Doom turns philosophical in The Revenant Problem

Doom 2: The Revenant Problem

A classic Doom 2 combat scenario: A Revenant (its chaotic nature making it one of the most agitating skeletal foes in gaming history) runs headlong down a track. If it reaches its destination, it will inadvertently kill five Imps. If you choose to divert it, it will only kill one. What do you decide?

Okay, it’s not much of a question – more Imp-murder is always good – but this and several dozen increasingly complex philosophical conundrums (plus a few surprises) await a baffled Doomguy in The Revenant Problem, a very silly Doom mod to cap off the venerable FPS’s 24th year.

The Revenant Problem is the third in a trilogy of short mods by Marphy Black, each taking a deeper look at the most irritating of all of Doom 2’s enemies; the chaotic, unpredictable and frequently deadly Revenant. The first project was 100,000 Revenants, pitting the player bare-handed against a massive army of boneheads. He responded to community complaints (usually ‘LESS SKELETONS PLEASE’) by releasing Infinite Revenants, just in case real numbers weren’t enough.

He did at one point attempt to recreate 100,000 Revenants in the Doom 2016 engine using the Snapmap editor, but found that the game only allows you to spawn a maximum of 12 enemies at any given time, leaving you 99,988 short of a good time.

While The Revenant Problem is one of the most instantly amusing Doom mods of 2017, this has been a grand year for the grizzled old shooter. You can check out the rest of 2017’s best over at the annual Cacowards, a yearly community awards ceremony held over at Doomworld. You can also check out a couple of our picks of the year, all collated under our Doom 2 tag here. I cannot recommend Skulldash highly enough – it’ll change the way that you play Doom, given half a chance.

In order to enjoy the philosophical conundrums of The Revenant Problems (and possibly its its rather more numerically excessive predecessors), you’ll need yourself Doom 2 (currently cheap as chips on Steam), the GZDoom engine, and the mod itself.


  1. kameradoktorn says:

    10 bucks for 25 year old chips? :s

    • Faldrath says:

      Hey, if you found actual 25 year old chips that you *still could eat*, they’d be worth a lot more than 10 bucks.

    • Dominic Tarason says:

      Oh, bloody hell. I wrote this last night and it was $2.50. Forgot GOG’s Winter Sale ends well before the end of winter. Amending.

  2. Faldrath says:

    I would like to take this opportunity to say that I really enjoyed Dominic’s contributions this year – his insight into games and mods that RPS sometimes overlooks is really appreciated.

    • Beefenstein says:



    • Dominic Tarason says:

      Aww, thank ya. I just saw this particular mod pop into existence a couple days back and figured it’d make a nice holiday stocking stuffer.

  3. Seafoam says:

    Hah! That’s nothing. Here’s a conundrum that will completely eradicate your worldview:

    An archvile is moving toward 5 and 1 revenants.

  4. Troubletcat says:

    For once, a trolley problem where “mutli-track drifting” isn’t a joke answer – it’s the obviously correct moral choice.

    Imps are literally demons from hell trying to destroy humanity. Hurt them plenty until you’re knee deep in the dead.

    • jontaro says:

      Who’s to say that demon has less right to exist than human?

      It’s demons nature to torture and kill humans, they are just doing what is natural to them.

      Does wolf have less of a right to exist because it kills deers?

      Support PETHB People for the Ethical Treatment of Hell Beasts and stop slaughter of innocent demons!

      • CrackedMandible says:

        Yeah! Demons are people too!

      • Grizzly says:

        Letting people talk to the monsters was a mistake.

      • GepardenK says:

        Ah, but you’re appealing to subjective morality in one direction and not the other. If you claim demons are not immoral because it’s in their nature to torture and kill humans then you must also grant Doomguy the same favor about demons – hence it would not be immoral for him to multi-track drift them all to oblivion.

    • gnalvl says:

      This is why the most ethical way to play the wad is in Brutal Doom, where the revenant fires 2 rockets simultaneously and thus conceivably blow up both groups of imps in one fell swoop.