Ice-pick Lodge give a playful peek at Pathologic 2’s progress

Pathologic 2

It’s been a good long while since Ice-Pick Lodge turned to Kickstarter to fund a remake of Pathologic, their award-winning survival adventure, but it seems that 2017 has been a busy year for the studio. It’s now being developed under the title of Pathologic 2 and the developers have opened their doors to give us one last peek at the game before the year’s end.

The development update is largely told through a gallery of animated GIFs found here, showing off various aspects of the game that have received special love and attention over the past year. For more proactive players, combat looks markedly improved, with fists landing with convincing weight, even if neither combatant seems especially good at throwing a punch. Interestingly, Ice-Pick aren’t quite satisfied with how gunplay feels at present, and feel they need to record many more horrifying screams of death to make the gun-murder experience authentic.

Among the most interesting new features is the Autopsy screen. Rather than just looting bodies of their organs as you did in the original game, you can now examine individual body parts for damage and infection, given the right tools, or even extract them outright if you wish to perform ethically questionable acts of Haruspicy upon them. Finding the plague isn’t just a matter of poking around people’s guts – it seems that at least one of the playable characters will receive the power to see the plague itself, allowing for easier quarantining of infected buildings as the campaign drags on.

Not everything is turning out perfectly, of course. In typical fashion, Ice-Pick are honest and open about the difficulties they’ve experienced, even sharing a few of the more spectacular bugs with us, several of which seem to revolve around animation rigging and movement constraints. A swamp-witch beckons to the player with her prehensile chin before phasing through a wall, and a child decides to just hover five feet in the air after finding their favorite swing-set haunted by poltergeists.

As we reported earlier this year, The Marble Nest – a standalone playable demo for Pathologic 2 – is available now for all to play via Steam. It doesn’t seem to include all of the improvements shown in the gallery above, but it should give you a taste of the weird, bleak cityscape that you’ll get to explore in the final game whenever it launches.


  1. Ghostwise says:

    A swamp-witch beckons to the player with her prehensile chin

    On the other hand that means that she can type at full pace *whilst* drinking coffee. I think that this is a major edge in life. In fact I’m jealous.

  2. theleif says:

    You really need to get Quinns back for a WOT when this get unleashed on the world.
    Pretty please?

  3. buzzmong says:

    I hope the patch notes are going to be a funny as they were for the first game.

    Also, double yes for the poster above who’d like to see Quinns do a review on this for RPS.

  4. grrrz says:

    gave the “classic HD” version a go a few days ago. game over at the end of the first day. will probably try again because this is intringuing but people weren’t lying, this game is freaking hostile.
    (also minor spoiler: the first quest I have is to kill a child with a horse mask. this is what I call intriguing).
    I see that they reworked on the interface in this new one, that’s a good thing because I spent at least one hour trying to figure out how to equip items of clothing. also they added freaking prompt for things you can interact with, this was missing. It took me a few hours to grasp the basics of survival, only to understand, this is not the game, I have to do this plus playing the actual game. (also you have to speak to people again and again for infos).

  5. Abracadaniel says:

    This is an old trailer back from August.

  6. poliovaccine says:

    Glad to see they’re still chipping away at it, since their dev name makes me imagine they craft all their games with picks out of stone. I never beat even one character of the original but it has about 50% of my favorite lines of dialogue in anything ever. The weird discrepancy between what the characters actually say vs. their written text is something I kinda hope was intentional.

  7. Kohlrabi says:

    The protagonist must have huge headaches, he’s banging his head on each door frame.

  8. caff says:

    Very hyped for this. I must admit I didn’t complete the original –
    in fact I read the excellent musings of Quinns before I’d even heard of it.

  9. MrEvilGuy says:


  10. boner says:

    Without doubt one of the most unusual and creepy games I’ve ever played.

    “My lacquer is cracking”

    The people are bastards, the town is complete hell and it all just goes further down the toilet. The first plague house scared the complete shit out of me in it, cloying and panicked.

    Exceptional game, can’t wait for this tbh. Going to be classic.