallout VR and Minecraft VR are at the top of the list. Being inside the world is… very trippy indeed. I’m sure there are also going to be numerous rounds of “how the &%%! do I configure this?!” to add spice to the holidays.

  37. Premium User Badge

    Big Dunc says:

    I’m going to finish my second XCOM WotC campaign so I can devote myself to Bomber Crew.

  38. wackazoa says:

    Just started Demon’s Souls. Owned it for the last year without ever playing it, and since they are shutting down the servers here soon figured now would be the time to try it. Im complete shit at Souls games, just beat the 1st Demon’s Souls proper boss and have already died 10 times, so this should be a frustratingly fun time.

  39. Seafoam says:

    I want to play some Windows 98 games with my cousins on Christmas eve for the good old days.

  40. Premium User Badge

    subdog says:

    “basically anything not recommended by John”

    Shots fired!

  41. gi_ty says:

    Probably some RimWorld with the Star Wars and a bunch of other mods. It’s probably overpowered to have your Sith Lord reflect shots and blasting enemies with force lightning, but it sure makes for a fun way to deal with raids. Also some plunkbat (my friends are lazy and just call it pub, which in the U.S. doesn’t lead to as much confusion as it would for the U.K. folk). The new map is a very welcome change. We can usually score 1 dinner in a 4 hour or so session. I want to buy Total Warhammer 2 but now I just want to wait for the inevitable sale when the tomb kings DLC drops. Still have yet to finish 2nd Witcher play through with the DLC and I have an XCOM 2 game going where all I need to do is kill the Warlock. I didn’t play it without the WOTC DLC but the strat layer seems really easy to stay ahead of on normal. It is the main reason I lost interest. Maybe its time for a restart on a harder difficulty. I’m also really interested in Spellforce 3 any recommends for that? Fraser seemed slightly ambivalent in his Wot if i remember right.

  42. syllopsium says:

    I’ve just finished Monty Python’s Complete Waste of Time and replaying The Quest for the Holy Grail, so the retro gaming will be on to start The Meaning of Life.

    May dig the 3DS out for whilst at the parents and give Steamworld Heist a bit more of a go, and will be taking my (old) laptop for older low powered games.

    For the new system, more No Man’s Sky, some VR games, and probably some more..

  43. FizicsMcmanus says:

    The Surge and considering getting the expansion to Grim Dawn.

  44. Stillquest says:

    Okami HD, most certainly Okami. It’s not a perfect game – my main gripe with it is the lack of challenge (in 50 hours of gameplay I didn’t lose a combat ONCE, and I’m no fighting game god), but it’s beautiful and has that elusive quality – let’s call it soul or heart – that few games have.

  45. Plunkbat Oranges says:

    I’ll be attempting to finish ‘Mother 3’ and do all the hunting missions in ‘Yakuza 5’ in between some rounds of the latest ‘Everybody’s Golf’.

    That and yelling ‘Plunkbat!’ out of car windows to frighten old people.

    • Buuurr says:

      Plunkbat is such a good way to talk about PlayerUnknownBattlegrounds because Plunkbat makes a lot more sense when speaking it aloud. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but they are wrong.

      • Plunkbat Oranges says:

        Correct. ‘PUB-G’ sounds like a failed nineties rapper, or worse yet, Afroman’s DJ.

  46. Buuurr says:

    theHunter and it’s expansion. Some Spellforce III and a little Total Warhammer 2, if I bother to buy it.

  47. fish99 says:

    Will be diving into VR (Rift) come monday, but also picked up Forza 7 for pc/xbox so I’ll be playing some more of that and hopefully it’s smooth and crash free now.

    Also want to check out the Monster Hunter World Beta.

    • fish99 says:

      Well, Monster Hunter is solid and very pretty, but the Rift and VR is spectacular. The sense of genuinely being somewhere else is mind blowing, as is the scale of everything, and the controllers allow for such natural interactions with the world, like picking up a ball by gripping it and then throwing it to the other hand, or bending down to look at something. Sounds simple but it feels amazing.

  48. Omega T-Rex says:

    Quake Championships and Total War Warhammaer 2

  49. Talahar says:

    I’m in the last throes of Asscreed 2, finally being able to finish it after sitting on a stupid showstopping mission for over a year.
    When I’m done with that, I’ll follow up with Asscreed Brotherhood, but for a palate cleanser I also have LEGO Marvel Super Heroes installed right now, as celebration for Disney finally buying FOX. My beloved Fantastic Four can finally be back at the height of brilliance that they deserve. IT’S CLOBBERING TIME!

  50. Shinard says:

    Probably Skyrim. I started a new character quite recently, after a few years of not playing, and it’s pulled me in a lot more than I remember it doing the first time round. It might be the simplest Elder Scrolls, and I still miss Morrowind, but it absolutely nails something very key for me. I’m not quite sure what that is over Oblivion and Morrowind, and I can’t really describe it, but it’s a lot of fun. Maybe it’s because the role-play elements are so turned down – though I do miss the importance of non-combat skills. If it just had much better writing, like New Vegas, and a more impactful conversation system, I’d say it could be perfect.

    Besides that, probably Mount and Blade: Warband. There’s a game that just eats time. I’ve been meaning to play through Danganronpa 2 for ages, I loved the original. And I’m thinking of treating myself to Cuphead – the style is ridiculously charming.