The First RPS Cracker Of Christmas

While we’re all curled up in our shared Christmas hibernation cocoon over the holidays, the site gets a little quieter. But fear not, for each day of the ho-ho-holidays there’s a Christmas cracker to pull! Oh, and of course, if you’re after more posts you might have missed, why not join our Supporter Program, and unlock dozens of new posts from the last year!

Meanwhile, you provide your own party hat, and we’ll provide the groaner of a gag.

Q: Why are Double Fine the best at putting presents under the tree?

A. Because they’re good at stacking!


Top comments

  1. int says:

    Why were all the wolves crazy?

    Because they drank from the giant acid-laced Wolfen-beer-Stein II: The New Colossus.
  1. Person of Interest says:

    Let me catch my breath, RPS. I’m still letting out a long groan from last year’s crackers.

    • Darth Gangrel says:

      And while you do that, the bot below your comment wants to tell you how to make money by visiting this or that special site.

      It should take lessons from Mr Paul B below, because he really inspires confidence. I *almost* want to click on his link.

  2. Ooops says:

    Is someone paid to write these?

  3. pack.wolf says:

    Oh no, it’s started again. I don’t know if I have the strength for another season.

  4. Rao Dao Zao says:

    This is the true spirit of crimbo. <3

  5. Don Reba says:

    Why…. oh, it’s a game they made! Stacking! And it’s also an important skill for arranging presents! Post more of these, please.

  6. int says:

    Why were all the wolves crazy?

    Because they drank from the giant acid-laced Wolfen-beer-Stein II: The New Colossus.

  7. caff says:

    I always love the cracker jokes :)

    Regarding the supporter scheme, I would totally rejoin if:
    1) The rewards were updated (I went through the sale of three Horace hats and I can’t face doing it again), and
    2) The site didn’t call me a bad person for using an adblocker. I know they support the site and I’m all for that, but an ad-free experience for paid-up supporters would be amazing.

    That’s not to say I don’t see any merit in the program, I love what it stands for (diversity and depth of content). I just want to see the rewards revamped.

    Merry Horacemas all!

    • John Walker says:

      A lot of work is currently going into sorting all these things out.

    • frymaster says:

      I’d resubscribe except even with “remember me” ticket the site logs me out after a while. I realised I was never seeing the supporter content so I let my subscription lapse after a while

  8. hprice says:

    A: Because the branches were so long at the bottom that the only people could get underneath were dwarves, and only dwarves work at Double Fine.

    … is it ok to say dwarves, nowadays??