The Fourth RPS Cracker Of Christmas

While we’re all curled up in our shared Christmas hibernation cocoon over the holidays, the site gets a little quieter. But fear not, for each day of the ho-ho-holidays there’s a Christmas cracker to pull! Oh, and of course, if you’re after more posts you might have missed, why not join our Supporter Program, and unlock dozens of new posts from the last year!

Meanwhile, you provide your own party hat, and we’ll provide the groaner of a gag.

Q: Did you hear about the Ubisoft employee who worked for the London Underground?

A. He got fired because he kept telling people to grind the map!


Top comments

  1. Henke says:

    Q: What type of math are Ubisoft employees best at?
    A: The division.
  1. pauleyc says:

    Ow, my small intestine!

  2. Henke says:

    Q: What type of math are Ubisoft employees best at?
    A: The division.

  3. Minglefingler says:

    These jokes are a far cry from being acceptable. Icon’t see any reason to make fun of Ubisoft’s maps. Puns like this Arno way amusing, I wish there were some of comedy watch dog I could report this to. I could contrast Ubi maps to other open worlds, for example Liberty City doesn’t come close to Alexandria. I suppose that’s comparing apples and oranges though.

  4. caff says:

    Whomever is writing these so-called jokes needs a kick up the ass-assins creed origins.

  5. Ghostwise says:

    Rats, I was expecting something about oranges.

  6. N'Al says:

    I take it someone is getting paid to come up with these?

    • Premium User Badge

      phuzz says:

      Legend has it that these puns were found when they cleared out Keiron’s room at Castle Shotgun.

      • batraz says:

        I thought they were written by a bunch of wise dwarves locked in some dark tower.

        • Don Reba says:

          I thought RPS was testing a joke-writing AI that will eventually compose most of the news articles.

          • April March says:

            One does not ‘come up’ with these puns, much in the way that no one ‘came up’ with the Hero’s Journey. They have always been.

  7. hprice says:

    Yes, I did. He/she got fired for moonlighting.