The Seventh RPS Cracker Of Christmas

While we’re all curled up in our shared Christmas hibernation cocoon over the holidays, the site gets a little quieter. But fear not, for each day of the ho-ho-holidays there’s a Christmas cracker to pull! Oh, and of course, if you’re after more posts you might have missed, why not join our Supporter Program, and unlock dozens of new posts from the last year!

Meanwhile, you provide your own party hat, and we’ll provide the groaner of a gag.

Q: Did you hear about the game developer who coughed up a hat?

A: He had a loot chest infection.


  1. a fine cat says:

    What a crate joke!

  2. Sandepande says:

  3. Grizzly says:

    Q: Why did Twitch sell salmon?

    A: They were having a stream sale!

  4. Doomlord says:

    Why does the Christmas cracker uncomfortable resemble a friendly-faced penis?

  5. Minglefingler says:

    Q: Why did the EA executive ask his underlings to skip around the office?

    A: He wanted to encourage more people to gambol.